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Jack E Singley Academy
4601 N MacArthur Blvd
Irving, TX 75038
(972) 600-5300
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public | 9-12
County: Dallas


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8/18/2012parentThe Academy is a great place for students to get an in-depth look at and experience in professions that interest them. The majority of teachers WANT to be there and Mr. Saenz is a superb principal. He asks for and listens to parent input and is proactive in solving issues that arise. The school teaches career oriented students many of the skills they will need in a professional work environment and helps them find internships that fit them. My child is flourishing in this environment rather than getting lost in a traditional high school. The lottery system for admission makes the school an option for any Irving ISD student who applies and not just top tier students.
10/27/2011parentThis school is so great, had great opportunities for my kids and nieces and nephews. I love how the teachers are and the principle is just great.
12/1/2010studentThis School deserves 5 stars because the first year that I'm here it has gone great and all the teachers are dedicated to their work thats why this school deserves an Excellent Rating
6/23/2010 I think the Academy is great. I did attend the Academy and thought the school offered a lot of opportunities for us in the work field. It is a very professional school. They do allow you to work in a place based on your career path. The teachers are very helpful in guiding you so you can achieve your goals.
1/16/2010studentI graduted in 2008. Mr Wall is a resposible, wise principal. He was my principle since middle schoo. He encorage many student and reward them for their effort. Thank you! Mr Wall!
9/8/2009studentThis school is so under rated its sad .I have attended this school for 2 years and i am flabbergasted. This school is the cornerstone of intelligence and leadership. All of the student are cool with one another and I make a new friend every day. The expectations are high and the teachers are determined and will stop at nothing to help us. We are by far the best school in the district. Not to say that if u attend Mac or Nimitz u will be a failure but this school lays it all on a silver platter for you. I am filled with a overwhelming sense of pride attending this school. This school is going to the top. WHOOOOO GO ACADEMY WHOOOOO
1/13/2009studentThe Academy is a very nice school to attend. I graduated in 2007 and I really appreciated the different programs they offer. If your student is wondering about what they want to do for a career, this school is definitely the place to go
8/18/2008studentThe Academy of Irving. I am a currently about to be Senior at this eccentric high school, I would pretty much say that this is a school for those who seek more than a job, but rather a career. It all really depends on how much efford you put in to get the best out of these four years. I am currently learning computer science, and opting for an internship as a class. Straight to college next fall. Great school for those who make it to be.
3/4/2008studentWhile the Academy of Irving ISD was built with a bold, brave vision in mind, and, in its first years of operation excelled in delivering the promise of that vision, it has long since deteriorated. The Academy now stands on the same level where many other secondary schools have come to lie. The school faces a mixed quality of leadership and a dwindling amount of truly dedicated instructors, as do many schools in the failing Texas educational system. The school came to be with the promise of change in the face of the other, now mediocre high schools in the city of Irving, a promise of understanding and respect toward students, their needs going forward in an ever-uncertain job economy, and a path to obtain an advantage in life by educating certain career fields. It has strayed from its initial intent and purpose, opting to settle on becoming an average school.
2/18/2008studentOverall, I give The Academy five stars because I feel that this school has an exceptional academic status, there is a prominent display of professionalism, and it provides a learning opportunity not given at other schools of Irving ISD. However, if you are looking for the traditional, pep rally-football-cheerleader type of school, this may not be the right choice. Here at The Academy of Irving ISD, students are not provided with sports, rather career choices: Visual Arts and Communications, Technology, Child Development, Law, Marketing and Hospitalities, and Medical/Dental to provide students with a head start in their career path. Students choose one of the six fields that they will continue to study throughout their high school years at The Academy. Professionalism is an important attribute to this school. Students are asked to dress (on Wednesday s) as if to attend an interview for their career. Great work, Mr. Wall!!
11/28/2007parentGreat school: good curriculum
11/14/2007otherAs a graduate of the Academy currently doing college coursework, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend high school there. I feel as if it really equipped me for my college career. I am always very proud to tell people where I went to high school.
8/19/2006parentThe Academy of Irving ISD is a great school for kids wanting to do more than just play sports. We focus on sports and not education and that is the reason I like the Academy. Students get a great education from teachers who love to educate them. The school provides multiple career starters for the children. Mr. Walls is an excellent principle and I am proud that my son is a student under his direction. He cares about the kids and the staff. I highly recommend students to attend the Academy.
12/25/2005studentThe programs offered at the academy are exceptional. Students have the opportunity to recieve hands on training for the real world. As far as sports, music, and other extracurricular activites are concerned the Academy does not offer those. Parents are the lifeline of this school from SOS *Supporters of Seniors* to PTSA *Parents, Teachers, Students Association*
8/22/2005parentAs other posts have shown, The Academy offers a program that in non-traditional and not for everyone. Parents and students seeking a traditional education have great programs at the other three Irving high schools. The Academy provides a program that is relevant to the future of the students. It combines career exploration and training with academic preparation. It has made a positive difference in the lives of many of its students by providing them with an education that they see as important to their future success. It also gives them a headstart on their future through excellent interning opportunities in their chosen field of study.
