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Tanglewood Elementary School
3060 Overton Park W
Fort Worth, TX 76109
(817) 814-5900
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public | PK-5
County: Tarrant


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11/6/2012parentOur child is at at Tanglewood, and he struggles with various processing disorders which can lead to him having a hard time in a school setting. While we are getting him support outside of school, the school has been very involved in helping him succeed. The counselor, which the school DOES HAVE, along with the vice principal and his teacher were more than willing to set down before the year started so we could voice our experiences and concerns. The vice principal made sure he was placed with the most appropriate teacher and so far the year has been great! He has been challenged since day one, coming home with art projects, stories of the science and computer labs, games, songs, but importantly PRIDE in being a scholar. While the realities of being a public school in Texas influence the school, hence the focus on mastering the STAAR test and strict attendance policies, Tanglewood is striving to be the very best by providing the very best. And considering the cost of a comparable education at a private school, we are more than willing to do some fund-raising for our kids. No school is perfect but we have found Tanglewood to be welcoming and supportive even to a unique child.
8/31/2012parentThe tellings of an excellent school are challenging, progressive curriculum, and tailoring instruction to the needs of the students listed as the top priority. Unfortunately, I found no trace of this in my experience with Tanglewood. There was way too much emphasis on fund raising and, contrary to what I have learned as an educator myself and am constantly being reminded by my principal, the teachers DO NOT individualize instruction based on students and how they learn best. A school's success can not be judged solely by the results of state testing. When a school's population consists completely of students who come from high socio-economic households with both parents, often highly educated, exemplary test results should be expected. It is NOT necessarily a testament to the quality of teachers at the school. I would love to see how well the teachers at Tanglewood would perform if they taught students that come from less than conventional households from the less desirable neighborhoods.
8/30/2012parentTanglewood definately has challenges. My two children have attended public schools in Maryland, as well as California, and Tanglewood seems to be overly traditional and lacking in a progressive curriculum. I attend medical conferences all over the country, and there are times that my children would benefit from traveling with me, but the rigid absence policy (necessary for funding) prevents them from gaining this enrichment to their education. I left two messages for the principal prior to school starting this year, and have not yet had any response. Tanglewood parents are very friendly and cordial in all the PTA meetings I have attended, but not pro active in making needed improvements. Their attitude seems to be: If you don't like it leave! The school is too large, and impersonal, and too many of the teachers seem to be in a rut with their homework assignments. Worksheets should not be allowed! I plan to be more involved this year as my children's best advocate.
8/29/2012parentTanglewood remains the best elementary school in Fort Worth, public or private. As with any group of several hundred students you will find a handful of parents who are just not satisfied. Maybe they would be happier elsewhere, but I suspect they would rather complain and are just good at finding fault and laying blame. For every negative review I'm sure there are 99 parents who LOVE this school, the teachers and the staff but have not taken the time to post a review. For the parent saying there is not a counselor, I guess her office is hard to find, since it is the FIRST DOOR when you walk into the main office and is clearly marked. Public school is a place to get an education, there is not enough money to have a team of counselors to handle severe mental health issues that should be handled by a private psychologist, social worker or minister. Also, if your child is doing 2 hours of homework a night you child probably needs a tutor, we have a 5th grader and he has never had more than an hour except when rare special projects are due.
8/28/2012parentI enrolled my son at Tanglewood spring semester, following a divorce and relocation. I was shocked - no support services in this school of 700, not one counselor. His social emotional adjustment was fragile, but the only thing his teacher was interested in was how he would score on the STAAR test. This is a large "industrial" school of 700+ where conformity is the agenda and the children's creativity and love of learning is stiffled by the drill of boring test curriculum. It is so arrogant to hang a banner out front to brag about Exemplery test status if the children are bored and miserable and their needs are not being met. And the homework is disgraceful - 8 hrs sitting all day - 2 hrs boring homework. Dismiss primary grades K-2 at 2:00 to avoid the "cattle call". Please parents, we must get organized and insist that support services are provided to all the students, that teachers are trained in social skills and mutual respect, and improve the curriculum to include Blooms Taxonomy of higher learning skills. The physical appearance of this school looks good. The performance is exemplary; however, The emotional climate is ghetto.
