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Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic62.742011
Black, non-Hispanic4.782011
Native American or Native Alaskan1.862011
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander0.862011
Students per TeacherYear

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School Cities
  Sanford, North Carolina
  Pelham, New Hampshire
  Walton-Verona Middle School - Walton, Kentucky
  Maybell, Colorado
  Sanford, North Carolina
  Odessa Kilpatrick Elementary - Katy, Texas
  Cheltenham Elementary School - Denver, Colorado
  York (Dane Cnty), Wisconsin
  Beverly Farms Elementary - Rockville, Maryland
  Richmond-Burton High School - Richmond, Illinois
  North Side Middle School - Elkhart, Indiana
  19363 - Oxford, Pennsylvania
  Colonial Academy - Stafford, Virginia
  Bledsoe County Middle School - Pikeville, Tennessee
  Spokane, Washington
  70723 - Union, Louisiana
  Amherst, Ohio
  Rochester, New Hampshire
  Gadsden, Alabama
  Duval Regional Juvenile Detention Center - Jacksonville, Florida


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