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School Profile

Bailey Bridge Middle School
12501 Bailey Bridge Rd
Midlothian, VA 23112
(804) 739-6200
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public | 6-8
County: Chesterfield


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Donald Skeen2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
11/4/2011parentFrustrated with BBMS admin, micro-managing students and making a big deal over nothing. School has its share of drug-users and bullies yet students get called out for writing on their hand. Promoting Scientology with their "Inspirational" posters on-line. They wonder why the students have a hard time learning, perhaps if they stop freaking out over the slightest thing and pay closer attention to the glassy-eyed and angry students, maybe the others can learn. Looking to re-locate just to get away from this Leftist school. Enroll your child at your own risk!
10/17/2011parentI have had two children attend BBMS. Though it is a big school, every child is recognized and learning plans are individualized. There is something for everyone and a real feeling of community around the school. An enthusiastic principal is icing on the cake.
10/6/2011parentHiring practices are very poor. This is Chesterfield Co, they are capable of getting better. Only desire is to fill holes fast.
5/14/2010parentThe teachers at BBMS go above and beyond. They will come in early for study sessions, they will stay late for tutoring, and this year they will take a 2% salary decrease due to the economy. It's hard to find such great dedication in a school now days.
4/4/2010parentThere are some very positive things happening at Bailey Bridge Middle School. Unfortunately, their lack of adherence to IEPs and their refusal to provide necessary ED services are critical issues for any child with special education needs. I have found the administration to be not only uneducated about special education but to be condescending as well. They only seem to want parent input AFTER whatever they've tried doesn't work. Sad, really. And unacceptable.
3/22/2010parentExcellent school; teachers and administrators truly care about the students here.
3/2/2010parentWhat this school needs is a good role model....there are some very concerning things going on in this school. There are not enough safety measures and doors to offices should always be left open.............I have a genuine concern about the kids overall safety at this school. :(
2/13/2010parentAs a parent, I have been very disappointed with BBMS. My child will be leaving this school after attending for the last three years. My biggest complaint has been with the Special Education Department. Eighth grade has really been the first year that my child has gotten what she needed all along. We had to invite a parent advocate to attend an IEP meeting to make sure our child was receiving the appropriate services that were written on the IEP. Teachers have been very helpful this year and have communicated with us when there have been problems. For that we are truly thankful. I hope this comment will help those parents and students out there who need a little extra help with educational needs.
1/2/2010parentI love Bailey Bridge Middle School! Officer Davis is the best role model ever for our kids!
10/4/2009parentI Love Bailey Bridge because the teacher and adminsator goes way beyond there duty to help the students, parents and each other.
10/2/2009parentMy child loves this school! she has lots of new friends and wonderful teachers!
7/22/2009studentThis school is very nice and the summer acdemy really helped me. I love this school.
9/28/2007studentFrom a students point of view. I love bailey bridge, i am in 8th grade and i am sad to say it is my last year at bailey bridge. i will miss the school so very much when i go to high school. I have no complaints about bbms besides the new 'no flip flops' rule. But overall I love BBMS. this yesr i will be trying out for the girls soccer team, and i will be playing volley ball again. there is so much to choose from! I <3 BBMS!
4/3/2007parentWe have had 2 daughters attend BBMS and have been very pleased with not only the faculty and staff, but also the programs and classes offered. The music program is exceptional. The gifted programs and classes have been great. we feel our daughters have gotten a great education. We are please they email the school's morning announcements to us daily. The teachers are very communicative with the parents. A very good school.
4/1/2006parentMy daughter attended BBMS in the 'all-girls' program until we moved to NC in December 2005. She loved the school, and I only wish we never had to move. The teachers were excellent, utilizing a very hands-on approach to learning. BBMS is an awesome school.
11/5/2005parentMy daughter has attended Bailey Bridge for only two months now, but this is the happiest I have ever seen her. She is in the 'all girls' honors program, and she loves schools and all of her teachers. We are relocating to North Carolina, and I am the most distressed over taking her out of Bailey Bridge than anything else. I do not agree with the other comments at all. During my daughter's short time at Bailey Bridge, she has excelled, she is excited about learning, and she is engaged in extracurricular activities because the teachers encouraged her. The principal and administrative staff have been helpful, as well. We will truly miss this wonderful school.
8/14/2005parentMy son attended the 2004-2005 school year in 6th grade. The teacher he had primarily was in her 1st year. We were very excited about the school and had the highest hopes. They were squelched when 1/2 way thruogh the 1st marking period we were told that our son might not pass the grade. This came as a great surprise primarily because it was far too soon to draw such a conclusion. After numerous meetings and a thorough evaluation, done to appease the school, our son was rated at a level which showed he wasn't being challenged enough. We believed that the teacher he had had written him off and we asked to have his team switched, the school declined. I know that my son did not give 100% but that does not excuse the lack of cooperation we received. The class size did not help the situation.
11/4/2004teacherThe school is a relatively new, physical plant. There is a successful fundraising program that provides teachers the funds to buy things the County does not provide. However, discipline is poor at this school and the administration's attitude is that teachers should handle it all. Too many emotionally-disturbed children are being mainstreamed into classrooms and wreaking havoc with instruction. By the time all the paperwork is accumulated to get these problem children out, it is the end of the year and they have ruined instruction for all the other children. More alternative classrooms need to be set up and a floor needs to be set for classroom behavior. Also, too much instruction at this school is driven by SOLs. Dumbed down tests are given to the honors kids, while the average kids are bored out of their gourds by repetition of info for required quarterly tests that 'practice' SOL info.

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