2/27/2012parentIncredibly disappointed with this school. I had high hopes based on reputation, reviews, etc., but they were misleading. We dealt with social issues with my child and the teacher as well as the administration failed to do anything about it. I agree with previous posters about the PTA. But the ironic thing is that the PTA is so active w/activities & fundraising, yet they seem to have little to no voice when it comes to the most important elements about the school -- teachers, curriculum, etc. I've felt very much on the fringe w/the administration even though I volunteered. Almost as if you're welcome there if you're going to be a robot and keep your opinions to yourself; otherwise, move along. If you have the money, I would seriously consider the private schools.
10/9/2011parentThis is in response to the review posted on September 4, 2011. Why would a parent NOT be a member of the PTA. Not being a member of the PTA would be a disadvantage at ANY school. Tanglewood does not receive any Federal funds, so the PTA is integral in making sure the teachers and students have all they need to not only succeed, but excel.
9/4/2011parentTanglewood is a great school and seems more of a private school. The teachers are great. I have one child in Tanglewood and my other child has already moved on to middle school. Overall, it is a good school, but not being a PTA member is a huge disadvantage.
8/28/2011parentThis is in response to the May 12th and May 24th post. I agreee that no teacher should pressure a parent to medicate their child nor should we as parents not talk positive about our child's teacher. But our children are with their teachers more hours in the day and then with us. My son was miserable and I repeatedly told him that the teacher is "the boss" and as a teacher myself, I felt I needed to support her. It wasn't until he had trouble sleeping and I could hear him talking in his sleep, that I realized there was a problem. After seeing a therapist, I requested a teacher change because his anxiety and fear of doing something wrong in class was effecting him. I feel guilty for not listening to my son and acting sooner. There is no excuse for a teacher who humilates and shames a child. Tanglewood has a lot of work to do to include the child with ADD, speech concerns, dyslexic, non-caucasian and the child that doesn't fit in the box of this "all our students are gifted and talented" school. If Tanglewood is unable to accomodate for the above, they should be designated as a school for the gifted, so another child won't have to suffer and lose their love of learning.
8/3/2011parentWe are extremely happy with the school. My kindergartener really liked going to school and learning new things. He was challenged every day and was banded with other high achieving kids. Highly recommend it.
7/18/2011parentWe are parents who have experienced both the private and public side of education in Fort Worth. I would agree that they are not the same. Each side has its strengths and weaknesses. Tanglewood is as close as you can get to private without spending an arm and a leg. Yes, there is a lot of benchmarking in public education. It can be very insightful. They do not badger all children to take medication and if a parent is involved in his/her child's education as a teammate to a teacher it can be a very positive win/win for all involved. We are proud of our children and Tanglewood. The world demands a lot of children today. It is our job to provide the best education we can and to support and love them along the way.
5/24/2011parentthis school, because of its high rating perhaps, teaches almost solely to the test. They pressure kids constantly on this, to the point that my straight 'A' student has been getting test anxiety over timed tests! I do volunteer, and parent involvement is great. Great families, but curriculum is outdated/ nothing special or progressive. Classes are above state limits, classrooms are crowded, homework is out of control. Also fundraising is CONSTANTLY pushed in your face/ down your throat, but perhaps this is to be expected in this type of demographic. Overall a disappointment, as we moved in this area just to be in the district, and were expecting a really great school. Also, although I do not have a learning disabled student, I find it WRONG and lazy to design a public school that cannot accomodate these students properly.
5/12/2011parentAgreed last reviewer!! To bring up or hint around that a 6 yr old boy should be medicated is unethical and irresponsible. Which in my case is what is happening. I plan to reach out to a parent/student advocate group. I am involved with the school, and have had meetings with both the teacher and principle, and Im sorry to say I ve had a rough experience. Communication is lacking. This is our first year, I was so excited and ready to develop a coalition with my sons teacher but clearly it is not the Tanglewood way. I have not heard ONE positive thing about my son from his teacher, so I have to lie to him and tell him "your teacher says your so smart', or " Your teacher told me your doing great in math". Bottom line .....if you want your kid to get "The Beat Down", or want your child to become a medicated zombie then this is the place.
