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United States / Maine / No Metro Area / Somerset County / No City / West Forks (zip 04985)
West Forks, Maine is a small rural community located in Somerset County. It boasts a population of just under 500 residents and is known for its natural beauty and low cost of living. Despite its size, West Forks has a few transportation options available to its citizens. The main public transportation option available in West Forks is the Somerset Explorer Bus, which runs daily between nearby towns like Bingham and Solon. This bus line also provides access to larger cities like Portland and Bangor, where travelers can connect with other transit lines that go as far away as New York City. Additionally, there are private shuttle services such as Greyhound that offer service to several major cities in the U.S., allowing residents of West Forks to easily reach any destination they wish to travel to. There are also local taxi companies who provide door-to-door rides for those unable or unwilling to use public or private transport options. With all these available transportation options, the citizens of West Forks have plenty of choices when it comes to getting around their area or traveling farther away from home.

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