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Dove Elementary School
1932 Dove Rd
Grapevine, TX 76051
(817) 251-5700
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public | K-5
County: Tarrant


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5/24/2012parentDove Elementary has the finest faculty a parent or student could ever hope of. It's the small, caring things done every day by everyone that really add up. They have worked endlessly to help with my special needs children and have never, not even once, made us feel anything less than welcome and loved. There are many good schools in Texas, but it's the staff that really makes the heart of the school and the foundation for education. Dove has raised the bar for excellence and is truly an Exemplary school on multiple levels. We have to move out of district and I'm devastated. There are so many staff members that will be missed. Dove has impacted our lives for the better and forever.
4/10/2012otherI went o Dove in the 90's then moved on to the "old" Grapevine Middle School before transferring to Keller ISD for high school, and at 26 years old, I still have very fond memories of Dove. It's so wonderful to see that it is still as great as it was back then!
3/28/2012parentDove Elementary has been absolutely one of the BEST experiences in our children's lives. I remember being so nervous about moving from daycare to elementary school when our first son entered Kindergarten. Our past several years at Dove have been incredible and have far exceeded my highest expectations. Mrs. Lamb and Mrs. Torres provide strong, caring and visible leadership which truly sets Dove apart. The outstanding teaching staff takes a real interest in helping all their students succeed. The parent involvement with both PTA and the Dove Dad's Club is amazing. This school focuses on creating a positive learning environment, with a strong since of community. Dove is an OUTSTANDING school!
3/22/2012parentBoth of my girls went to Dove elementary. I am very impressed with both the Principal and Vice Principal, they provide a very strong and supportive leadership. It is so nice to see the kids run up to them with smiles and hugs. Dove has a very welcoming and positive atmosphere, and one of the best Pat teachers I've seen. The whole teaching staff is superb and my girls very much enjoyed their time at Dove
3/16/2012parentI have three boys, all of which attend(ed) Dove. Elementary is such a big part of growing up and Dove ensures that it even more memorable. The teaching is solid and consistent, the leadership is visible and accessible, the PTA is active and involved. There are many stand out teachers, but if my kids were to name a few favorites they might start the list with, Mrs. Birdwell (now Henry), Mrs. Keeling, Mrs. Spath, Ms. Mery, Mrs. Pearson, Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Kerr, Mrs. Preston...It would go on and on. It is more than a school, it is a community. We've also noted that children leave Dove and go to middle school as a group, really bonded, making the middle school transition easier. There are also SO many programs, clubs, and events it makes it possible for everyone to have something extra special at Dove: Culture Club, Choir, Drummers, STUCO, Art Club, Library Programs, Talent Show, K-DOV, and on and on.
3/10/2012parentI have had children at Dove for the last 8 years. It has been a wonderful experience that both my children and my husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed. Every teacher we have had has been wonderful (it would be very difficult to get one that wasn't). They are excellent at differentiation so every child gets the best possible education. The events, activities and parental involvement there have made the school a focus of our family's life. Standouts are Mrs. Lamb, Mr. Strang and Mrs. Gale.
6/12/2011parentMy children thankfully attended Dove from 2009-2011. It was the best experience EVER for them. From Becky, Connie, Julie, Kevin Strang, and all the teachers we will truly miss you all. We loved Choir, Cardio Club, LIbrary Assistant, and Bluebonnet Battles. You showed my children what a good education should look like and I will NOT accept anything less. <3, Samantha, Alex & Isabel
1/5/2011parentI just wanted to post that even though my daughter is only attending this school for one year (2010, but we will try to get her here for next year), the school has been fabulous!! Everyone from the office to her teachers has been nothing but professional and amazing. I'm part of the Dad's Club so I got to see more than the typical dad did and I could only hope and pray that my kids get the same (can there be any better than Dove?!??!?!) treatment from their future teachers through their lives! Dove Teachers ROCK!!!! They have SOOOOO many extra curricular activities going on during the day and after school that I'm amazed they (the teachers and PTA members) can keep it all running smoothly! If you're a parent, PLEASE please join in on your kids education at school, even if it's for ONE function. You will be glad you did and your kid(s) will be glad you did as well. If she doesn't get to come back to Dove next year then I wish all the best to the teachers and faculty and please keep up the great work you do! NewDad!
