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i - 3/1/2011
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Washington, UT


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Saint George, UT

#sosick!! - 2/13/2014

St. George is soooo awesome! there is tons of stuff to do if you like outdoor stuff. there are tons of mountain biking trails and hiking trails all over the place. st george is so beautiful, the red rock is amazing. also there are TONS of off roading trails and places to go, its just as good as moab!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):)[read more...]

Washington, UT

pl,o - 2/13/2014

[l;-p[read more...]

Saint George, UT

weather - 2/13/2014

hot and dry[read more...]

Fresno, CA

Bored in St. George - 8/3/2013

I lived in St. George for only 6 months. I am single and 52 years old, and was looking for a change from Fresno, CA -- less crime, friendlier people, and a new start. If you are not Mormon, you will not have much to do, and they pretty much stay to themselves. If you are Mormon, they will embrace you and you will have lots of companionship and activities. I found the Mormons there to be clickish and not welcoming. Finding people to socialize with was difficult, and the bars only offered drunks and I also witnessed a drug deal the one time I went to a bar looking for socialization. Also, there were only 4 people at the bar on a Friday night!! The scenery is beautiful, and I was there from January to June, and the weather was lovely then. Jobs were scarce. I was unable to find one. I wondered if they were pro-Mormon when hiring -- There are literally Mormon churches ALL OVER the place. I'm talking probably 20 wards in the city of St. George and suburbs. I might even be underestimating.[read more...]

Saint George, UT

My opinionn - 2/18/2013

I have lived in the st george area ever since about fourth grade, so I guess ill just go through the pros and cons of living here. Pros: Nice climate. We have an average temperature of about 60 degrees here, and while it can get very hot in the summer (100-110 degrees F), it is otherwise very nice year round, with very little rain or snow Available housing. Despite economic concerns, we are still a growing area, and you can probably find a house somewhere Safe. There is only one bad neighborhood in All of the St George metropolitian area, and that is dixie downs. If you can avoid buying a house there though, the rest of the city is pretty nice. Recreation. We are only about an hour from zions and about two hours from lake powell and mead. There are probably more im forgetting there is so many outdoors oportunities here. Low Traffic (well, kind of). Traffic is getting worse here, but for now, we have it pretty good. It only really gets bad around Dixie State College, Middleton, and St George Boulevard. CONS Religion. This, actually, could be taken either way. You probably guessed this already, but Utah is extremely mormon. If you are mormon, this place will probably be heaven for you. Most mormons are ok, but a few of them can be EXTREMELY judgmental, especially here in utah. Climate. Once again, it can get extremely hot here in the summers. Nightlife. It isnt that good. There is an ampitheatre in Ivins where there are plays and concerts, but it is mainly geared towards the elderly. Shopping here is awful. We have a mall, but it only has one floor and lacks a lot of stores that a regular mall has (hot topic for example). Sadly, Its a two hour drive to vegas for a good nightlife here. Politics. VERY VERY REPUBLICAN. If you are a liberal here, like I am, you might as well have no vote here. Healthcare. If you have any kids with metal disorders or have one yourself, do yourself a favor and dont move here. As a sufferer of anxiety disorder and ADHD, I can safely say the psychiatry here is horrible. This is mainly because there are very few of them here and they are so busy. I have lived here for about ten years now, and none of my conditions are treated in the least. Traffic. Like I said, traffic is getting worse here. I actually see st george boulevard backed up sometimes, which never happened before. So, depending on who you are, and what you want out of a city, you will either love or hate st george. Personally, I would recomend it for a good place to raise a family, mormons who want to feel more at home, or for elderly people. Personally it isnt for me, but that dosent mean you will hate it either.[read more...]

Saint George, UT

desert - 2/13/2013

an hour and half from Las Vegas same climate[read more...]

Washington, UT

Saint George, Utah. The greatest place to live sin - 2/13/2013

It's very warm here and everyoneloves it.[read more...]

Saint George, UT

Climate - 2/13/2013

It's hott!![read more...]

Washington, UT

Climate - 2/13/2013

Like Vegas weather[read more...]

Saint George, UT

Livin' in the desert. - 2/13/2013

It's really hot and I hate it.[read more...]

Saint George, UT

religion - 2/11/2013

mainly mormon[read more...]

St. George, UT

football - 8/21/2012

i would like to find a good city for a football team.[read more...]

