Portola Valley (zip 94028), CA

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Portola Valley (zip 94028), CA

About Portola Valley (zip 94028), CA

Portola Valley, California is a beautiful and serene community located in San Mateo County. With its stunning views of the Santa Cruz Mountains, it is no wonder why Portola Valley is such a desirable place to live. Its downtown area features many quaint shops and restaurants while its trails and parks are perfect for getting some fresh air and exercise. The locals enjoy access to excellent schools, libraries, and recreational areas. Overall, life in Portola Valley is relaxed and friendly with plenty of opportunities to explore nature or catch up with friends. Regional center - Northern California coast at the head of San Francisco Bay.

Location Details

Zip Codes: Portola Valley (zip 94028)
Cost of Living: 150.0% higher
Time zone: Pacific Standard Time (PST)
Elevation: 155 ft above sea level
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The San Francisco, CA metro area sits in Northern California, right along the coast. This place has a long story, starting with Native American tribes, then Spanish colonization in the late 18th century, and becoming part of the United States in 1848. It really grew during the California Gold Rush in the mid-1800s when people from all over came looking for gold.

San Francisco is known for its cool layout with lots of hills and it's right by the Pacific Ocean. This means you get beautiful views, especially from places like the Golden Gate Bridge or Alcatraz Island. The weather here is pretty mild all year round, but it can get quite foggy.

The area's economy is booming, thanks to technology, finance, tourism, and healthcare. Big tech companies and startups call this place home, making it a center for new ideas and jobs. However, because so many people want to live and work here, the cost of living is high, especially when it comes to finding a place to live.

When it comes to politics, people in San Francisco usually support liberal and progressive candidates. The area is known for being forward-thinking and supports a lot of social and environmental causes.

Life in San Francisco is full of things to do. There are lots of museums, theaters, and galleries for arts and culture fans. Food lovers have tons of restaurants to try, and if you like being outside, there are parks and the bay to explore. The city has a lot of different neighborhoods, each with its own feel and community.

For those thinking about moving here, it's important to know that living in San Francisco can be expensive. Housing prices are some of the highest in the country, and everyday costs like food and transport add up quickly. The city can get really crowded, which means traffic jams and trying hard to find parking. But, many people find the lively community and the chance to be part of a bustling city worth it.

In summary, San Francisco has an interesting history, great geography by the ocean, a strong economy driven by tech, and a community that cares about progressive values. Living here means enjoying a mix of cultural activities and natural beauty, but it also means dealing with high living costs and busy city life.

Portola Valley Cost of Living

Year round climate, attractive setting, and arts & culture make Portola Valley a great place to live.

+90.8% higher than avg
+72.4% higher than avg
$3,340 /mo
Monthly rent (2br)
+57.2% higher than avg
Portola Valley Crime
8.7 / 100
Crime is ranked on a scale of 1 (low) to 100 (high). US average: 35.4
Minimum annual income
To live comfortably in Portola Valley, California
for a family
for a single person
Pros & Cons of Portola Valley
   Year round climate
Soft economy
   Attractive setting
   Arts & culture
Extreme living costs
Cost of Living