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Grace E. Metz Middle School
9950 Wellington Road
Manassas, VA 20110
(571) 377-6800
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public | 7-8
County: Manassas city


  School Head OfficialYear
Mrs. Melissa Saunders2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/28/2012parentPowerSchool is a good tool for communication but it should not replace the teacher's obligation to provide some written feedback as to a child's performance.
7/20/2012parentI know for a fact the Metz Middle School is great school for children to learn. I know because my daughter goes there. I would recomend this school and all Manassas City School to be excellent for your children to learn and grow.
6/2/2011parentI am on my 4th child going through this school and it gets worse every year. The education is weak at best, there is an ongoing theme of racism, and the upper level administration is about as worthless as one can be. If there is any choice of sending your child to this school or another, choose another. Whatever another is, choose another.
5/17/2011parentI have been very frustrated with my experience at Metz. While I feel there are some members of the staff that do care and want to do all they can to help a child succeed, there are just simply not enough of them to go around. I also find that the many of the teachers do not want the parents input or involvement. Kids are not robots, they are all different and require to be treated as such. Many of the teachers I've encountered give a 0 if work is not turned in the day it is due. Where in life do you get 0 credit if you do something late? A penalty yes, 0 credit, no. Not all children are responsive to receiving a 0, and I think it would be worthwhile for the teachers that have this policy to look at it's effectiveness. Is the goal for the child to do poorly on their report card, or for them to become engaged and work harder? If they aren't becoming engaged after a few 0's, perhaps you need to modify your approach. I agree with the prior poster about the bullying issues, they are bad and the victim is NOT supported. I have found some of the staff (teachers and asst. principals) to be bullies themselves, very disturbing.
5/16/2011parentMy daughter was mercilessly bullied by another student practically the whole time she attended Metz, and despite my many phone calls and meetings with staff and administration, the problem only became progressively worse. Basically, the administration claims to have a "zero tolerance" for bullying, but in reality they don't or can't effectively deal with it. Their response is to bring in the bully and say, "So and so said you bullied them; is that true?" Of course the offender says no and then promptly goes after the person he is bullying with renewed gusto. The staff is ineffective and uncaring about this issue.
4/8/2010otherGreat school, lots of good educational opportunities and programs, but what are you doing to address the vulgar and obscene language used by so many of your students on campus and on the busses? Those offended by the problem remain silent so as not to become a target. Concerned Grandparent.
3/17/2010studentgreat environment and excellent staff!
2/7/2010parentMetz is a good school. I have two kids going to this school. the desipline is very good. the only problem i have is that my kids have a ton of homework everynight. homework is only extra help. if you have a good grade in the class, i dont think you should get it. thank you for taking the time to read this essay. i am very thankfull. you are good. on the inside and out. go to metz. you will like it Thanks again! good bye now!
1/28/2010parentI am frustrated and concerned about the lack of extra-curricular activities available to students. There are virtually no options, which gives these middle schoolers too much free time after school.
3/27/2009parentI am a very concerned parent of Metz. I do feel that the staff are well trained and try to do thier job, but the head principal doesn't even return your phone calls and can be very unfriendly. That sure doesn't show 'Mustang Pride', now does it??
1/16/2008studentThis school is amazing and a great learning experience for 7th and 8th graders
9/22/2007teacherMany of the parents that criticize the teachers at Metz seem to have little understanding as to what teachers are faced with on a day to day basis. To respond to the negative comment about teachers seemingly misusing their two planning periods a day,teachers spend much of that time in meetings with administration, parents, and other teachers, and have very little if no time whatsoever to actually plan curriculum. For parents that say communication is nonexistent, teachers at Metz have a policy to never deny parents conferences soon before, during, and shortly after school.Some parents, however, seem to feel as if they are the only parents to whom teachers must communicate.They should keep in mind that teachers are dealing with the parents of at least one hundred students,not to mention the students themsselves,many of whom spend more time during the week with their teachers than they do with their parents.
9/18/2006studentThis school has barely any structure. The staff does next-to-nothing, if anything, to prevent and stop bullying. They *say* that they are doing all they can to make the school safe. Wrong!
4/10/2006former studentI am a former student of Metz and I enjoyed going to this school very much. There are very good relationships between the teachers and he students. The BEhavior of the students is very under control and has a very friendly staff!
12/19/2005parentThe safety of the students is a definate issue at this school. The teachers, for the most part, simply do their job and walk away. There is little to no caring about the actual success of each student. The principal does not return phone calls nor does she willingly meet with parents. It seems just a few quality teachers are carrying the load for all. With two planning periods a day, you would think the quality of instruction would be better. As far as school safety is concerned, it seems to be a non-issue for the school administration.
11/2/2005former student I'm really scared about sending my child here. The teachers arn't the best and there has to be more activities.

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