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Ball High School
4115 Ave O
Galveston, TX 77550
(409) 766-5700
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public | 9-12
County: Galveston


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6/6/2012studentBall High actually has some amazing teachers and you can learn a lot. Yes, there are some poor teachers but when you get into the advance classes the quality improves greatly. STEM, however, is a joke. The teachers are brand new and don't know what they are teaching. By junior year, if your not already in regular Ball High, you want to get in regular Ball High because there are great teachers. Ball High has a great AP science program and AP arts program. You shouldn't always believe what is being said. I am a student who has experienced Ball High first hand and I am considered GT and I am not in STEM and I am learning a lot.
2/16/2012parentAre you kidding me? This is a great school if you just stepped out of the Bronx or one of those parts of Detroit that even the cops don't go to at night. You walk in the building and suddenly feel like you just stepped into the movie Dangerous Minds or some of the others like that. The curriculum is way behind where they should be. My kid is a junior and she says that they are doing things in her algebra class that she had done in 6th grade. She also says that the teachers can't teach and some of them just sit there and do nothing during the whole class because the thugs and hoodlums run the school and won't allow the teachers to be heard.
2/9/2012otherBall High School is an awesome place for teenagers! They have a variety of extracurricular activities for the students. There is a person for every child's needs: from a STEM program for academically gifted students to an Academy for struggling kids. Awesome place for young adults!
2/9/2012teacherBall High is a great place to work! This is my first year working at a school and it is my pleasure to let the community know what a great place Ball is. I graduated form Ball High in 1998 and feel like it has only improved since then. We have an awesome new Principal with a great team of Administrators and Teachers backing him up. The faculty and staff love what they do and give each child the opportunity to reach their long term goals.
4/10/2010parentBall High has a lot to offer you acedemically, socially and physially. I highly recommend it.
4/9/2010studentAs a student of this school I think i can give the best review or opinon. This school is most importantly school spirited! If your child does sports or is interested in them this is the quickest way to make friends and have fun. As far as the educational reviews, the teachers are just like any other teacher at any other school in the united states. They give you the opportunity to learn and the tools you need to succeed it's up to the students to excel in acedemics this school prepares you for any educational road that lies ahead and offers the most fun on the way. I love this school and the people who attend I thikn it is a great choice as far as High schools in Galveston!
1/28/2010parentI have 2 children at Ball High, both in the STEM Academy. It appears that smart kids from academically motivated families can get a good education. The teachers in the STEM Academy are highly motivated and supportive. The word on Ball High is that if you are a high achiever or have special needs, it is a great school (5 stars). If you are in the middle of the pack, not so much (2-3 stars?). I think that there is some truth in that. It is very diverse and the school pride is strong. Some in Galveston are working hard to improve the schools but there are many entrenched obstacles to overcome. I believe that the superintendent is excellent as are the Ball High Principal and Athletic Director. My kids have gone through GISD from the beginning and are doing well. I hope more people will consider GISD for their kid's.
10/3/2009parentActually, I do not love the schools here. Mnay of the teachers are burned out, neither give nor receive respect, and are teaching in outdated methods. But they just started an organic garden at Ball High and I want to encourage that. Ball High needs a huge kick in the butt to be innovative!!!
9/2/2008parentI have 3 children who have graduated from this school. The 2008 graduate is an excellent student and received many scholarships based on her academic performance. She got an excellent education in math and writing in particular. There are many AP classes to choose from so she had 20 college credits when she graduated. Ball High offers an excellent education or a mediocre one. It depends on the child's level of motivation.
8/2/2008studentthere are some good teachers but some are awful. there are lots of fights and isnt very safe among the students
6/20/2008studentThis is okay acemdicly but the kids are really bad. theres too much fighting and sitractions and it use to be a really great school a few years back but not so much anymore.
5/24/2008parentBall High was recently ranked in the top 1300 high schools in the country. My son is a junior this year. Ball High has had some struggles during his time there with leadership and administration. But my son has had excellent teachers and taken several AP classes. It is not true what some reviewers have written that only sports or football extracurricular activities are available. There are many clubs and other activities. For example, the Debate team has done well recently. They have marching band, jazz band and choir. They have theater arts, community service clubs, etc. If you want to get involved outside of class you can find a way. Parent involvement could definitely improve.
1/16/2008parentI went to Ball and have a student currently going to Ball. I know that the school has had some problems, but even 'rich' school districts have the same problems. As for after school activities, I have not seen so many ever before. The school partners with UTMB, Galveston College, to offer students programs that no other schools districts this size could even get close too. The campus is by no means overcrowded. The district is shrinking because of high cost of living on the island. Yes students are probably exposed to things I would not like them to be exposed too. But that will happen at any school. Students at even some the most prestigious prep schools get exposed to things that they shouldn t. I believe that school and the district is in difficult place right now, but they have handled it well.
