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Summit International Preparatory
1100 Roosevelt
Arlington, TX 76011
(817) 287-5121
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charter | 9-12
County: Tarrant


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8/22/2012parentI never had a chance to find out about the school. My son was accepted and when I asked to have a tour of the school before going further, I was told they didn't have time for a tour. They politely said the adminstrators were too busy admitting other students. Guess that decided it for me. My son won't be going there if there isn't any more effort made than that to accommodate the parents.
8/11/2012studentEveryone who is saying bad things about this school is wrong maybe its your kid who does not work hard. I go to school here and my teachers are great the teacher there actually make school fun. i don't like learning but with the way they teach i just don't want to stop learning!! I love all my teachers and classmates. And parents that say that this school is not good then first look at your child and then say things about it because your child does not want to learn and you are blaming the teachers and the school. Everyone this school is great and i I give this school a 100!!!!!!
8/8/2012parentThis is our second year at Summit and I couldn't be more content with the academic results. Luckily, my children are small (1st and 2nd graders) so they got to experience important skills early on. During the summer, my Kindergartener was able to read chapter books thoroughly and my first grader was telling time and working with currency, Most importantly, their self esteem and attitude demonstrate a sense of maturity at such a young age. The staff is friendly and maintains a profressional attitude at all times. Parent involvement can be better.
6/21/2012parentThis school was the worst school that my child has EVER been to. The teachers just don't care. Two of my child's teachers didn't even have an education and they were teaching! He used to be a straight A student and fell behind a year from being in this school. Please do not make the same mistake as we did. I do not recommend this school to ANYONE.
3/29/2012parentOur first year at summit has been a good one. My son's kindergarten teacher has been great. She genuinely cares and is easy to contact if there are any questions or concerns. I agree that Summit is not perfect, but what school is. For those who posted complaints - did you ever bring these concerns to the director, or did you just sit and complain. If you are a parent with a concern about a teacher, it is your duty to let the director know - this school is here for your student, stand up for them. The school requires that each family do 40 hours of volunteer work at the school, but when I went to put in my 40 hours, I only saw the same few parents there every time. The people who complain the most are probably those who do the least. It takes a whole village to raise a child - don't expect to send you child to school and have the school do everything for you. Things that are challenging about the school: Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri ; 8:00am-3:30pm Wed: 8:00am-1:30pm No Buses: To pick your child up you must wait in a carline, and some of the parents are always trying to cut in line. Lack of Parent Involvement: It seems like a lot of the parents are not involved.
12/1/2011parentWhat a complete disappointment this school is. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, new teachers with out education degrees. No consistency from the teachers and no accountability. No true extra cirricular activities, sports or clubs. Teachers are demanding of the kids but don't deliver themselves.........................very sad that they have many families fooled.
9/16/2011parentIt is important to note that those test scores represent the first graduating class. Some of the students scored very high on the SAT and some did not. That is why it is called an average. Texas overall had a low average SAT. Those students came to the school starting as 9th graders and all have been accepted to a 4 year schools. You have to start some where and the expectation is to see even higher SAT scores in the future. $6.4million in scholarships and grants is not a bad number for 22 students. What other school is the area can give you that?
9/16/2011parentMy son hated school because he was not challenged in Public school. Here the teachers expect more from the students but also help them achieve those high goals. Everyone is involved from there Advisory teacher, the the principle, to the clubs leadership. Thanks, Summit
9/14/2011studentSummit has lofty goals but is far from reaching their goals. Go to the TEA website and you will find their SAT scores are well below average as well as their college readiness scores. Teachers and administration lack common sense. Their moto states that students are responsible for their own learning, which is the truth. Teachers are grasping at straws and do not teach well. Students are expected to teach themselves. If you are not a native Spanish speaker, your child will have a disadvantage in ranking and AP classes. Students are expected to forgo lunch, bathroom breaks, and sleep even with an extended school day. From experience, I would not recommend this school to anyone.
6/13/2011parentSummit is a great school. We've been a Summit family since it opened. The school recieved an "Exemplary" rating (highest in Texas) based on the results of required State testing. My 5th grader participated in the Robotics club with 6th and 7th graders. My 1st grader enjoyed Soccer and got PLENTY of math and science lessons, homework and projects. My 4th grader needed extra reading and math help and reicieved extra tutoring before and after school. The Administration makes an effort to inspire the teachers and students to excel. Certainly there are areas needing to improve, but each year it gets better and better!
5/16/2011parent My middle daughter had an A avereage at the local public school so I shouldn't have worried. I sat down to help her with her homework and she could barely get through her directions. I asked her teacher about it and she said my daughter was fine.Then a friend of mine told us about SIP. I went there with my questions and they had her tested right away. Turns out she has a learning disability and SIP does everything they can to support her needs.4 yrs later all my kids go there and I will never send them anywhere else.
4/19/2011parentI am amazed at badly this school is run. My 4th grader is doing 1st and 2nd grade work. There is NO Science or History taught at all. The math and reading is BELOW par. My child has been hit multiple times by one child yet nothing has been done. As for Middle school the drug enforcement policy does not exists. And the education is lacking as well. RUN they sell a good game but the reality is this school is below par and lacking in MANY areas.
2/28/2011parentStay Away and Run. Summit has great aspirations and will one day achieve their goal; however, there are a few years away from obtaining the goal. My child has attended the school from the day it opened, which was 4 years ago. The curriculum has yet to become advanced and when homework assignments are not turned in, there are no repercussions. The selection of AP classes has increased but SIP is far from offering the needed curriculum.
7/19/2010parentThe educatuion is awsome! But communication with the teachers & Dean,Mrs. Martinez is horrible. If you have time to be at the school in peron when you have a problem then you have no worries. This year we are suppose to have a new Dean for pimary school so hopfully things will get better!
7/10/2010parentMy daughter has attended this school since starting kindergarden. The curriculum is advanced and challenging at all grade levels. I'm impressed with the emphasis put on the reading, writing and language arts. Spanish as a second lauguage being taught from kindergarden to 12th grade is a necessity in our diversed environment. I'm hoping that they will offer chinese mardarin language in the future.
5/26/2010teacherAP Program is highly successful with the Literature & Language classes in English and Spanish leading the path toward success!

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