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United States / Virginia / Bluefield Metro Area / Tazewell County / No City / Boissevain (zip 24606)
24606 Boissevain, VA is a small town located in Tazewell County in southwestern Virginia. While it has no public transit available in town itself, there are some nearby options for transportation. The closest bus service to 24606 Boissevain is provided by the Roanoke Valley Regional Transit Authority (RVRTA) which provides service to surrounding areas up to 35 miles away. Additionally, Greyhound Bus Lines provide intercity services from nearby towns such as Bluefield and Christiansburg, both of which are about 45 miles away. For those wishing to travel farther, the Tri-Cities Regional Airport is only 63 miles away and offers airport shuttle services as well as the option to rent a car. There are also several taxi companies operating in the area that provide door-to-door transportation for those who need it. All of these options make it possible for residents of 24606 Boissevain, VA to get around without relying on their own vehicles.

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