11/16/2007parentBall high offers the kids who want to go to college good education, but Ball high has been downgrading standards due to overcrowding classes and a very tight schedule, which can be very stressful for some teachers. Only extra curricular activities are sports. There are hardly any organizations and clubs. Ball will need to get its good reputation back that they had several years ago. Administration is very weak here.
11/6/2007parentThis school has a mostly great group of teachers who daily try to educate the students.
10/5/2007parentAs for extracurricular activites, if you mean football, great! Everything else: don't bother. There were some really great teachers here for years, but they are getting out as fast as they can because of the deplorable administration we have had for the last 6-7 years. If you decide to move to Galveston, make sure your job pays enough that you can afford private school tuition or home school. Really!
9/20/2007parentThroughout my life many people have helped to mold and shape my future as well as my present These are the people that make us who we are today. I am simply talking about one person in particular, a teacher who changes lives every day without even sometimes realizing it. I observed a teacher by the name of Dettrick Gordwin do this in a very unique way he is a teacher at Ball high. This young man communicates effectively and fosters a desire to learn. I believe these two characteristics are important for students to have because despite what problems they encounter or what situation they are in, the ability to communicate effectively will help them through out the rest of there lives. So a big thumbs up to Mr. Dettrick Gordwin.
7/24/2007parentBall high managed to get two kids into Princeton and one into Stamford this year when most applicants were turned down. My daughter is in all Ap classes and is receiving a fairly good education. I do not see the school spirit as it seems only athletes and cheerleaders etc are involved. Overall, any school is what you make of it. Both my husband and I had very good private school educations and feel hers is comprable in many aspects.
7/2/2007studentBall High school was known as this horrible place where no one could get a decent education. That was the 90's. Ball High is definately not perfect but who is? They have made some great changes, for example we now have uniforms which they do inforce. And since the introduction of uniforms we have cleaned up our act as well as the way we appear. As for the teachers they try as hard as they can. But the trouble kids are always there. I attend Ball High and I'm turning out fine. I'm learning wat i need when i need it. As for admin? I do not care at all for how they think they run it. They act as if they don't care about us all. All they want is funds and money to blow. But I believe Ball high is an excellent school. The amount of school spirit is overwhelming.
5/18/2007parentThis school is one of the worst I have ever seen. The lack of caring from the admin., teachers and students is obvious. Discipline is awful. The teachers act like they are just getting through the day the best way they can. No on from admin will return a phone call. We went through one year and took our child out. It is the pits!
5/3/2007parentBall High and GISD are a disgrace to public education. The classes at Ball are overcrowded. The teachers have given up. Grades are arbitrary and discipline random. It is good life experience because if your kid can get through this system, they should do fine wherever they go.
11/4/2006studentBall high school is a disgrace to the state of Texas. The administration do not inform the teachers of anything until right before it happens. They also ring the bells for passing period whenever they feel fit. There are better schools in the world, but there are a lot worse also. My opinion is if the administration at Ball would work harder at how they can make the school a better place instead of substituting rules for their laziness then Ball would be a decent school to attend. The only thing I think they do right at that school is sports and extracurricular activities, they have a very challenging and excellent program for this certain area.
4/16/2005studentI like attending Ball HIgh because of the diversity. It opens kids up to the real world while they are still in high school and encourages relationships with all types of people. On the other hand, because there are so many economicall disadvantaged students, sometimes the disruptions are numerous.
5/4/2004former studentBall High is great. I loved attending Ball High and am a graduate of 2000. The honors classes are excellent and dual enrollment is a great opportunity.
3/26/2004parentBall High has had many transitions the school year 2003-2004. The students are battering the teachers and over 25% are resigning. The leadership is new and the discipline procedures are inadequate. Classroom behavior remains unchecked and students leave classes with no consequences. Reports are being covered and squashed in order to hide the internal problems.
2/23/2004parentTerrific school but I do have safety concerns but the security appears to be improving. Extracurricular activities abound for all groups of students. The principal this year took control of the school. Better learning enviroment. We would continue to support Ball High. Both myself and husband are former students.
9/9/2003parentOut of 3 sons only 1 graduated. One son asked to be withdrawn and he got a GED. The youngest son was left to vegetate instead of his teachers challenging him. He was bored stiff.
9/9/2003otherThis is a very well educating school and has made a large impact on my life (i will graduate in 2005). The teachers at this school are very good and help the students get a indepth understanding of the curriculum.
9/1/2003parentMy daughter is a senior at Ball. I also have a son who is a freshman. My daughter has had many opportunities to obtain the skills to become a lifelong learner a successful and confident member of today's society. She has especially enjoyed the Best Buddies and BESTT programs. Most of her teachers have been very good and provided her will every opportunity to excel.

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