5/7/2011parentI have mixed feelings about Tanglewood, I have two children that have gone through the school. Our first child is the perfect student. Perfect test scores, self directing, alway seated quietly, never any trouble. Always with her nose in a book. If that describes your child you will have an amazing experience. However, if your child does not fit squarely in that box, they will have an entirely different experience. I could write a book on what happens next if your child is NOT the PERFECT student and especially if you have a boy.(For some teachers that alone constitutes ADHD. You will hear that conversation a lot, by the way. It is a favorite topic of both the teachers and parents.) My advise is to be YOUR child"s advocate. Most of this stems from the pressure that Tanglewood does teach to the tests they give each year. Overall Tanglewood is a very good school, with excellent staff and leadership. There are of course bad eggs in the group and you will know them by their reputation. Parent involvement is extraordinary here. it is a blessing and a curse and it can be intimidating, just jump in. Find something you are willing to do. It benefits YOUR child.
3/2/2011parentThanks to all teachers. My kid know reading and writing . Husain Alayashi 3rd gread Ms Barcus
2/1/2011parentTanglewood is a great school, with a great community of teachers, administrators and parents who support classroom learning and activities. It is not the best school for mentally challenged children, or parents who want a school that does everything for them. In order for your child to succeed here, you must get involved as a parent, as 99% of us do.
5/23/2010parentThis is our first year in Fort Worth and everybody, from the administration to the parents, has been very supportive. Teachers are very caring. The school offers more extracurricular activities that many schools are not able to offer, and many of those activities are funded by the PTA. The new Principal is great and always willing to listen to any concern and/or suggestion. I could have not found a better school for my children.
4/25/2010parentI terribly miss the old administration - but of course, truely accept the new principal but the ap isn't quite the same - but perhaps in time will get there. I wish the past administrators well and truely hope that get the recognition they deserve - especially Ms. Ratcliff - had the heart for children and understanding for all parents and situations. I feel fortunate to have been in that administration and still continuing our elementary experience with the new administrators. A very positive experience overall.
4/21/2010parentI LOVE IT!!!! My kids on the other hand think all of the children that attend are very stuck up and spoiled...but that is just THEIR opinion as 'Free lunch program' kids. We may not be wealthy enough to keep up or participate in all of the awesome events...but I have found the people to be very friendly and accepting...ESPECIALLY the wonderful school councelor, Mrs. Curtis. :))
3/11/2010parentTanglewood continues to be the best elementary school in Fort Worth. Great teachers, staff and administrators. After school activities abound, and the PTA helps school with funding and volunteer hours.
2/23/2010parentThe lack of diversity at Tanglewood is very concerning. You can see from the statistics here that almost 90% of the students are white and come from upper-class families. It's a completely different reality from the community my children are growing up in. I want my children to learn about the realities of our community and our world--the realities of working and living in a multi-cultural environment. I enrolled them at a different school.
10/30/2009parentThis is by far the best public school in Fort Worth! It has been rated exemplary ever since the TEA has mandated tests. Dedicated teachers, excellent administrators, well behaved students and very involved parents are what makes this school a successful one!
10/13/2009parentI cannot say enough good things about this school. The parents, teachers and administrators are all working together towards the common goal of offering our students the best education possible. The current principal is wonderful and the most child-centered administrator I have ever experienced. Any road-bumps from the administrative changes during the previous year have definitely ended with a positive outcome! The pace for students is fast and challenging. The school continues to evolve with ongoing improvements. The parent involvement is uncommon, and there is plenty of opportunity to volunteer as a much or as little as you want. There is an abundance of good here, and any negatives are bearable considering the benefits. There is a special sense of pride at Tanglewood and still a humble atmosphere which welcomes all!
8/18/2009parentI have been a parent at Tanglewood for years - (several children). I have seen teachers and administrators come and go from various schools. I have never felt so sad and that an unjust was done, as I do this year. Our administration has been turned up side down. Ms. Ratcliff proved herself last year and all the other years she was here for that matter. She is capable, calm, intelligent, caring, knowledgeable, and obviously knew the school inside and out. Our loss - - - - indeed.
7/30/2009parentI share the concerns of many of losing our present administration. Too bad Ms. Ratcliff won't be with Tanglewood any longer - she is a kind and intuitive woman with a sincere concern and emotion for our children. I will certainly work with the new administrator but still will never understand the 'God's of Administrator Musical Chairs' that deemed it necessary to move such a respected and strong leader that seemed to fit perfectly at Tanglewood.
