Johnstown (zip 15905), PA

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Johnstown (zip 15905), PA

About Johnstown (zip 15905), PA

Living in 15905 Johnstown, PA is a great experience for many reasons. The small city offers its residents a peaceful atmosphere and sense of community. The area is surrounded by nature, providing plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities or simply taking in the beauty of the landscape. The cost of living is affordable and there are plenty of amenities available, from shopping to dining to entertainment options. Residents also enjoy the convenience of being close enough to larger cities while still maintaining a rural atmosphere. All in all, Johnstown is an ideal place to live with its small-town charm and friendly people. Small city - West-central Pennsylvania, 70 miles east of Pittsburgh.

Location Details

State: Pennsylvania
County: Cambria County
Metro Area: Johnstown Metro Area
City: No City
Zip Codes: Johnstown (zip 15905)
Cost of Living: -24.3% lower
Time zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Elevation: 1223 ft above sea level
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Dig Deeper on Johnstown

The Johnstown, PA metro area has a story that’s woven deeply into the fabric of American industrial history. Founded in the 19th century, Johnstown became a powerhouse in the steel industry, riding the wave of the industrial revolution. This era of prosperity was not without its challenges, most notably the devastating flood of 1889, which remains a poignant chapter in the city's history. Despite such setbacks, the resilient spirit of the community shone through as they rebuilt and recovered.

Geographically, Johnstown is nestled in a scenic valley in southwestern Pennsylvania, surrounded by the rolling hills and lush forests characteristic of the region. The Conemaugh River runs through the city, adding to its picturesque setting. The area experiences the full breadth of seasons, with warm summers, vibrant autumns, cold winters, and refreshing springs, offering a variety of experiences for outdoor enthusiasts.

In recent years, the economy of Johnstown has diversified. While the steel mills and coal mines that once dominated the landscape have diminished, sectors like healthcare, education, and tourism have stepped in to fill the gap. This shift reflects a broader trend of adaptation and resilience that characterizes the city and its inhabitants.

Politically, Johnstown has traditionally leaned towards conservative values, reflecting its working-class roots and history as an industrial center. However, it’s important to note that political views can vary widely among residents, contributing to a dynamic and engaged civic atmosphere.

Life in Johnstown offers a unique blend of small-town charm combined with the amenities of a larger city. Residents enjoy a close-knit community where people know each other and are quick to lend a hand. The cost of living here is relatively low, making it an attractive place for families and individuals looking for an affordable lifestyle. Outdoor activities abound, with nearby parks and natural areas providing plenty of options for hiking, fishing, and exploring.

For new residents, understanding Johnstown’s industrial heritage is key to appreciating the city today. The legacy of steel and coal, while no longer central to the economy, has left an indelible mark on the community’s identity. Additionally, newcomers should be prepared for the diverse weather conditions, embracing the beauty and recreational opportunities each season brings.

Embracing the community spirit is also essential. Participating in local events, supporting small businesses, and getting involved in community projects are great ways to integrate into the social fabric of Johnstown. With its rich history, beautiful setting, and resilient community, Johnstown offers a welcoming environment for those willing to dive into its unique culture.

Johnstown Cost of Living

Cost of living, low crime rate, and attractive setting make Johnstown a great place to live.

-207.1% lower than avg
-16.1% lower than avg
$860 /mo
Monthly rent (2br)
-66.3% lower than avg
Johnstown Crime
24.6 / 100
Crime is ranked on a scale of 1 (low) to 100 (high). US average: 35.4
Minimum annual income
To live comfortably in Johnstown, Pennsylvania
for a family
for a single person
Pros & Cons of Johnstown
   Cost of living
   Low crime rate
Low educational attainment
   Attractive setting
Low ethnic diversity
Cost of Living