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Northview, MI is a relatively small town located in the northern region of Michigan. Though it may not be particularly well known for its size, Northview is still able to offer a few transportation options to its residents and visitors alike. Public transportation in Northview consists of buses that stop at the local shopping centers, as well as on-demand rideshare services like Uber and Lyft. The local transit authority also offers door-to-door pick up for those with disabilities or medical needs. For cyclists, there are bike trails throughout the city and surrounding areas that connect many of Northview's parks and other attractions. For those wishing to take a road trip out of town, the highways near Northview offer plenty of vehicles for hire from reliable rental companies. With all these options available, traveling around Northview is easy and convenient for everyone!

The typical American commute has been getting longer each year since 2010. The average one-way commute in Northview takes 21.0 minutes. That's shorter than the US average of 26.4 minutes.

How people in Northview get to work:
- 86.1% drive their own car alone
- 6.8% carpool with others
- 4.1% work from home
- 1.6% take mass transit
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