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Ordinary American
Madison, AL

Madison is a nice place to live - 4/12/2015

We moved her about three years and we like it. Traffic on 565 isn't too bad except for rush hour, which is expected that time of day. The Madison city schools are good. We have three children, one in Columbia Elementary, one in Liberty Middle School and one at the "new" James Clemens high school. The teachers are really good and very dedicated. The are is pretty. There are lots of beautiful trees and plants. The people are friendly enough. It's nice that UAH, a major university is right in Huntsville for those that want to continue their education and there are other colleges in the area as well. Overall Madison is a nice place to raise a family.

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Madison, AL

Very Little Crime - 1/15/2015

Just outside of Huntsville, Madison is a smaller city and has a much lower crime rate. I enjoy the safe feeling I have here.

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Madison, AL

Good place for young family - 8/20/2010

This is a good city to raise a young family. Good schools and parks

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Madison, AL

Madison in a Nutshell - 2/26/2010

Have been living here for abt 1 year now. Originally came from Florence AL, where i lived for most of my life. Most of the people i know from here commute into Huntsville or Decatur to work and go into Huntsville for entertainment or shopping. madison does have a wide variety of chain retail stores and chain restaurants. Most of what you can find on the US 72 side of town is mirrored on the I-565 side of town, except for the Walmart. Getting from the one side to the other is a pain and can take a very long time. The side of town that has the one High School also has an elementary school on the same road, and traffic coming from there can be horrendous during school hours. My major complaint abt this town would be the trash pickup and the recycling program. The recycling program is subpar-they won't pick up prebagged recyclables, it has to go in the little blue recycle bucket, and they will not recycle cardboard. if they don't pick it up, they throw it into the trash can. In Florence the recycling could be in any type of can as long as it was marked recycle, and they took anything that could be recycled.

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Huntsville, AL

Water Quality - 10/23/2007

Top quality water.

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Madison, AL

Great Place to Live! - 9/18/2007

We love it here! The people are friendly. The countryside is beautiful. We have many places close by to shop and work.

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Madison, AL

Only One High School - 1/9/2007

This city has experienced uncontrolled growth. Plenty of new elementary and middle schools, only one high school. From all indications, it is already over crowded and the city planners have yet to decide on building a new one.

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Madison, AL

Well kept secret - 6/23/2006

Madison Alabama boasts a low cost of living, low crime rate, with a well educated and professional community. It has all of the amenities of a larger city and with nature nearby. A booming economy with a lot of upside makes it a place to be for years to come.

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