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Denny Middle School
2601 SW Kenyon St
Seattle, WA 98126
(206) 252-9000
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public | 6-8
County: King


  School Head OfficialYear
Jeff Clark2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/28/2012parentI am raising my granddaughter and I was actually afraid to send this child to this school because of experiences I had with my own 2 children back many yrs ago, BUT I have been very impressed by the teachers and the principle, everyone is doing everything in their power to help my child succeed and I could not be happier with her achievements, we had problems with the orchestra program but she has since moved to the jazz band area and couldnt be happier,, thank you staff for caring
5/27/2012parentOur daugher is in 6th grade at Denny, it was a surprise to learn that all students are graded each and every day and some techers are good about posting the grades on The Source in a timely manner and some teachers ar very slack about posting online at all. We expected our daughter to come home with tons of homework and she never has homework. My husband and I wish the teachers gave out actual homework and on a regular basis. . Denny Int'l Middle Schools has many after school activities, and also mandarin chinese and spanish languages. The counselors are very supportive. The new building located at 2600 SW Kenyon street is fantasic and huge! The sudents also have the support of City Year.
9/25/2011parentour entire district has a problem with science but Denny International Middle School just moved into a beautiful new building and for the first time has ACTUAL SCIENCE CLASSROOMS!!!
12/4/2009studentim in eighth grade and i recently started this school.I have been here about a month. at first it was ok and i thought i would adjust to it well, but as i went on i found a lot of things confusing. it wasnt horrible, and the international acceptance was great but sometimes the students were just not listened to by the teachers. if they did something wrong, they were just yelled at and sent down to the office. no questions asked. it got so bad that one student got sent down for humming! there are also constant fights. and then the teachers make it worse by handling it the wrong way! i used to attend mcknight middle school before and this sort of thing was unheard of! we had some bad kids but it wasnt nearly this bad! the teachers and administration need to learn to be firm but fair!
3/20/2009studenti am a student at Denny and so far i think that denny is a pretty good school. i have learned a lot and i am still learning more. the teachers are fun. for example mr. lai is my favorite teachers. hes funny nice and always tries to make math fun. at first when i was a 5th grader i thought denny was a very bad school. now that im in that school in spectrum i really like it. some of my other friends at Madison Middle School wish they went to denny.
10/23/2008studentI'm a student at Denny and overall I'm very satisfied with this school. The teachers here are fun and easy to relate to, and they still teach us what we need to learn and more. The music program at Denny is excellent, and the advanced learning program is good, too. I think that Mr. Clark is trying really hard to make Denny a good school, he cares about the students and checks up on us individually from time to time. I'm very happy at Denny :)
10/3/2008parentPrincipal Clark loves his job and it shows. The schools moto - 'We all belong' says it all. I was nervous about my daughter entering middle school but I have been delighted with the welcoming attitude, focus on learning and commitment to students shown by teachers and staff.
9/18/2008parentWhat a great staff lead by an inspired principal. The parents are involved and the kids are learning and having a great time. We are so glad we chose Denny
9/4/2008studentI go to Denny, and really do not like it. Some of the teachers are really nice at stuff, and teach well. But the curriculum isn't that good, and the administration is really frankly... Horrible. I just started 7th grade her, and already I don't like. In fact they got my schedule wrong, I was supposed to be in Spectrum (passed the test and stuff, even got the letter that said I WAS in Spectrum) and know I have to go to school early just so they can check that I got into it. I hope to transfer schools soon, the only reason I went here for 7th grade (or rather started it) is because I thought maybe this year would be better then 6th grade. Did I mention that the kids aren't very nice, and there are fights just about every month or so.
6/9/2008parentMy child is just finishing up her 6th grade year in the Spectrum Program at Denny, and it has been a fabulous one. The block schedule classes and electives, the gifted and caring teachers, and the academic and musical opportunities she has had this year have been amazing. The school's leaders are outstanding, and there is a real community feel to Denny, whose motto is 'We all belong.' The staff make an effort to include all students and families, and they really care about the kids.
8/29/2007parentMy daughter entered Denny in her 8th grade. She is an extremely bright person but required some special educations services. I feel that she had an encouraging and challenging experience overall at Denny Middle School. Mrs. Chin, especially, was a very impacting advocate on behalf of my daughter's abilities. Mrs Chin recognized my daughter's natural knack for science and enrolled her in honors science. She expected her students and helped to give them the tools required to achieve. I feel Mrs Chin did so in a way that compelled the students who desired to do better to actually do better.
7/10/2007studentMy teachers were lacking.. There were exceptions though like Ms. Tomlin and Mr. Pimpleton. Most of the teachers were busy screaming at kids rather then teaching, and everyone suffered. They are so unorganized along with the administration. I can't even count how many fights I saw at this school; there were at least 5 every year. I find it funny that they have a 'bully free zone', but people were constantly bullying and nothing was really done at all. It's definately a relief to be out of this school. Now I'm at Chief Sealth HS and I'm actually learning things, people are friendly, and there are actually teachers who know how to teach.
7/10/2007parentThe atmosphere is downright oppressive and uninspired. Bullies run rampant, groups segregate themselves and solutions shortcoming.
7/16/2006parentDenny was a fantastic school with Mrs. Torklep as principal. The change that happened under her direction and leadership was amazing. Students excelled and teachers were able to hit their stride and teach effectively. When entering the school, you could sense the positive atmosphere and the caring that was in the school. Unfortunately, things have changed drastically in the year since Mrs. Torklep retired. The school is now struggling. Many of the achievements that the staff worked so hard to make, have since been lost. And now the atmosphere has changed dramatically. The laughter and happiness that used to permeate the school is now gone. It s no longer a place where both students and teachers want to be, but rather one they have to be. I am happy that my child was able to attend Denny through some of its great years, but glad she will be attending a different school next year.
10/1/2004parentDenny is a great schcool it has a bully free zone and the teachers are AWESOME my child switched to denny for her 7th grade year because at her past school she was failing but at Denny so far she has a 4.0 she went from a 2.3 to a 4.0 I was shocked

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