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French American School of Puget Sound
3795 E Mercer Way
Mercer Island, WA 98040
(206) 275-3533
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private | PK-8
County: King


  School Head OfficialYear
Andree McGiffin2009
7/2/2012parentBoth our children have been at the school for over years. The education is great not only because of the French program, but because they have a parallel English program, so our children were exposed to both cultures and both educational methods. And it is small enough that we know all the teachers, and all the staff and teachers know our kids by name. It is like a second family to our kids. The school has helped us financially the whole time, which has been an extraordinary boon for our family as we would never been able to afford this kind of education for our kids without their support. And we have never felt anything negative because of this. It is true that because of the help they provide to many different kinds of families, socio-economic backgrounds are very diverse, so that takes some adjustment, but I love that diversity as well.
6/3/2012parentNow that we are living abroad, far from the FASPS, we realize how much we appreciate the qualities and values of this school. It offers a perfect balance between the demanding nature of French education and the humanistic focus of the American approach. Great job, keep up the good work !
3/6/2012parentThe children learn a lot but Be strong with the teachers! The school administration is full of money driven members. I hate to say this because the one that interviews you & your child is grate & comforts you but once you ask for financial aid some members do look down on you & even try to avoid you. They know who gets aid & who has money. It's so pretentious & am moving my child from this environment. We need our kids growing up with genuine people & teachers that show they care about the child and not the money. (Over all your child will learn. Just be STRONG!)
12/14/2011parentOur daughter is in her 4th year at FASPS and we could not be happier. We are a non-french speaking family who started our daugher off in YPK. Rarely do I give a full-star review but our expeirence with the school justifys this. Our daughter is enthusiastic and happy about going to school and doing her home work. She is excelling in her french vocabulary as well as math and science in both languages. Additionally, the parent community is very welcoming and we have met so many great families we are happy call as our good friends now. Regarding extra-curricular activities; the options have expanded since we joined the school and for our daughter - the offerings are a good fit.
9/16/2011parentWe are non French speaking parents, but were looking for a bilingual educational experience for our children. This is our son's second year at FASPS, and we are extremely happy with the decision to enroll him in the school. He is doing very well in preschool with the help of kind and devoted teachers and staff. We can't wait for our daughter to begin next fall.
6/20/2010parentWe just completed our first year at FASPS with two children in preschool. We couldn't be happier with the fabulous, LOVING teachers, the energy of the parents, and the loving way the students are with one another. And what an interesting bunch of people...everyone has a different story. We love that we are friends with the parents outside of just having our kids in common. We were hesitant to spend the money because we do watch our budget closely, but this has been worth every single penny. We love FASPS so much that we are moving closer to the school since we are sure to stay a part of the community for years. And new principal this year is impressive...can't wait for a great era! Just a note to any French nationals out there....be sure to apply for the French govt subsidies...these can make FASPS very
11/11/2008parentThis school takes a proven approach and implements it. We have been involved in the school for 9 years and love that it is diverse in many ways: socially, ethnically, income-levels and opinions!! I read one review that stated they did not care about safety but I greatly disagree. My oldest has special health needs and the school will enforce sometimes unpopular rules to keep him safe. I agree that they do not bow to the few that think because they pay tuition they can rule the school. We are looking forward to having our oldest in middle school next year. I encourage you to learn more about the French curriculum, visit the school, and form your own opinion.
11/10/2008parentThis is the 8th year we have been at the school and we are very happy with the results and the way our children are turning out as people. Yes the curriculum is challenging, yes, the teachers can be rigid but all of this is mixed with teachers who really care about the children and about their learning. Class sizes are small so there is a lot of one on one. Now that my oldest is out of the school I can see how much more advanced he is compared to children in the public school. Over all a great school and great experience! One more thing, the community is very open and welcoming!
10/24/2008parentTeachers and Administration do not bow to parents who think they know more about education than the professionals. Kids consistently test high and are engaged. Significant homework as the kids get older
9/29/2008parentWe have been very happy at this school for 5 years now. We have 2 children enrolled who are always enthusiastic and ready to go to class. The strength and leadership of the head of school has enhanced the physical facility (brand new 2nd story with dedicated science and arts classrooms) and launched the start of a middle school program. New administrators for different parts of the program are joining the school, and this will be very valuable. You should definitely visit and form your own opinion. For us it has been a very good experience.
9/18/2008parentThe school has some really terrific teachers. However, the head of school is just terrible. If they were to get organized and change the administration, it might be a place for parent to consider. I don't find the school cliquey (sp), actually the best part of the school are the parents. But with that said I must totally agree with the other parent they are more intested in the money than the safe care of the students.
1/10/2008parentMy daughter quickly learned french through the immersion. However, the teachers tended to be 'rigid' in their approach, not adapting their approach to the needs of the individual child. This school was not a fit for us.
3/13/2007parentI have been very impressed with this program. The academics are some of the best in the state and I really enjoy the authentic diversity of the school community. Not too concerned about extra-curricular activities- it is pre-k-5 program. There is after-school care available on an as-needed basis. This is a great school!
1/21/2006parentThe academics are fine, the children are taught on the French school system. The extracurricular activites are limited to a few afterschool clubs, no sports except what is offered at the JCC next door. Great parent involvement...but they are an exclusive club. If you are not in to cliques, you won't like the atmosphere. If you are divorced, forget it. You are a pariah. Don't ask for financial aid or you and your child will be treated like social outcast. The biggest push for the school seems to be money money money. If you have it, you will fit in nicely.

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