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Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic77.942011
Black, non-Hispanic1.452011
Native American or Native Alaskan1.362011
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander1.572011
Students per TeacherYear

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School Cities
  Oran K Gragson Elementary School - Las Vegas, Nevada
  Quitman Elementary School - Quitman, Georgia
  Lansdowne-Baltimore Highlnds, Maryland
  Madison Elementary School - Columbus, Ohio
  32008 - Branford, Florida
  Villa, Texas
  Oakland, Florida
  Willow Creek,Willow Creek, California
  Hallsville High School - Hallsville, Texas
  Hawthorne, California
  Mraid.Js, Maryland
  Bishop Shanahan High School - Downingtown, Pennsylvania
  Pacific Elementary - Sacramento, California
  Louisiana Special Education Center - Alexandria, Louisiana
  Fanning Springs, Florida
  Woburn High - Woburn, Massachusetts
  Moyer, Minnesota
  99321 - Beverly, Washington
  North Lakeport, California
  Mcgregor Area Learning Program - Mcgregor, Minnesota


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