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Seattle Country Day School
2619 4th Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 284-6220
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private | K-8
County: King


  School Head OfficialYear
Michael G. Murphy2008
4/27/2011parentOur child has really thrived at SCDS; the individualized attention towards math and language arts has been amazing, as each child can progress at his/her own level. The teachers have been more than responsive and communicate very well with parents. Thanks SCDS!
10/20/2010otherive gone to this school since kindergarten and it was one of the best experiences of my life. i moved ot a girls school in nyc that is also highly rated, but the social interactions and cultural influence of SCDS rival none. It is a truly wonderful school with fabulous teachers while it may be a bit week in the sector of economically and socially diverse parents. Ive only been gone for two months and its just 7th grade but i miss it so much, amazing school...
6/13/2010parentFor the right child who has focus and intellectual curiousity, this is the perfect school. Inquiry based learning gives these kids the chance to explore their quest for high level knowledge about a huge variety of subjects from science to art to math to literature. The teachers are also highly capable and independent which makes for an interesting mix. It isn't the right school for everyone, but for us, it was perfect.
6/7/2010parentI've never thought K-5 education was all that important for bright, capable kids, that they'd basically find their way. The decision to go to a private school rather than our perfectly acceptable neighborhood school was a difficult one for us. But, we've been validated in our decision after two kids and multiple years. We know that our kids are thriving, loving school as I never remember it. Academically, they benefit from the strong peer group, the love of learning shared by their fellow students, small class sizes, and strong teachers. Our kids are getting an excellent education that reinforces the values we teach at home on the importance of having curious minds, combined with the ability to use those minds to explore new qustions.
5/7/2010parentSCDS: (a) has the most academically talented K-8 student body in the area, (b) has a roster of experienced, highly motivated and talented teachers and (c) is clearly focused on its particular mission. The school is strongest in the 4-5 division, where there are a few legendary teachers. This isn't to fault the K-3 or 6-8 divisions - the latter is just a tricky age for kids. The only significant weakness to the school (if it's fair to attribute to the school) is that some parents are a little too used to always getting what their way in life, and do things like post 1-star reviews of a school they're willing to pay $40,000+ to educate three kids.
3/20/2010parentSCDS is a great school academically. The teachers are passionate and really engage the kids. The administrations often really misses the boat in terms of engaging the wide-ranging talents of the parent community. It's like they are afraid the parents are going to try to take over, so they keep them at arms length. In the meantime, they pay competent people for advice when they have leaders in that field in their midst!
3/1/2010parentMy daughter was at another excellent independent school in Seattle, but academically, the fit was incompatible. Since moving to SCDS, we are constantly amazed at the depth of learning, the innovative teaching styles, and the dynamic approach to academics that makes learning incredibly fun. My daughter is so much more engaged and excited every day at SCDS. In addition, the school offers skiing in the winter, as well as several after-school sports and activities. We simply could not be happier.
2/9/2010otherI am a grandparent of three children at SCDS. I had a career as a public school teacher with a specialty in working with highly capable youth. SCDS engages its students intellectually and models compassion and empathy. Art is taken as seriously as reading and math. My grandchildren are eager to participate in science. Teacher/parent communication is on-going.
1/30/2010parentWe have 3 kids at SCDS. The school has wonderful teachers and some truly amazing classes, but it is hampered by an ineffective administration. A particular problem has been bullying and harassment, which has caused several students recently to leave the school. The school lacks a clearly defined policy on bullying, and its efforts to address the problem, which involves mostly students apologizing to one another, have proven ineffective. While the parent community is quite active, it doesn't really have a say in how the school is run - instead, the administration seems to look to parents mostly for volunteering and contributing money.
12/25/2009parentAs a whole, SCDS is a great choise with the great selection of teachers and kids!
10/8/2009parentWe have 2 kids there, both since kindergarten, one about to graduate. Academics are rigorous and the students motivated and creative. The middle school environment feels protective and the kids not trying to grow up too fast - they are focused on school and extracurriculars and are kind, polite, and mature as a whole. Check out the unique Winterim program - for 6 Fridays in the winter, the kids spend the day in downhill ski lessons, nordic, or ice-skating.
