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Barnegat, NJ


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North Wilkesboro, NC

relocation...not sure what city? - 12/29/2013

to the previous post, well all of America is under unemployed so we cant discourage people from going where they choose to relocate for awhile. im from Georgia and we moved to north Carolina not even caring about the unemployement husband found a job above all other people that live there based on his education, his experience wasn't what Georgia was looking for but north Carolina gave him a chance and he has grown in his business..thanks to north Carolina!!! so never judge what you read here. I know this is a great state the one thing I hate here is that some schools don't have text books in their schools. I have brought it up to the schools officials. so I want to know is where does all that money go? the school my kids goes to don't even have a bus lane and schools here start earlier than most is Georgia. some counties here has the county written on the buses but not where im at now. I can say that I to have a job with in 2 months of being here. so never get discouraged what you read on here. there are pros and cons on every state. so be sure to chat with someone on facebook and ask people that actually live in that state is a great way to find out beside reading but I can say this I live here now and I don't plan on leaving either..the weather is a change too its much colder. it ices up in boone-jefferson areas..theres a lot to do here too. people are nice too but I would not live in charlotte due to crime or durham..but there is crime everywhere but you always have it in major cities in every state I read. I also can say this too there is a lot of Mexican people in northern parts of nc too. no offense just saying I noticed that. any other questions feel free to ask[read more...]

Cary, NC

I have no comment - 10/6/2013

I have no comment[read more...]

Merrimack, NH

what is so cheap about living in NC when the incom - 4/23/2013

Please help me with some imput on this question. I am considering moving to NC, and have always heard the living is much cheapert there, but looking at the income tax rate, that is horrible! What counters that issue to make the living cheaper??? thanks[read more...]

Salt Lake City, UT

Retirement - 3/14/2013

We loved Asheville and the surrounding area for a retirement home. My cousin was Miss North Carolina and then Miss America in 1962-63 they used to own the Land of the Sky Ballet as well. I remember visiting there from Toronto in the 1960's and loving it.[read more...]

Mooresville, NC

Quality of life at Serenity House - 3/6/2013

I moved to Mooresville from New York State in 2001. Not once have I thought about going back to visit. In NY we had a wonderful place in each town called a comfort care home. North Carolina had never heard of such a place. A group of NY transplants got together and developed a beautiful end of life model of care group home in Mooresville. We wanted to give from our experience in NY as well as enjoy what was already here. Stop by at Serenity House in Mooresville and see what quality of life and dignity are all about at the "finish line of life".[read more...]

Baltimore, MD

Durham, Greensboro, Charlotte, NC - 11/16/2012

Hello... I am thinking about moving to either one of this city of North Carolina but, I am not sure as of yet what city, I think I want to move to. I use to live in Greensboro, Nc for like two yrs and I loved it but, I don't want to go back and not like it. It's like I am very psuzzle in what to do.... Wanted to know if there any suggestions on what city would be the coolest.... [read more...]

Haw River, NC

Manufacturing - 11/14/2012

Need to see more policy and thrust to manufacturing esp in areas of Science and Research[read more...]

Key Biscayne, FL

relocating - 10/29/2012

Hi; I live in South Florida and considering relocating with my family to a less expensive place. I have been searching North Carolina, specially Charlotte since in general the housing market is much less expensive from where I live. me and my husband ave two children one boy (19) and one daughter (14), so I also need to look for a good public high school. I have been searching North Carolina in general but since I prefer to live in a city I have search Charlotte more than everywhere else. I read some reviews here and to my surprise they are not generally good. As a matter of fact they are scary (high taxes,all types of restriction, distance in commutes, etc. All I want to do is move from South Florida to a less expensive place. Any suggestions[read more...]

Somerville, TN

Moving - 7/16/2012

I am considering the Asheville, NC as a possible destination for my next move. I would appreciate any information that I should know before making a decision. I am an elderly lady who will be living along.[read more...]

Jackson Springs, NC

Best kept secret for quiet living. - 4/23/2012

We live in a golf course community but we don't play golf If you like quiet living very few people with children choose to live in golf course communities. They probably think there is not much to do for kids to do and in some places they might be right but we have a nice pool and a beautiful park for the kids. We have 10 homes on our street and only one house has any children so our street is very quiet.[read more...]

New Berlin, WI

Relocation - 4/13/2012

I am a single 47 year old woman with a 16 year old daughter, and I am considering a transfer to North Carolina. Can anyone tell me if this would be a good place to start over? I hear it may be tough for single people of my age and that people may not be very accepting of newcomers....[read more...]

Kill Devil Hills, NC

great weather - 1/31/2012

great weather[read more...]

Poughkeepsie, NY

Charlotte NC - 11/26/2011

I wanted to know if Arcadian Village Apartments is a good place to move in Charlotte[read more...]

Raleigh, NC

Help - 10/20/2011

I'm a single female with a disability. I graduated in Comminications and broadcasting. I'm looking for a city and state to live where it's nice weather year round, where I can find a good job in my field and live in an affordable area. Please help![read more...]


