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United States / New Hampshire / No Metro Area / Grafton County / No City / Pike (zip 03780)
Pike, NH 03780 is a small rural town in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Despite its small size and population, there are still plenty of public transportation options available for those who wish to explore the area or commute. The Concord Coach Lines offers daily bus service to and from Pike with stops at major cities such as Boston, Manchester, and Portsmouth. In addition, MVTA operates seasonal ski-bus routes between Ski areas such as Cannon Mountain and Pats Peak and downtown locations in Concord. For those looking for more regional transportation, there is also Amtrak service from nearby Woodsville which goes up into Canada and has stops at major Northeastern cities. All these public transportation options make Pike a suitable destination for those who want to visit or live in the area without having to rely on their own car.

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