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Belmont, NH 03220 offers a variety of public transportation options for its residents. The Concord Coach Lines provides daily service from the local Belmont Post Office to Boston and other surrounding communities, while the Granite State Independent Living (GSIL) provides shuttle rides to destinations within Belmont and neighboring towns. Additionally, there are private taxi services available in Belmont as well as ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. For those who prefer to use their own form of transportation, there is plenty of parking available throughout the town. These transportation options make it easy for people living in Belmont to get around without having to rely on owning a vehicle.

The typical American commute has been getting longer each year since 2010. The average one-way commute in Belmont (zip 03220) takes 25.2 minutes. That's shorter than the US average of 26.4 minutes.

How people in Belmont (zip 03220) get to work:
- 83.8% drive their own car alone
- 14.1% carpool with others
- 0.9% work from home
- 0.0% take mass transit
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