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Living in San Diego - 3/5/2012
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One of the best things about living in San Diego is the climate. It is as perfect as it can get. There are some variances..there actually are seasons but the consistancy of sunny days and mild temperatuires allows for daily outdoor activities. The next best thing about San Diego are the beautiful beaches. I was driving past the beaches in Carlsbad today and was reminded how gorgeous they are at various times of day. As a real estate agent I belive prices here are a bargain. I just traveled to New Orleans. I loved the city but after checking condo and home prices in good areas in the city I realized what a bargain we have here in San Diego! Also because San Diego covers such a large area there are so many different types of neighborhoods and housing styles.

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ghmh - 3/1/2016


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San Diego, CA

This place has gone a long ways downhill since the - 1/6/2016

I visited San Diego in 1972, moved there in 1986 for a year and have moved here again in late 2015. . Short story is there are better places to live. I wanted to like this place very much but too many cons. . PROS The weather is enjoyable especially if you come from a snowy climate. The beaches are nice although the water is pretty cold. There are quite a few things to do but San Diego is really an island, an expensive one too. . CONS If you have a $100,000/yr job and your spouse works too, you can afford the housing costs. If you live in an apt, for some reason, people are stand offish and won't respond to a kind hello. This is to be expected for a large city though. . You have to drive north on a VERY crowded freeway on weekends to take in other cities such as San Clemente and such. . BUT there are things you can't deal with by throwing dollars at it like terrible traffic, rotten roads, rather unfriendly people and a big city vibe of plain disregard for one's fellow man. Add to that the kamikaze drivers, even in the rain! . The place is a desert (unless you count golf courses as greenery), no trees, no nature to enjoy, or wild animal life other than snakes. If you are into hiking or mtn biking, it is utterly boring. Dirt, rocks, scrub brush and that is it. I was in shock on my 1st few mtn bike rides. . Cost of living is about 65-70% higher than national average. . I would recommend other places in southern Orange County but they also have become really crowded.

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San Diego, CA

Over Rated! - 12/21/2015

San Diego is a poor choice to live, unless you are trying to be part of the secret conquer to seize this city back to Mexico. Anyway, its not like its the only place to live int he USA!!! Go to Florida instead and experience the white perly sand you get to lay on and the nice, more welcoming people that take the time to get to know. Trust me, I am stuck here, now, and there is Bigotry Galore! Do you like to keep your faith? Are you a religious Catholic or even just a Christian? Do you like nice churches? Then don't go to San Diego. Do you prefer traditional conservativeness over extreme liberall fuck everyone else views and charge people insane amount of rent views? Then go to Florida or even anywhere else, like the Midwest, where people are down to earth and are neither conservative nor libarl and you can actually have an intellectual conversation with. How does it feel to hop the trolley all the time because you cant afford to pay their high cost for tickets let alone pay eough money for a car. These people have this art down to a science! Its no accident san diego, the people governing it are making it to hard to live here for a reason! Like putting tourists here first all the time? What about being the laughing stock to Mexicans, when seeing that you are the only white person at their store. And btw, incase you didn't know, Mexicans find it offensicve to be called a Mexican eventhough it is their true race! How Stupid1 Well then, I guess we must all take it offensively to be called Americans, since we were born here! You will never have any girlfriends and never be able to go to the mall and shop with any friends, because the Mexican girls are rude and jealous and out to destroy all the white girls. it doesn't make me racist to call it how it is! YOu will find yourself falling in love with all the sexy Mexicans that are conartists, because they just know how to use their words! This one, I am not so sorry about! ;P

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San Diego, CA

Loving life! - 12/10/2015

Hi! The website is asking me for a review of San Diego, so I will. I really wanted to write a review downing San Diego to discourage people from considering coming here, but I just can't do it. I'm 4th generation San Diego. My pops is a former Marine out of Camp Pendleton. We have roots here. I grew up in SD and I love it here. I've lived other places, been to most of the states, through Mexico a lot, Canada, the UK. But I always com back here. Why? Because it's San Diego. If you live here or have visited, you get what I mean. The thing is this... There has been a large influx of outsiders moving to San Diego, raising the price of everything, and acting like jerks. Lot's of folks come here and litter our beaches, then just go on back to wherever they are from and don't think twice. I'd just like to say that if you are not from San Diego, or at LEAST from Southern CA. OR Baja CA. Mexico; please don't move here. Please don't even consider it. Locals, for the most part, get it. Outsiders do not. Is San Diego expensive? Better believe it. And it's worth every single hour on the job to pay my rent to enjoy this place and it's surrounding communities including Los Angeles. So, stay where you live and make it better so you can enjoy it! Leave SD to the locals who really get it and can truly appreciate it. Thanks for reading!!! :) Peace, Jimbo.

