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Waukesha STEM Academy - Randall Campus
114 S Charles St
Waukesha, WI 53186
(262) 970-2310
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charter | K-8
County: Waukesha


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/18/2012parentMy daughter started in kindergarten and she is now in 2nd grade. I have become increasingly disheartened by the quality of the content being taught and things my daughter is telling me. She expressed to me everyday that "reading class" consisted of reading to self. When I asked if the teachers get the kids together and teach the class how to read, she said, "no". For math, their activity consisted of an "I wonder" activity where the kids came up with things they wondered about. He does this have to do with math?! They have been in school for 3 weeks and not one shred of work has come home! I work in a public school and am becoming appalled by the lack of content being taught. My daughter visited a different school and was so happy to have a schedule, a desk, and "all the kids weren't allowed to talk all the time"!!!! Really?! It seems as though there is little to no structure and kids behaviors are being tolerated, despite other students needs for a quiet environment.
7/7/2012parentI also agree w/ the 2 previously posted, & other positive reviews of STEM. I have recently moved from the city of Waukesha,& my child re-entered mainstream public school, w/a district in the top, for the GSR. I have noticed the difference in my child's interest in math, & extra curiosity in science. I definitely believe that WSA is the best place to be in the district, & credit Stem, & all of its creative & innovative teachers, and technology inspiring my child to excel, anywhere!
7/6/2012parentAs people read reviews on this site then need to understand a couple of facts. Randall was transformed into Waukesha Stem Academy at the start of the 2010-2011 school year. The first year was a bumpy road as teachers, children, and staff adujsted to what it means to be a STEM charter school. The 2nd year brought a new principal Mr. Kluck and he has made huge strides in continuing on the STEM path and making Waukesha STEM Academy the place to be!!! A good indicator of this is how there is no problem filling spots and there are huge waiting lists to get into WSA. Also every family at WSA has chosen to go there which created a greater sense of community and loyalty. I believe the negative reviews below are parents of children who just do not adapt well to the STEM platform. WSA clearly points out that not every child is a good fit for WSA. The children that are a good fit though excel beyond expectations and will be ready for our global society that the future is headed toward. Who would not want that for their child? Who ever said creating something new and innovative would be easy? Come along for the ride and see your children soar!
1/13/2012parentThe previous reviews are shockiing. The children are out for recess in a poorly maintained play area which isn't properly gated. They do have staff out with the children but they aren't really watching out for the safety of the children. There is an access point/ exit at each end of the unguarded open yard. There are students that have parents there. These students are favored and their behaviors are disregarded. The very young teachers are not accustomed to talking to dealing with all types of children. If the children behave like children they are frowned upon and become the center of teacher lounge gossip. There is a very poor teacher/ student ratio. The classes have way more students than one teacher can handle. They often give assignments with very little to no instruction at all. There isn't a pta so I have no clue as to the stars for parent involvement. On a positive note if you are looking for a less diverse school and your child is extremely independent and very well behaved this is the school for you
10/6/2011parentI don't understand the negative review. The school is organized. Their are boundaries between staff and students. There is great communication between the school and how your child is going. The teachers send emails regularly, so it is quite easy to email them any questions that you have in regards to how your child is doing. The teachers are amazing! Extremely motivated and inspiring. My youngest says that she wants to be a teacher when she grows up because she loves Wauksha Stem. The principal is wonderful. I have nothing but praise for Waukesha Stem. They are doing well on the State school district Performance report and I think that is only possible because they are doing things right.
5/18/2011parentThis school is disorganized with no boundriies between staff and students. There is also a lack of communication in regarnds to grades. With only 15 days left in the school year, my child has yet to receive a single grade in 4 subject areas for the third trimester, or a single paper home in those areas. If my child was failing, I would have no idea. This is disappointing because the curriculum on the website looks amazing.
5/16/2011parentI love the changes at Randall Stem Academy. My daughter is excelling due to all the changes that have been made. She has a wonderful repore with her teacher and other teachers in her grade. She is feeling more confident and happy with all the changes. I understand that the changes that have been made may be overwhelming to those used to the tradition school platform, but I strongly feel like the changes that have been made are really making the school a better learning environment. There is more of a sence of community at the school. For the first time ever my daughter is coming home excited telling me about what she has learned.
4/8/2011parentprincipal is uncaring and unwilling to help students succeed. Worried more about meeting guidelines for receiving their funding. I can't wait to move my kids to a school that actually cares.
7/28/2010parentI hope all of you that decided to put your children into STEM program at Randall are ready for a bumpy ride. Now that our tax money went into a school that is going to be watched over by the Goverment. Is this what you want your kids to be taught in school. Doesn't the Goverement have enough to worry about, now they want our children. I hope you guys know what you are doing by attening Randell. Best Wishes.
10/13/2008parentMy daughters love this school and learning at it. They love reading and math art and science. The principal is a wonderful role model too.
8/3/2007parentRandall is absolutely amazing. It is not our home school, but we opt in, thanks to Wisconsin's school choice program! I cannot possibly tell you how fabulous Randall is. The heart of the school, their principal (Bonnie Schlais) knows every teacher, student, and even some parents and siblings by face AND name! The teachers I have encoutered so far are phenomenal. Mrs. Steighner (kindergarten) was the best teacher I could have dreamed up for my daughter. The most fantastic part about Randall, that sets it apart from all other Waukesha Public Schools, is that they incorporate so many 'extras' in to school life. For instance, listening conferences at the beginning of each year, for teachers to get to KNOW the children personally. Excellent communication between teachers and parents and principal and parents. They all go the extra mile. HOORAY FOR RANDALL!!
9/18/2006parentWonderful school with a fantastic, involved, well-loved principal. The building and grounds are well maintained and all the teachers I have dealt with thus far have been above average in communication, expectations for students, enthusiasm and kindness. I highly recommend this school and its staff.

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