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Frenchtown School
1100 Frenchtown Rd
East Greenwich, RI 2818
(401) 398-1402
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public | K-3
County: Kent


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7/15/2012parentI am new to EG community. I agree with the previous comment about "Sadly, this school teaches to the test (NECAP)... and NOT to the individual.". As a parent, I don't care about NECAP. It does not tell me anything about how my kids are doing today and if they are learning anything in the school. It is a grade level test and it only tells me how my kids did three quarters ago. Grade level education is not challenge enough for kids above 75th percentile. I am very surprised that EG community thinks it has a world class education. I have personal experience with education in several countries. My kids attended public schools in other states too. My honest words to EG community is that if I rank 10/10 for excellent public schools in other countries, I would rank 8/10 for excellent public schools in other states in US and I would rank 5/10 for Frenchtown and EG public schools. I do have to acknowledge that there are very few good public schools in RI. Frenchtown is a good public school in RI. Parent Teacher Groups in Frenchtown and EG schools are very different as other schools. They have meetings in the morning. Only none working parents can involve during that time.
6/19/2012parentI have to laugh at the parent who thinks the Principal is autocratic, I believe I know who that parent is and she is part of the "special interests" group that the Principal does not cater to. The principal is a wonderful women who has the interests of the children at heart. education, learning and safety. It's just a shame that those who have lots of money can't throw it around at Frenchtown and get their way! Kudos to the Principal and staff for keeping the children first!!!!
6/17/2012parentThe mission of the East Greenwich Public Schools is to maximize individual potential in pursuit of personal and academic excellence. There is no academic program to support this mission. East Greenwich public schools perform well on grade level assesement tests. It is because East Greenwich is an executive community. Most of the parents have done a lot of work outside the school.
5/24/2012parentAgree and disagree. I have been a parent in this school for many years and I have seen how the faculty and staff has grown with great leadership. This principal leads district and state changes at this school that benefit ongoing improvement. I have seen her develop and participate in teams that improve student learning. She focuses on what's in the best interest of the children and the school. She rremains focused on those goals and here role and does not engage in the agendas of the "special interest groups".
1/3/2012parentThe principal is not a leader and is very unfriendly to parents. She has an autocractic leadership style that discourages creativity and innovation which is reflected in classroom. If you move to EG, Meadowbrook is a better choice.
9/17/2011otherI went to this school and I had a great time! The teachers were beyond outstanding and they still are! The school and like a flower and all of its students are the bees-as in, the students take some knowledge from the teachers so then they can apply it to their own lives. I would definitely recommend sending your child to Frenchtown Elementary School.
10/26/2010parentThis school is great - I disagree with the comment regarding teaching to the tests and expecting boys to be docile - my son is a very active child, full of energy, and is thriving at Frenchtown. He is learning new things every day. They offer additional programs and go out of their way to include parents and communicate with parents -it feels like a community. My only complaint is also that the Kindergarten is only a couple hours - I know this is being looked at and I hope it is changed to full day for the benefit of my other children and because full day K has been proven to be more effective.
10/4/2010parentMy daughter loves her new school. Our only complaint would be that kindergarten is only a couple hours each day.
9/26/2009parentThe teachers are dedicated and go the extra mile for the kids.
9/1/2009parentUnfortunately, I have a different view than the existing reviewers. I have 2 children in this school and it has been... less than a 'great' experience. Boys especially, are not able to learn in a sytle more suited to boys. But rather are expected to behave as docile, unimaginative, and almost latent individuals. My boys have been uhappy from the get-go. They are kind, respectful boys yet they have stressed out thier teachers because they do not follow the plan well... Sadly, this school teaches to the test (NECAP)... and NOT to the individual. We are very happy to be leaving!
8/22/2009parentBest place for kids. Focus on meeting the individual needs of all children through differentiated instruction and extra support through intervention plans. My children have had all of their needs met. Staff has open-door policy. Families are a part of the best plan.
10/15/2008parentEveryone at Frenchtown is focused on making this the best place for kids!
3/24/2007parentGreat school. Focus on continued school improvement. Emphasis on safety and security of all.

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