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Fallbrook, CA

Completely Over Rated, insanely expensive for a se - 11/15/2015

If you are tempted to move to San Diego I would recommend you think long and hard about it first. The options for great restaurants is terrible, the quality of food and housing is terrible, housing is tract garbage with completely obnoxious HOA rules and regulations and terrorist living within those communities who love to make your life a living hell. Renting an apartment is living in a tiny box for insanely high rent, and for some reason has an incredible amount of rude and uncaring people. I cannot understand the lack of respect people have for one another here. All I can come up with is that many people here have been raised to be selfish and hateful. If you are nice to kids and let them visit they label you a "child predator" (I am actually not using the real disgusting term they use) What I am saying is the truth. HOA laws are backed by all predator attorneys who only support HOA terrorism as a rule, so should you need to fight back on abusive tactics there will be no lawyer who will help you. Maybe one will take your money but then do nothing for you anyway.

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San Diego, CA

San Diego is highly overrated - America's Finest C - 10/24/2015

Relo from So Florida // one year in San Diego // the place is way overrated and does not have the 'best weather in the country' // the city is very dirty and run down and overrun with homeless people everywhere // real estate is very expensive and not very good value, dollar for dollar // can be very dull and monotonous and people do not have a good old east coast sense of humor - folks seem repressed and a bit passive.agressive and the 'flakiness' is chronic (rude!) - it feels like Stepford & Ground Hog Day combined..... can't wait to leave and move elsewhere

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El Cajon, CA

recreation - 10/21/2015

lots of things to do for singles and families but very expensive to live here

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San Diego, CA

Every day is picnic day - 10/8/2015

This has been one of the most beautiful cities to live in with a very temperate climate. Unfortunately, the cost of living is pretty high and challenging for young people starting out or older people retiring. San Diego has some of the most beautiful beaches and living near the ocean has been wonderful.

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San Diego, CA

Southern California - 8/29/2015

Southern California is "pretty" but at a cost. The place is a desert and artificially made green. If you are looking for a place with trees, green grass, and full of wildlife other than snakes. Look elsewhere.

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San Diego, CA

San Diego - 8/17/2015

San Diego is a terrific place to work and live as long as you have an education or a good skill. Cost of housing is high as are all the basics. Lots of recreation and off work activities and the weather is generaly superb. People are friendly and you dont find the pretentious assholes you find in LA or NYC. People are into their activities and families.

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La Mesa, CA

Decide what you value in a city - 7/27/2015

I currently live in San Diego, and while no place is perfect, the pros outweigh the cons. You get the beach, mountains, professional sports, great climate, international influence in dining and entertainment, safe for a large city, micro breweries, commitment to health and fitness. However, you get much less space for your money, gas is expensive, air quality isn't great, mildy noticeable difference in seasons, extreme drought, work commute can be long, and state tax is high.

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San Marcos, CA

Expensive - 7/11/2015

I was born and have lived in San Diego all of my life (43) years old now. San Diego is Expensive and crowded. California is a high tax state. Do a lot of research before moving to California.

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Mahwah, NJ

advice on wildfires - 3/21/2015

Hello, My husband and I are thinking of relocating to San Diego from the East Coast. It has a lot of things we want--lots to do, sunny weather, a progressive vibe. However, I've been a little freaked out about all the reports of wildfires. Is this an increasing risk that should make us think twice about relocating there? Also, I have very mild asthma and I am concerned about how air quality may be affected---are there places in the area that would have less fire risk/better air quality. Thanks for your input!

