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San Diego 92129 is a great place to live because it has many convenient transportation options available. Public transportation in the area includes buses, trolleys, and light rail services provided by the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS). The MTS operates multiple bus and trolley lines throughout the city, providing access to popular attractions, shopping centers, universities, and other destinations. Additionally, they offer a Coaster commuter train which runs from downtown San Diego to North County coastal cities like Oceanside and Carlsbad. For those who prefer to travel using ride-sharing or taxi services, there are several companies operating in this area that make it easy to get around. Finally for those who choose to drive themselves, 92129 has easy access to Highway 5 and Interstate 805 so many locations can be reached quickly and conveniently.

The typical American commute has been getting longer each year since 2010. The average one-way commute in San Diego (zip 92129) takes 25.6 minutes. That's shorter than the US average of 26.4 minutes.

How people in San Diego (zip 92129) get to work:
- 81.0% drive their own car alone
- 9.1% carpool with others
- 6.4% work from home
- 1.2% take mass transit
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