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Odyssey Academy
6001 Stewart Rd
Galveston, TX 77551
(409) 750-9289
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charter | PK-8
County: Galveston


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10/31/2012teacherOdyssey Rocks!!!!!! I have taught at two other schools and wasn't as happy with teaching till I came here!
10/30/2012teacherOdyssey scores 5 stars. I have been in education for over 20 years. Never in all that time have I seen a more dedicated faculty and staff. We are all one big happy learning community.
10/29/2012teacherGive me 5 for a five star school such as Odyssey Academy. We have excellent teachers, wonderful leaders and an outstanding academic program for each student to learn their best and be successful in all settings in and out of school.
10/29/2012teacherOdyssey Academy is an excellent alternative to other schools in Galveston. Our teachers are dedicated and really go the extra mile for all students. We work hard to bridge the gap between home and school. We offer many extracurriculur activities & electives including: cheer, sports, chess, science olympiad, math olympiad, art, world cultures, engineering, yearbook, choir, drama, future cities competition,robotics, web design, game design, and more. We have placed in state competitions for Science Olympiad (State Champs 2011, 3rd place 2012) and recieved honors in Robotics, Future Cities, County Science Fair, and Cheer. We take our 8th graders on a Washington D.C. trip each year. Many of our teachers have been featured educators and recognized in the Top 50 Effective Teachers in Galveston. Our school works hard to give our students every opportunity to experience success. We love our students and our school is a "family". We truly live by our motto, "We are all in this together." Students at Odyssey are well adjusted and well rounded and truly LOVED.
10/29/2012teacherI am a kindergarten teacher at Odyssey and I love my school! The students and parents are great.
11/29/2011parentMy daughter attends the 8th grade here and she really likes this school! The 8th grade teachers are excellent and the TAKS scores reflect that! I am really happy with this school!
9/6/2011parentMy son have been attending Odyssey for the last three years and he loves it. I would like for hime to continue to go to school after the sixth grade but he wants to play football and at this time Odyssey does not have a football team. Since he has be here he has made some great improvements in his reading and spelling levels. His teachers are very helpful and knowledgeble about what he needs to stay on track. The schoool also have made some great improvements and adding new things each year. The new building is real nice. This school has come a long way and I cannot wait to see what is to come.
8/29/2011parentOur child went here for K and he loved it and we loved it, The teacher was experienced and fantastic. In contrast the first week for 1st grade has been the worst experience. The teacher is young has no experience and very harsh with the children. Does not demonstrate training or education for working with young children. The school has been sending all the children outside for PE and recess in temperatures exceeding 100F without cover over the play areas. Repeated emails and a letter from our pediatrician were needed to get our child a seat alone in the nurses office with the nurse at work sitting restricted to a chair during recess and PE. We have transferred to a school which does not send any child outside if the temperature is 95F and above. It was very difficult to get timely changes and find child focused solutions.
8/17/2007parentWe are in our 4th year at Odyssey with a child in lower school and a child recently moving on to High School with commended test scores as are many of her classmates. In our time at Odyssey the administration has had one very positive change in leadership and the upperschool teaching staff has been phenomenal and dedicated. The lowerschool is staffed by caring and qualified teachers and aides. Odyssey has lost a few teachers as their spouses finished Medical school or residency at local universities. While these teachers have surely been missed, they have been promptly replaced with equally qualified educators. The members of the school board change from time to time but the central leadership remains and all are noted and dedicated members of our community. Extracurricular activities and sports are certainly available, again a result of dedicated teachers.
8/17/2007parentThe upper grades need a lot of work. There is a high turnover of teachers and staff, including principals. The board remains the same, however. The school appears under-funded. There are little in the way of sports or field trips. The building is in a continual state of extreme disrepair and it does not appear clean. I pulled my child out after one year, because he was picked on. Furthermore, the school's TAKS scores are low.
6/5/2007parentI am very happy with Odyssey Academy Charter School for my daughter. She attended kindergarten at Odyssey last year. The teacher was excellent. The communication from the school was excellent as well. The school is very small and has a family oriented atmosphere. I am impressed with the technology that the teachers incorporate into their lessons. The kids participate in many activities and programs. The programs for Black History Month and Cinco de Mayo were first rate. The kids receive a lot of individualized attention in their lessons. I was very happy with the parent-teacher conferences and I could see that all of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills were being met in the classroom. I absolutely recommend this school to any family living in Galveston County. We are looking forward to the next school year!
5/24/2006parentLove this school. Yeh, the school could use a bit more money for sports, and it does not look as well polished as other schools, but my daughter has been going there for 3 years now, and the teachers are phenominal. I was paying $525 a month with no problem to have her in Trinity Episcopal School down the street, but Odyssey Academy won me over. The teachers are wonderful, the principle, Jennifer Goodman, has been doing a good job with getting exposure to this school, my daughter looks forward to the monthly 'Smart Parties', and I feel very welcomed by teachers to be involved in my daughter's education. This school has come a long way in the last 3 years, and I feel like I have found a diamond in the ruff with this school. I am very pleased overall.
10/25/2003parentThis school has started to add the younger grades. They now have Pre-K 3 and 4. They will be adding a grade a year so that the school covers Pre-K to grade 8. I had one son there for grade 8 and he really learned a lot. The teachers have a lot of life experience to offer and reach the kids in non-conventional ways. I have a child in the Pre-K 4 this year, and she is learning so much I can't keep up. Again, the teachers are new, but have a lot to offer. They find new ways to reach all the kids. They don't stick to one way hoping it will work. This area is underserved and they are able to reach all the kids. The few discipline problems are dealt with swiftly and effectively. The kids there want to learn and love being in school.

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