8/12/2005teacherThis school provides students with amazing opportunities. It's one of those schools you wish existed when you were a kid. The academic programs are outstanding and students get out of it what they put into it. Although I'm quite involved, it's disappointing that other parents are reluctant to help, let alone even show up for open house and parent conference nights. Who ever gives this school a bad review doesn't know this school.
7/28/2005staffThere are seven different career specialty programs at the Academy including law and medicine. In addition to the career emphasis, the Academy features the use of multiple technologies as part of the teaching-learning process. Each student is issued a district-provided laptop with wireless access on campus. Students who meet all the requirements can intern during their senior year of high school. The Academy does not have all of the music, sports and other extracurricular programs found at typical high schools. Students with a strong interest in a particular career might investigate the Academy. Those looking for a more traditional experience should consider a regular high school in the Irving ISD.
7/1/2005teacherThe Academy of Irving ISD is a great place to work and a wonderful educational opportunity for students. The majority of the satff at The Acdemy wrok closely with students and have their best interests at heart. No school is perfect, but The Academy is still growing (Just finished four years) and with the teacher and student leadership great things are happening!
6/13/2005parentThe Academy is doing a great job educating our students. There has been a major turn-around within the last two years. Irving should be greatful for this wonderful institution.
5/27/2005studentThe Academy has many good qualities, for one it teaches students and gives them the opportunity to become a better well prepared young adult. It helps them become more organized, to follow what will be their future. Teaches great aspects, towards getting along with any religion, race, etc. There are no 'cliques' majority of student body knows each other. There is also a unique type of bond with student to teacher way, the teachers have become a friend to the students. Yet they know when it is time to be a friend, and be a teacher and teach. These students have come a long way, longer ways then a handful of them would of gone, if it weren't for this school, they would probably be at their home school just slacking off. I believe this school has had a great impact in all of these young adults. Good Luck!!
1/14/2005studentThis school is not as great as most people says it is. Everyone from students to teachers are too reliant on the computers. There is little or no emphasis on extracurricular activities. The students at this school are selfish and show little drive towards their education. If you are a student or parent considering to go towards this school, take my word for it if you value your or your child's education.
12/8/2004teacherThis is an awesome school. Visit Academy Website at http://academy.ws
10/11/2004studentI think this school is a great opportunity for our our children. The only complaint I have is there are not enough extracuricular activites.
9/17/2004studentAs a Junior Student of The Academy of Irving ISD I think of this High School is one experience of life, the one day I will tell my sons and grandsons that I went to a creative and technological enviroment of a great school named The Acedemy of Irving ISD. As right now my English had improvement, English as second language, let me tell you something about my first day of school when I begann as freshmen. I used to think this High School is not for me. This looked like a office school. All of us with laptops and no bells in the interchange of class of periods. Then I thought I should give more time to this 2 years old high school, back then was 2002.T hen today as a 11th grade student, I think this [is] goint [to] be a great year.(If you want me to explain more please write a review about this.)
9/14/2004parentThe school is under new leadership this year. My child is a freshman and so far I would have to agree with the negative feedback. Having responsible students is one thing, but ignoring the responsibilities that administrators and instructors have is another. It's only been 3 weeks, but I don't see a lot happening. There has been practically no homework and the so-called Blackboard system isn't being utilized yet so there is no feedback from instructors. As for the student who thought the Academy was wonderful - students usually feel this way when allowed to have their way. In support of the new principal I can say that he seems to have the attire under control. Let's give him some time and maybe his leadership will foster positive changes. My child does have one instructor that I can say is very caring and the school nurse is also.
7/23/2004parentI think the Academy was a bad investment in our districts money. The money spent on this place could have been used for better quality in our three main high schools. The school district should really revise the education continuing at this school!
7/19/2004studentIts true, this school is a great school. I don't know who is going against it, but, I'll make it clear that the reason the academy is like that is to teach kids some responsibility. There aren't any babysitters here.
6/8/2004parentThe leadership at this school is atrocious. There are no policy or procedures set in place and there is no parental involvement or encouragement by the administration of this facility to involve the parents in a structured environment to keep up with the student's learning processes. Teachers are lax in getting grading done and contacting parents whose children are at risk of or are failing core subjects. Very few of the teachers at this facility make an effort to go the extra mile to make sure that students learn up to there full potential. The counselors at this facility all need to be replaced or sent to training classes on how to interact with the parents in a more effective and positive manner. A lot of restructuring needs to be done at this school, and fast if the tax payers of Irving expect on getting any return on their investment!

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