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Clear Creek Intermediate School
2451 E Main St
League City, TX 77573
(281) 284-2300
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public | 6-8
County: Galveston


  School Head OfficialYear
8/24/2012parentI went to Clear Creek HS, years ago and I can't believe how the district and the schools have gone DOWN hill. My child went to Creek Int. for a very short time. I moved her out of CCISD, as the school is HORRIBLE! My husband grew up in New York and when he saw Creek Int. it reminded him of an inner city school. When school dismisses, it's a ZOO. Kids come busting out of the doors, running, hollering. I don't think the principals can control the kids. The assist principal and teachers dress like students, not professional instructors. I have heard of pushing and shoving in the halls and stairwells. I CANNOT STAND the UNIFORM? dress code? How boring it makes the school, ALL intermediate schools! I don't think the parents were ever given the chance to VOTE on this? I know there have been petitions to change this by students, which the principal stopped. Jeans go with EVERYTHING, they are just as cheap as pants, and kids can express themselves. I also hate the 1950's music that Mr. Herd plays in the morning after the first bell. What is that about? As if kids like this? Again, did the parents get a vote, because the kids don't like it. The school does what IT wants to.
1/22/2012teacherThis school is terrible!!! The principal does nothing to stop the bullying. I don't think he knows what to do. There are a lot of fights. The kids usually go in the bathrooms to fight and no one is there to stop them. The school is overcrowded, old and filthy. The principal will not even answer emails until a few days or a week later. The teachers leave the classrooms regularly to make copies or whatever and leave the kids unattended. There are never any counselors when the kids need them. The office staff is extremely rude and uncaring. No wonder this school has so many problems. The assistant principal is very rude and treats the kids badly. She and Mr. Herd have no business working in a school, much less being principals.
8/29/2011parent-0 Had the most horrible experience with this school! The front office staff spreads all the rumors to the kids. The Principal backs up the Vice Principal, ms. Butcher even when she is wrong. They do not stand by your child nor try to protect them from bullies. They bully the parents as well! Even the teachers get into the gossip and do not protect your child. I was very very displeased with the adults acting like children! My son moved to League City Intermediate and was so much happier there....They play rap music in he hallways to make fun of the class of kids that go to this school... Very immature! Dn't allow your child to be treated this way...
6/17/2010parentThis school has the best teachers, staff, and principals in the entire district. I just wish we had more funds to do more stuff for the kids and faculty.
4/28/2010parentGreat school all the way around from Principals, front office staff, P.E. coaches, counselors, teachers etc.... I'am very please and my 2 kids love it. The one thing I like the most is that the kids 1st period is thier elective, so they get to school and the first class is fun and it relaxes them and gets them ready for thier other classes that may be harder.
3/14/2010parentAll three principals here are GREAT, especially the main one, Jerry Herd. The teachers know their stuff and my two kids and all of their friends really like going there. The only reason I can't give it five stars is that there are a lot of fights.
10/22/2009studentThis school is new this year, I mean, it's not physically new, but it's a newly created school. They divided up the students from my old school (LCIS) and sent part of us to this school. A lot of the best teachers at LCIS transferred over here to CCIS too (Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Marcantel, Mrs. Gladney-Lemon, and Mrs. Brauer), and I am happy to say that I love it here. There are consequences when kids act crazy and keep other kids from learning. We also have some of the best technology and equipment in the district. For example, we have flat screen TVs all over the school and every teacher has a cart with a projector, sound system, Lumens, iPod, camera, etc. This place is great!

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