9/3/2009parentI have two children at SCDS. Both of them started K-2 in other private schools but transferred in at third grade. Instead of asking them each day 'What did you learn? What did you do?', they jump into the car telling me about something AMAZING they did in class. They are completely full intellectually and socially at the end of each day and dig into homework with no supervision from me- the motivation is from the school.
7/15/2009parentThis is a stellar school for bright, motivated kids. The teachers are top-notch, and evidence the sometimes rare combination of lots of experience and lots of enthusiasm. They include some (like the 4-5 science teacher) who are a bit legendary. The school emphasizes science and math, but the humanities (which is more my daughter's interest) are excellent as well.
9/26/2008parentI like SCDS very much. The teachers are subject experts and the kids are bright and polite.
5/6/2008parentSCDS is a wonderful school. The academics are great. My son has made many friends and feels accepted, supported and challenged. As a parent and a teacher, I appreciate how well the school is run. The teachers, administration and staff are professional with parents and caring with students. As a parent, I have never had an e-mail or phone call go unanswered. Teachers are concerned with students' academic, social and emotional growth. Our whole family is very happy at Seattle Country Day.
3/31/2008parentThis is a wonderful school and we feel privileged to have our son attend. The academics are incredible and for the first time ever, our son is challenged academically in school. Be aware that it's very difficult to gain admission to this school! Our son was a very strong applicant with excellent scores, a glowing teacher recommendation, and he performed brilliantly on his kindergarten visit day (enthusiastically participating in activities and showing off his 4th grade math skills), yet he ended up being wait-listed. Fortunately a place became available and he was accepted. This school admits roughly 20% of applicants. If you can get in, I'd say this is the best school in Seattle.
1/24/2008parentThe academics are awesome. However, the attitude of the school is that they do everything right, so if you have a problem - forget it. The academics still make the school worth it, but be prepared for extreme elitism with some of the staff and parents.
1/12/2008studentYAY SCDS! i came in 4th grade and was immediatly accepted into the community. The teachers are awesome, all of them are really interesting and want to get to know you. Homework is rigorous, and you learn to manage your time. im gunna be so sad to LEAVE.
9/10/2007parentThis school is great! I have two boys that are now through college and an eighth grader, all of which attended SCDS. My daughter also spent time at Bush, but the academics at SCDS are better. The kids although a little nerdy are very bright, engaged and thoughtful. Their sports program is great with almost everyone engaged in some form of extracurricular activity (my daughter did four sports last year). My son's best friends are kids he met in kindergarten there.
4/26/2006parentI have 2 kids at SCDS. Targeted for 'children of high intellectual/creative promise.' Intelligence test required for entry, the kids are all very bright, but mostly not 'genius's'. We are entirely happy with the school, our kids love to go and are very upset to miss even one class for any appointment. Academics are excellent. The teachers are masters, they love what they do, they make everything interesting. Excelling, and widely known for math, science, and technology, the art and literature is excellent too. The parent community is friendly and while somewhat diverse economically, all share appreciation and desire for excellence in their child's education. Racial diversity is minimal, but the school is making efforts in that area. For a school this size after school activities are very good, including sports, chess, music, sewing, drama. Community Service during school. 6-8 graders are still eager learners and positive role models.
1/30/2006parentSCDS has one major problem. It has a real problem with ethnic/cultural diversity. There is virtually no staff of color, little or no cirrculum sensivity and very little recognition of the issues facing students of color. The inquiry based teaching technique is excellant however, it can be a bit loose and can wander too much. Study skills and test taking skills could be improved.
1/10/2006parentMy son attends SCDS and loves it. He visited other schools and chose this as his first choice. It is a school for gifted children but it provides more than advanced academics. The distinction this school provides is the type of teaching it provides. The classes are set up to allow children to deepen their knowledge of particular subjects with hands on exploration. Children are allowed to think through solutions of problems, and to use creative thought processes to do so. A full curriculum provides music, art as well as an advanced technology program unlike any other in the Seattle area. After school sports run fall, winter, spring. After school drama and math club. Before and after school care are on site. Parent invlolvement is very high. Auction and Crazy Carnival are two ways to be involved. Highly recommended!
11/22/2004studenti goes to this school, and i absolutely loves it there. the middle school math teacher inspires me.

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