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San Diego, CA

Unbiased Review - 3/8/2015

Take some of these comments with a grain of salt. I've lived in Southern California for most of my life and have lived in San Diego for 15 years. To start, San Diego is ComicCon! it's Military! It's Sunshine! and It's Fun!. It's important to realize that San Diego is very large and very diverse. There is San Diego proper and then there's the County of SD. The city of San Diego is very different from its surrounding cities in the county. San Diego is progressive and diverse whereas San Diego county is mostly ultra conservative, monologic, and older. The city of San Diego is really a big town with a small town feel. We have a thriving arts scene (La Jolla playhouse, Shakespeare's theatre,San Diego Opera/Ballet, Countless Farmers Markets, Diversionary Theatre,etc etc) , a large craft beer community, the second largest LGBT pride event in the country, a progressive attitude, and a laid back feel. Anything East or North of San Diego proper, however, is another world entirely. Now, on to living here. San Diego proper is very expensive; everything from housing to transportation to recreation will cost you. San Diego is not cheap. San Diego also has the most beautiful beaches in the world; seriously, they are absolutely breathtaking (and you can camp overnight at some of them). San Diego is also very hot if you live anywhere further than half a mile from the beach. If you're not on the coast, it will feel like Palm Springs. The further east you get the hotter it gets (dry, smoggy, and hot every single day of your life). If you have the opportunity to live on or a block or so away from the water, do it. If you're a millionaire and love the beach, buy a house on the water and you'll be the happiest person in the world. Our beach towns have Great people. Great sand. Great surf and Great food. San Diego is possibly the most awesome location in the world. It's 15 minutes from Tijuana, an hour from Disneyland, 45 minutes from snow and skiing, 2 hours from Palm Springs, an hour and a half from LA, and 4 hours from Vegas. You could literally go surfing in the morning, skiing in the afternoon, then go live in up in LA for the night. San Diego also has some of the best educational opportunities anywhere. It is home to UCSD ( with its Scripps institute, UCSD Medical, state of the art stem cell research, and cutting edge biology research), SDSU (Go Aztecs), USD, and Point Loma Nazarene. The city is culturally diverse with some of the best authentic Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Mexican food, in the country. It is home to the second largest expatriate Iraqi community and the largest expatriate Somalian community. Vegan/Vegitarian food is everywhere, and North Park and Hillcrest have very large hipster communities. The city is home to the world famous San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, and Sea World. Qualcomm calls SD home as does most of the solar power and biotech industry. All that said, San Diego has some very impoverished neighborhoods. It has a relatively high unemployment rate. It has some pretty awful traffic, and the streets are probably the worst kept streets of any city of its size in the country. I hope this review is helpful! if your'e still curious, go ahead and google some cities in SD and see what they look like (Hillcrest, La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Point Loma, Downtown, South Park, Balboa Park, etc).

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Over-priced - 1/17/2015

I'm a 2nd-generation San Diego native. I can honestly say, San Diego is NOT "America's Finest City!" This is not the same city I grew up in, too many non-natives with big $$$ have ruined it. Housing is WAY overpriced, utilities are insane, traffic is a nightmare...except at 3am! Friends, who were not born in San Diego, comment that it's the "price you pay" for the weather. Sorry, but NOTHING is worth the price it costs to live in San Diego now. You need at least a 6-figure income to survive here anymore & I'm counting down the days until I can leave this place to the tourists that our City Council caters to, instead of the citizens who elected them!

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La Mesa, CA

Low quality of life - 10/7/2014

I moved to San Diego ten years ago from Chicago. These are my observations: The high cost of living makes finding fun things to do unaffordable, as there are very few free or inexpensive options. Constant seventy degree weather gets boring. Few cultural offering offerings in comparison with similar sized cities. The ocean is beyond freezing. In general, a superficial, shallow air to most citizens. In my opinion, it's just dull, and lacks soul. For further reference, I'm from Nashville, TN, and have also lived in New Orleans and south Florida.

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San Diego, CA

Recreation for San Diego - Fantastic !!! - 8/30/2014

There are more things to do in San Diego than you have time for. There is always something for all ages: Beautiful beaches can be enjoyed for FREE! Many events at the gorgeous 100 year-old Balboa Park are FREE! Ballet / Operas can be enjoyed at low costs; some world-class performances can be enjoyed very inexpensively at university campuses. And the performers are not just university students – some are professional from London, NYC, etc. One can’t list all those activities here in this section. Just Google “things to do in San Diego” and you will find more many activities than you can possibly participate!

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San Diego, CA

Paradise - 6/10/2014

San Diego is the little hidden gem south of Los Angeles with almost the same things as LA has to offer only less people, pollution and traffic. We have a blossoming craft beer culture and some great new eateries. New buildings going up in downtown east village are the norm. Beaches are fantastic if not some of the best in the country however all this paradise comes at a cost! It is not cheap to live here, but as far as crime and quality of life San Diego is pretty awesome and has relatively low crime for its size/population. Fashion is laid back as well as the attitude.

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San Diego, CA

cost of housing - 4/22/2014

High rent and purchase price of homes. High fuel and utilities.

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Andover, MN

Remember why I left - 3/14/2014

Southern CA Is lovely, I am a native and spent my youth there. So much to do but it is stressful and expensive. The job market and housing are really tough. People tend to be smug, on something, and empty. Weather is best by the coast and it is quickly becoming LA with lots of traffic. Too many people for the resources so it has changed but not for the better. Mexico is a threat as is the lack of fresh water. No place for my kids to get established and the schools are a mess as is the economy. It has always been liberal but now borders on true Communism. What a hassle everything tends to be. Feel great there tho due to sun and sea breezes, but unless you are wealthy forget peace. You will slave for a dirty old box, no middle class left, and believe it they can and will have an earthquake. Huge drug culture there wrecked my family and the weather is hotter and humid now. Absolutely the best Mexican food anywhere and it's great to have mountains/desert too. I have been visiting for a long time in short trips & haven't noticed the despair like I did after staying a few months. We will not be returning and it is hard to get images of the sunken Titanic with all the doomed passengers out of my mind. Not too big to fail and the infrastructure is collapsing, taxes cannot keep up with the volume of unemployed bailing the drought...

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