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Liberty Christian School
2200 Williams Blvd
Richland, WA 99354
(509) 946-0602
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private | PK-12
County: Benton


  School Head OfficialYear
Leonard Edlund2008
8/25/2011otherI had attened Liberty from fifth grade to tenth grade. I can tell you now that I have a child of my own I would never send her to that school. When I left Liberty to attened Richland High I was shocked to learn I was behind in most of my classes. Many of the teachers at Liberty should never have been allowed to teach. I believe they had been hired because Liberty's pay is less then the public schools, which means they are usually desperate for teachers. While not all, but many members of the staff were unproffessional with the way they handled disiplanary situations. Allowing students to be left alone behind closed doors with one other staff member for long periods of times should never be allowed. However this was a common occurence when I was attending. I understand Liberty says they have higher education standerds and for the elementry program I believe this to be true. Middle school and high school is a very different story. For a school that is expensive you should expect the best and Liberty is certainly far from that.
10/13/2009parent My son has goneto LCS for six years. The teachers always have time for the parents and everyone is so helpful. Parents are welcome to come to school and any time. The teachers ALWAYS have time for their students
10/12/2009parentWe have two kids at Liberty and they have had a wonderful experience. They started when they were in Pre-K and they are now in high school. I am confident that they will be extremely prepared for college and adulthood in part because of the great education they have received at Liberty. Classes are rigorous but teachers are loving and understanding. The kids are taught good Bible lessons and are challenged to live life with integrity. No school is perfect, don't get me wrong, but Liberty is outstanding. Private school is expensive, but what can be more important than your child's future? Liberty is a great investment and has been worth every penny for our family.
9/18/2009parentI have two children at Liberty and feel blessed to be a part of this school. My kids are getting an outstanding education and at the same time are getting to learn more about God. The teachers do a wonderful job of working with the parents and treating each child as a person and not a number. I would recommend this school to anyone.
9/16/2009parentWe just moved here and have been at the school for 3 weeks. So far I absolutely love it! The teachers and administration are wonderful, the kids are great, and academically the school is advanced - at least from what I have observed in my kid's classes. (I have a preschooler and 1st grader.) God's Word is taken very seriously and incorporated throughout the day in class. I could not have asked for a better school for my kids.
9/15/2009parentI have had great experiences at Liberty. And more importantly my children have had wonderful experiences. Each year they are matched with a wonderful teacher. I am always amazed at the end of the year how much each of them have accomplished. I also like how our school is just one big family. Parents are very involved in the day to day activities in the school and that is very important. I enjoy seeing how God is a part of each lesson in each class. What a wonderful reminder for our children that God is with us in everything we do everyday. This is definitely a school I would recommend is asked.
9/15/2009parentLiberty Christian is an outstanding school. While teaching a faith based curriculum the teachers provide an unbelievable foundation of academics that excels what other schools in our area offer. From the youngest to the oldest, each child is taught with love and respect while instilling the very top notch education values. We are so fortunate to have our children in what is so much more than just a school it is a Christian family! ~Karen T.
9/15/2009parentThis is our second year at Liberty and our family just loves it. We have a son in K4 (4 year old kindergarten) and a son in K5 (5 year old kindergarten) and they both enjoy going to school every day. The teachers are kind, yet firm. The children are loved but also held accountable for their behavior. The staff and administration are very enthusiastic and the parents are very involved. The curriculum is challenging and stimulating, even at the youngest grades. I am excited to have my boys grow up at this school.
9/15/2009parentWe were looking for a school with a Bible view; we found it at Liberty Christian. God is a evident in each part of the curriculum. The teachers at care for the students and work jointly with parents to educate the children. We are pleased to be a part of this great school.
9/15/2009parentWe were looking for a school with a Bible view; we found it at Liberty Christian. God is a evident in each part of the curriculum. The teachers at care for the students and work jointly with parents to educate the children. We are pleased to be a part of this great school.
6/15/2009parentFor the most part, our children have had a wonderful experience here. No school is perfect, and there will always be some who feel a school is not completely in line with their denomination, but for the most part this place has been a loving, Christ-centered environment with caring faculty and staff. Elementary academic experience is outstanding. Secondary is uneven, but getting better.
2/15/2009parentI had two children atend the school. The Curriculum is good, the administration not so much. I cant elaborate or I wont be posted but I think it is important if this site is to be used to be able to tell the truth.
12/3/2008studentThis school is terrible. There administration needs to check up on there so-called core values and make sure the principal is enforcing them! Which by the way they are not!
3/2/2005parentSubjects are interwoven(writing assigns. support studies in history, etc.) Discipline is fair and consistent, requiring more of students as they get older. Expectations include respect of all and best efforts towards academics. Extra-curricular and artistic offerings are limited but well executed. Parental involvement is encouraged. Extent of involvement only dictated by personal choice--except for major fundraiser and outreach program (fall festival named Applooza) where a 1 hour per student is expected. (all family members over 16 yrs. may fulfill this obligation) Staff caring and giving above and beyond the 'usual'. Personal calls/emails when student behaves or performs either above or below his/her usual level are usual. Price (high for some families) must be weighed against the above benefits. School offers K-4 through 12th grade.
1/19/2005parentThis is a very quality school. My daughter started in the middle of the first grade. She could barely read well from the school she was attending. In two, at age 7, she was reading great. Now, at age 14, she has a very high intelligence and receives 3.8 or higher throughout her Middle School attendance. There are many activities after school for whaterver age group. Parent involvement is strongly encouraged. I would recommend looking into this private school for your child.

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