6/9/2010parentMy daughter went to Dove for kindergarten this year. We are so sad to be moving ! She had an amazing year. The principal Mrs. Lamb is so kind and amazing. I would highly recommend this school to parents.
4/30/2009parentMy daughter is finishing up her 5th grade year at Dove and we are both very sad. Dove Elementary has been an extraordinary school from the start of her Kindergarten year. Each teacher my daughter has had the pleasure of having has treated her with respect and fostered a nurturing and dynamic learning environment. The parent involvement is tremendous and the envy of many nearby schools within the GCISD! I have befriended several of the staff and faculty at Dove and encourage all parents to take an active role in their child's education, because that is the essence of what I think makes Dove such an exceptional place to learn. Dove offers many opportunities to become active in both educational and extra curricular activities. Their Dynamic Drummers program, lead by Kevin Strang is truly remarkable and has helped in my daughter's confidence level tremendously. Keep up the excellent work!
12/18/2008parentWe are new to Dove Elementary and have been warmly welcomed. My daughter is so happy in the choir. The choir has allowed her to express herself in so many creative ways, that her self confidence has overall improved. We are very pleased with Dove Elementary.
10/19/2008parentI have never seen more involved parents as at Dove. My son was diagnosed with ADD, and my worries about being 'labeled' were completely put to rest by their excellent faculty. Currently, we are looking to move - but one of my requirements is that we stay within Dove's boundaries. GREAT SCHOOL. Standouts: Becky Lamb, Jamie Torres, Christi Strang, Kevin Strang, Margaret Chilicki, Katie Neil.
9/19/2008otherMy grandson attends Dove Elementary ...this is his 3rd yr. and no where else will you find a principle who stands outside every morning and evening to help the kids out of cars in the morning and call their names at pickup time...she knows every child and the car by no later than the 3rd day of school....rain or shine she is there...she and the vice-principle are exceptional together and have a team that make Dove a family school !!! something every parent wants for their child....I am so thankful for them everyday!!! and the wonderful teaching staff they have....they are more than an Exemplary School to me! sej, a grandmother
8/26/2008parentI have one daughter who attends school at Dove. She has already completed grades K & 1 & she is in the 2nd grade there. Her Kind. teacher was excellent and maybe it's because she has been teaching for at least 15-20 yrs. Her 1st grade teacher was excellent as well except for 1 issue we had with her. We reported it to the Principal and it was immediatley resolved. She also attends speech and occupational therapy there as well and we can really tell that it is helping. Her therapy teachers are excellent. I do not feel worried when she goes to school every morning...I feel totally safe leaving her at school. Dove has an excellent security system as well. This is an excellent school for children to attend and I will continue to send her there each year that she is able to go due to attendance zones.
6/18/2007parentI really enjoyed having my son at Dove. The kindergarten class had alot to offer. You are never to young to start learning new & exciting things! ALL the staff that worked with us are beyond wonderful!! They were caring, attentive, patient, dedicated & very hard working!! The parents I volunteered with & got to know were awesome! We really enjoyed all the school functions. I feel Dove and it's staff takes great pride in the school, parents & most of all the students!!
2/8/2006parentI have really enjoyed having my daughter at this school. The teachers have always been very attentive and helpful. There is crazy parent involvement. The only problem is that if you can't volunteer every day it seems no one calls on you for anything!
9/18/2004parentI have one kid that has completed all 6 grades (K-5) in this school and one kid that is in 3rd grade. We are very happy about the school despite a poor teacher here and there. There are some excellent teachers in the school (some of them, unfortunately, recently retired or went to another school). Teacher attrition rate is a bit higher recently, but is most probably not above the TX average. The school is responsive to adjusting the curriculum to the kids needs. The school has an above average music program teacher with the famous Drumming Dolphins program.
4/13/2004parentPrincipal and teachers have been wonderful to work with. They are very responsive and have done an excellent job answering our questions and concerns during our son's first year of school. The school is well cared for and maintained and is in an excellent area. The school has also recently received a fiscal management award, which is the envy of many schools in the area. The school curriculum is well written and very demanding so it instills the learning discipline in the child early on.

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