Eugene, Oregon 

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Schools in Eugene, Oregon

Name Grades Type Rating
Adams Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular8
Applegate Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular3
Arts and Technology Academy At Jefferson06 - 08Regular8
Awbrey Park Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular7
Big Little SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Buena Vista Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular9
Cal Young Middle School06 - 08Regular9
Camas Ridge Community ElementaryKG - 05Regular8
Cascade Middle School06 - 08Regular5
Cesar Chavez Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular3
Charlemagne At Fox Hollow Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular10
Churchill High School09 - 12Regular6
Clear Lake Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular3
Coburg Community Charter SchoolKG - 08Regular9
Corridor Elementary SchoolKG - 05Alternative Education5
Creative Minds Alternative School06 - 12Private
Crow Middle High School07 - 12Regular5
Danebo Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular4
Drinking Gourd Elementary SchoolUG - UGPrivate
Edgewood Community Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular8
Edison Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular9
Eugene Christian SchoolPK - 08Private
Eugene Education Options06 - 12Alternative Education3
Eugene Montessori SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Fairfield Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular6
Family SchoolKG - 05Alternative Education9
Far Horizons Montessori SchoolUG - UGPrivate
Gilham Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular6
Holt Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular4
Howard Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular5
Irving Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular7
Kalapuya High School09 - 12Alternative Education1
Kelly Middle School06 - 08Regular5
Kennedy Middle School06 - 08Regular7
Kindercare Learning Center #1036PK - TrKGPrivate
Life Lutheran SchoolPK - 07Private
Lifegate Christian School05 - 12Private
Looking Glass Stepping Stone Program School07 - 12Private
Madison Middle School06 - 08Regular5
Malabon Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular5
Marist High School09 - 12Private
McCornack Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular4
Meadow View SchoolKG - 08Regular7
Messiah Lutheran SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Monroe Middle School06 - 08Regular7
Nature Discovery SchoolPK - 08Private
Network Charter School07 - 12Regular4
New Roads School09 - 12Private
North Eugene High School09 - 12Regular7
Oak Hill SchoolKG - 12Private
O'Hara Catholic Elementary SchoolPK - 08Private
Prairie Mountain SchoolKG - 08Regular5
Ridgeline MontessoriKG - 08Regular7
River Road El Camino Del Rio Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular3
Roosevelt Middle School06 - 08Regular10
Shasta Middle School06 - 08Regular4
Sheldon High School09 - 12Regular9
South Eugene High School09 - 12Regular10
Spencer Butte Middle School06 - 08Regular9
Spring Creek Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular7
St. Paul Parish SchoolPK - 08Private
The Little French SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Twin Oaks Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular7
Village SchoolKG - 08Regular6
Wellsprings Friends School09 - 12Private
Willagillespie Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular7
Willamette Christian SchoolPK - 08Private
Willamette High School09 - 12Regular8
Willamette Leadership Academy06 - 12Regular3
Yujin Gakuen Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular9
Name Grades Type Rating

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Reviews for Eugene    84 Reviews
Eugene; The armpit of the planet... - 5/20/2021
I have lived in Eugene for over 10 sad years! Eugene is a terrible place to live. Its very expensive. Its over run with "educated" spoiled college brats! Its imposible... Read More

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Eugene; The armpit of the planet... - 5/20/2021
I have lived in Eugene for over 10 sad years! Eugene is a terrible place to live. Its very expensive. Its over run with "educated" spoiled college brats! Its imposible... Read More

Mixed bag - smart but scruffy - 4/25/2021
Eugene is going through a rough patch, made worse by the pandemic. The city has a fun, quirky side that has been put on hold during pandemic. Hoping that spirit returns... Read More

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