7/30/2009parentFabulous school - too bad the 'powers that be' didn't choose to listen to parents and staff and just leave our administration as it was last year. Ms. Ratcliff did a fantastic job - she will be sorely missed. I hope she returns to Tanglewood soon. No one can hope to replace her - She led with quiet thoughtfulness and dignity - a truely classy lady.
6/23/2009parentI can not tell parents enough good things about Ms. Ratcliff - the administrator on campus this year. She has been the A.P. for years but handled the entire school mostly on her own this year and did a wonderful job of maintaining discipline, academics and still had a warm and comfortable place for the children. I agree with the other parents - she needs to stay with our students for years to come. Fantastic job! - Even the times I disagreed with her - I still respected her.
10/13/2008parent There is high parental involvement at Tanglewwod and those of us that participate in the school love that! You can give 30 minutes a week to the librabry and meet your childs friends, give 1 hour to the playground and lunch duty or do nothing at all. As a Tanglewood parent I choose to be involved. I personally love being around parents who have strive for excellence and assist in making the school great. Our PTA has established programs in our school that benefit our children. We have the best because of parental involvement and our PTA. Thanks, to all of the parents who help at the school. I give 1 hour to the school every other week ..This school is not for everyone...if you are a parent who wants limited parental involvement there are many schools in FWISD to choose from. Our record says it all.
10/10/2008parentThis school drives me crazy. My child likes it. However, I have a tough time with the inconsistency at the school. We moved here for the school and I am glad we haven't purchased a home yet. There appears to be so much parental involvement that I'm not sure if there needs to be office personnel or a principal. I could go on and on about all the inconsistencies that exist at Tanglewood, but bottom line is they are excepted or go unnoticed because Tanglewood and 'it's the best school' go hand in hand.
3/31/2008parentSeveral other parents and I volunteer at the school to make the car pool line run as smoothly, efficiently, and safely as possible. MOST parents observe the rules of the road and drop off their children in a safe and orderly manner. When you consider that the majority (90%?) of the 600+ students are dropped off/picked up in a 15-20 minute window, you are going to find folks that feel that the rules don t apply to them. Yet, with little help from the police and city, we are able to get everyone in and out in a safe and orderly manner. I would encourage anyone that sees a problem to step in and help get it fixed. This is one of the GREAT things about Tanglewood parental involvement. Other great things teachers staff the PTA and the community. All of these groups work together to make Tanglewood the GREAT school that it is.
3/2/2008parentI had one child at a local private school and started one child here carelessly thinking, like others, that Tanglewood 'was as good or better' than local private schools. Well, guess what people, private schools have daily Spanish, daily PE, Chinese, art, music and all the other extras that are looked over when it comes to TAKS, TAKS, TAKS. Private school is more than weeding out the riff raff as so many people think. A true well rounded education - be it public or private- includes critical thinking, problem solving, fine arts and cultural awareness. Unfortunately, we did not find it at Tanglewood.
8/24/2007parentWe moved to Tanglewood just for the school. We also moved from Tanglewood because of the school. As posted earlier, if you child has any learning issues, i.e., dyslexia or struggles in math, etc. You will not be pleased with the response.
8/22/2007parentTanglewood has a great staff who really care about the students. Additionally, Tanglewood enjoys full parental involvement and participation. The volunteer rosters for the year are usually filled within the first week after school starts. Because of the parental involvement and the high academic standards, Tanglewood is as good as or better than private primary schools in the Fort Worth/Dallas metroplex. In fact, Tanglewood students are highly prized by private secondary schools.
5/3/2007parentTanglewood is not all it is made to be. My child has been here for 4 years now and he has done very well. However, if your child does not fit the mold, they may struggle. Many of the teachers have been teaching in the same school and grade level way too long. It almost seems like the teachers within each grade level do the exact same thing and their is no creativity on their part. Their curriculum is outdated and each grade does the same thing year after year. I have mentioned this problem to the principal countless times. Parental involvement is high and I truly believe that this is why Tanglewwod is successful.
4/10/2006parentThe parent envolvment with this school is great. People from all over the city move to this area to try and get there kids enrolled here. They have a geat program called the Thursday Boys Club. The principle if great and so are the teachers.