St. George, UT

Awesome Place! - 8/20/2012

It's an awesome place to be![read more...]

St. George, UT

STG - 2/15/2012

I love St. George![read more...]

St. George, UT

Quality of Life - 11/10/2011

I was reared in Phoenix Arizona so have been accustomed to a desert environment albeit larger city for most of my life. I have lived in Dallas Texas and worked in down town Los Angeles as an adult though. I enjoy living in St. George as I find it a great balance of quality of life with abundant outdoor activities as well as incredible landscapes. It is a gateway city to 3 National Parks, Grand Canyon (North Rim), Zion and Bryce Canyon's national Parks. as well as numerous National Monuments and State Parks. There are 3 major reservoirs with in a 20 minute drive as well as the 2 largest man made bodies of water in North America, namely Lakes Mead and Powell, less than 2 hours away. Las Vegas is also less than 2 hours away for those seeking the big city, while Mesquite NV is just 20 minutes if you enjoy gaming and casino activities. On the other end of the spectrum Snow skiing and boarding are about 1 hour in 30 minutes north of the St.George metro area in the winter as well as cool mountain summer activities in 3 close by mountain locations to escape the summer heat. A 4 year dynamically growing (Dixie State College) with national ranked sports as well as business programs, numerous art, dinosaur, historical and other museums dot the city. Excellent libraries, outstanding parks and world class trails system, 5 public and 1 private high school as well as Broadway in the desert out door amphitheater with big name performer concerts as well as Broadway musicals. A symphony orchestra and civic coral have a regularly scheduled season with visiting artists included. Dixie Regional Medical Center is nationally recognized in numerous medical services offered from Cardiology to Neurology, pediatrics to Oncology. A large regional hospital with an extensive list of some of the finest physicians in the south west. A brad new regional airport opened in 2011 built with expansion in mind as the city and area continues to grow. Numerous non-stop flights are offered via regional jets to destinations from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles. Progressive but prudent thinking by city and county officials has kept pace with infrastructure in regional water and waste treatment, a burgeoning parks and trails system, rapidly developing road and mass transit networks as well as numerous high quality downtown public spaces, squares, beautifully landscaped major thoroughfares, round abouts and public buildings. Housing is affordable and plentiful with condo/town homes offered from well under the 100's and custom and semi-custom homes offered from the 100's and up. Full retirement communities such as Sun River are centered around an 18 hole golf course (of which there are 12 in the area) as well as very upscale world class communities with homes ranging into the multiple millions of dollars. Shopping abounds from pocket boutiques to National Factory Stores, indoor and out door malls, most chain as well as private gourmet restaurants etc. Weather ranges in the high desert (same elevation as Tucson AZ) from the low 100's in the heat of a summer afternoon, to the 50's in January. Low annual rainfall equals well over 300 days of sunshine each year! The St.George Marathon, the Ford Iron Man Competition as well as the Huntsman Wold Senior Games all call St.George and the surrounding area a perfect venue for sporting activities. Golf is big in the St.George area with stunning 9 hole city courses and sprawling 18 to 27 hole championship private and semi-private courses. You can golf a different course each day for weeks! Clean light industry has been aggressively courted and nation wide service Sky West Airlines home office is in St. George operating from coast to cost as Atlantic South Eastern, Delta Connection, United Express, and Sky West Airlines with well over 1,000 departures daily. The crime rate is low, the air is clean, the scenery is magnificent and the people are friendly. The St. George area chamber of commerce used to have as a motto on their printed material..."Get Sun-kissed in St. George." I think that friendly axiom pretty well sums up the feeling in this community and I guess it's the reason it's historically been one of the fastest growing smaller metro area in the nation. It has almost all things to all people. [read more...]

Washington, UT

Southern Utah Weather - 11/7/2011

St. George offers year round availability to many outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and golf.[read more...]

Washington, UT

Just to visit - 10/8/2011

Great place to visit but not to live. Many national and state parks in the area. Nice red rock mountains and open areas. Hot and dry climate. Not much religional diversity.[read more...]

Washington, UT

climate - 9/23/2011

hot,desert,dry cool in winter[read more...]

St. George, UT

Yeah... - 9/23/2011

It's really hot in the summer, so hot that you'll sweat a lot. Great if you want to loose weight and get dehydrated and have your brain fried if you stay out too long. But in the Autumn the weather is perfect. [read more...]

St. George, UT

Climate - 9/23/2011

Its hot![read more...]

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