Don't move to North Carolina if you want to run a - 9/3/2011

I have lived in NC for about 20 years and have operated a small business for the last 17 years. I have found it increasing difficult to follow all the state and local laws and regulations. Every time I turn around there is a new regulation or paperwork that must filled out and of course, a fee to pay. They tax you on personal business items, personal cars, business cars, local license, state license, state income tax, business income tax, business insurance, worker's comp for owners (even if it doesn't cover owners), food, property tax, sales tax, extra for car insurance and probably about 15 other things I am not thinking of at the moment. The national figures show that the cost of living here is cheaper than most but don't believe it. The state makes everyone poor. The weather is not that great either. Winters are not that harsh but it goes right into a hot dry summer with droughts. Fall we get hurricanes that wipe us off the face of the earth. Natives of NC still hold a grudge against "Northerner's". They are sweet to you to your face but even after 20 years we are still not welcomed in the small towns. I live in Durham which is a mid-size town. The radical tension here is high but at least it is in the open. Liberal towns nearby like Chapel Hill pretend to be non-racial but then they don't have many blacks living there (we have about 50% black living in Durham). There is always a big racial fight going on with the school boards.[read more...]

Sugar Grove, NC

Mountains to Coast - 8/17/2011

There are no perfect places. Some have high unemployment but beautiful views, or high wages but unfriendly people. North Carolina does not have the highest wages, unless you go near the Research Triangle area or Charlotte, but we have generally helpful people and the advantage of a relatively mild climate and the mountains and coast with many beautiful places. Those who are native to the area have been raised to be respectful and helpful to others. We are also proud people and believe in being as self reliant as possible. NC is part of the Bible Belt and while church going is not as prevalent as it used to be, moral values are important to most people. If you are looking for a place where designer clothes are important and keeping up with the Joneses a way of life, you may not like NC. If you are looking for friendly people who are more impressed by your inner character than your status, you will love NC.[read more...]


Planning to relocate - 6/4/2011

Hi everyone, I'm wondering if somebody can tell me what's the best city to live in NC, especially for raise childrens, quality of live, salary,employment,crime rate etc. We are U.S. citizens and a hispanic familiy, I'm a small engine tech and my wife is a bologist, i'm open to comments from other states, just looking for the best options. Thanks for your help. :.[read more...]

Indianapolis, IN

Relocation - 3/9/2011

I would like to relocate somewhere very nice and green with a lot to do. I'm a single black mother with an 8 yr old son. I want him to be raised in a great school system and also somewhere very diverse but I want him to embrace his culture at the same time. I was looking at South or North Carolina I heard both places are pretty diverse.[read more...]

Lexington, NC

N.C. is not a good place to live if you have to wo - 12/8/2010

I have lived in N.C. all my life.Unfortunatly stuck here because of my wife who refuses to move to a better state. N.C. is a slave state always has been always will be. We have some of the lowest wages and some of the highest taxes in the country, so if you want to accumulate wealth forget N.C. That is why we have third world property prices. The only Thing N.C. is good for is retirement. N.C. use to be a lot better back 20 to 30 years ago. Back when they didn't have zonning. If you didn't want to work for slave wages all you had to do was go right out side of town and buy a cheap building lot and build a store or service station or any kind of business and you would do well, now however with zonning the local governments have effectivly blocked most people from going into business for themselves. Now you have to buy in a special zonning district set up for business and pay a half million dollars for the lot then another quarter of a milliion for the building. Most people are bankrupt before they even get started and the local government officals know this, its why they set up zonning to keep out most of their competition and to keep wages and property prices down so they can have a smorgeshboard of opportunity. There is a good old boy fachist system in place in most of N.C. where only certain people are allowed to make any money, all the rest of us are supposed to be their slaves. I am a business owner here and have seen local government get tighter and tighter on rules and regulations to the point that a lot of the factorys and businesses finally got tired of it and closed up shop and left for good for better states too. According to a trucking company I use to work for 40% of all U.S. corperations refuse to do busness in N.C. now. I myself even though I own my own business am trying to sell out all of my holdings except for the ones which are making money in N.C. and take my money elsewhere too. I ask the army corps of engineers in Wilmington N.C. about a business I want to go into and they told me that N.C. is one of the strictest states in the country now. So take it from some one who knows and has 50 years of living experience in N.C. If you need to work for a living N.C. is a very lousy choice for a place to live why all these articals on the internet are out there saying N.C. is the plase to go is beyond me.I myself am moving out when I can. In Davidson county where I live according to the local paper the average wage is 8 dollars an hour, far belo[read more...]

Concord, NC

NC - 10/29/2010

Lots to do here~ Beaches, mountains, lakes, camping... 90s in he summer and 30/40 in the winter. beautiful fall colors along the blue ridge parkway, and every where else for that matter. Nascar, Carolina Panthers and lots of College sports~ Wake Forest, Duke, NC State, UNC...[read more...]

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