3/28/2006parentThis is a wonderful academic school. The teachers are kind and have fun with the children while helping them to become great scholars. This is one of the best schools in FWISD.
12/12/2005parentTanglewood has a high level of parental involvement which is very good. However, the academics are ancient and security (during dismissal) is absolutely ridiculous. As for extracurricular, these simply reflect the low priority given them by FWISD and are not a reflection on the school itself.
8/20/2005parentSafety for the carpool and crosswalk is taken very seriously, at the moment we have two people on the safety committee and they are working very hard to get the point across to 'some' ignorant parents who do cross whenever and wherever they want too, it is those few who will not conform and are the ones at fault not the school. As told by an angry parent told to use the crosswalk with her child, 'I can cross here if I want too, you can't tell me'. Yet at the risk of being screamed at, these two women are out front taking abuse from people who should know better. For the ones who do follow rules and set good examples for their kids. thank you and keep up the great work.
4/28/2005parentBig problem with loading and unloading of kids. People cross everywhere, safety is a big concern.
4/3/2005parentTanglewood is known for its high marks in academics, no dout they deserve them. However,there is a painful disregaurd for saftey at this school. Parents crossing in and out of cars in the car pool line with and without children! Children being encouraged by parents to cross in the midddle of the street. Small children walking through the parking lot alone. The car pool line has become EXTREMELY dangerous. Miss Smith is an excellent principal who has allowed this unfortunate situation to get out of hand.
2/17/2005parentOur second grader has a wonderful, caring teacher. But the curriculum is very competitive, and I mean that literally: it's designed as a game for timed math tests, with 'superstar' winners emerging out of the pool of players each week. I've been proud of my child's attitude so far, in that she's happy to learn and keep trying. But it's wearing on her and she recently had a tough day of crying over the timed tests. I would keep the wonderful teachers, but alter the curriculum to include more creative projects. This is one of the best ages for learning and having fun; I'm worried that my daughter, who is gifted with words, will lose some of her happy attitude about school.
1/23/2005parentAcademic standards at Tanglewood are extremely high, as the test scores show. The curriculum quality is excellent and the format is a traditional, structured learning atmosphere. The school enjoys a great level of parental involvement. Parent donations have provided the school with an impressive science lab (parents even volunteer to run the lab), computers, and playground equipment. The principal, Connie Smith, is superb. She has really made a positive difference in this already superior school. On the negative side, Tanglewood, for the most part, lacks economic and racial diversity. It is in a primarily wealthy neighborhood and a great majority of residents are Anglo-Saxon. Though there are many fine teachers, parents, and students, it can be a difficult place to fit in socially, especially if a child is different in some way. If the student or the parents don't 'fit the mold', they may not feel accepted by other students and parents.
1/17/2005parentMy child received a good education at Tanglewood, and we liked the strong neighborhood support for the school. The teachers were for the most part very good, and the parent involvement is tremendous. There is far too much emphasis on standardized testing, and in fact preparation for the test takes up a large percentage of the year.
1/9/2005former studentThe princippal at Tanglewood isn't a very good principal at all. She is very rude and not patient or considerate of what the parents say the children need.
11/17/2004parentBoth my boys have gone to Tanglewood. The staff at the school is first rate. Parental involvement is quite high and is essential if a school is to prosper. Parents must get involved with staff and teachers to keep touch with current school needs and student requirements. Tanglewood does this well by networking. Educating children doesn't stop at 3:30 when school lets out. The learning process must continue at home and complement the teachers efforts at school. This is what makes Tanglewood successful year after year.
6/24/2004studentTanglewood is a fantastic school with great teachers. But like the other response says, there isnt a real gifted in talented program for kids above average in academics.
6/15/2004parentTanglewood has high TAKS scores but at a price. Teaching to the test is very evident here. There are some really nice families at Tanglewood, but there are many snobbish families too. If your child is gifted, there is no gifted and talented class or enrichment time at Tanglewood. The principal will tell you they teach the gifted curriculum to all the children. Well, that only makes it a higher middle and you cannot have a truly gifted thinking strategy lessin if you have slower/struggling learners in your group. They need to pull the gifted out for enrichment at least once a week! If you are not a stay-at-home parent, you will probably find it hard to 'fit in' at Tanglewood. All that glitters is not gold!

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