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Corruption Rules - 7/8/2018
Corruption is the rule, not the exception in St. George. From the city government to the college to the school district to the absolute lack of any separation between church and state, problems are everywhere here. It is nice it doesn't snow, however, when your children are out of school for the summer (and have the most time and need to be outside) the weather is far too hot and dangerous for them to play outside. There are a lack of any kind of jobs or industry in the area, and the limites jobs there are pay very low, even compared to the rest of Utah. Aside from hiking and plays, not much else to do. This area loves chains and there's lots of them. Vegas is a nice distance if you need an airport (St. George's is a joke). It may be a lovely place to sit in a rocker and crochet, but I would not chose to raise a family here again. If you are an avid cyclist, hiker or climber, it may be a good spot too. Otherwise, just take a vacation to see everything. Zion is neat and so is the Read More

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Best of both worlds - 6/24/2018
I have lived in St George almost my whole life and that's a long time. I remember when we had dirt roads into stop lights. this place has grown and developed faster than probably anywhere in this country,. It's beautiful country and more and more big businesses are coming in and there is fantastic University. we are close to Vegas, Salt Lake, or anywhere you would like to go to see. We live in the desert and have hot summers decent Winters and we are close to all of beautiful monuments parks. We can go 20 minutes to snow, so we have the best of the Best here. If you don't like the snow this is a great place to live, but if you like the snow, you have the opportunity to drive to go skiing, sledding , or anything you'd like year Read More

Beware. - 2/14/2018
I grew up in this area. Loved it for its natural beauty and open freedom. But the local leadership is corrupt. Developers do whatever they want. On one hand we hear our leaders telling us that we, THE TAX PAYERS!, need to fund a multibillion dollar pipeline to bring much "needed" water to the area for our "growth". We say no, they go for it anyways using OUR money! And what do they do? Build new golf courses, retirement communities, fake ponds, cookie cutter neighborhoods and even a water park! They sure love all the "growth" at the expense of our community and future. But hey whatever it takes to keep their pockets lined with silver. Read More

be very aware if you are looking at a house here - 2/3/2018
We purchased a new home approx 2011 in a neighborhood that was suppose to be zoned single residence, but it turns out that if you have relatives that work for the city you can do what ever you want, I notified building inspector office and they only agreed with me that it was a unusual design for a home that would be single residence, contacted zone enforcement office and they told me I need to provide all the evidence to press charges, in the end it turns out the builder is related to city and county workers and they plan on doing what ever they want.Be very aware if you plan on purchasing a home in this city, short and long term rentals are everywhere and even some of the association are corrupt and will do short term rentals. If we would of known this beforehand, we would not have considered this Read More

St. George - Filled with Opportunities - 7/7/2017
From world-class natural vistas to pleasant hometown entertainment venues, St. George is filled with opportunities for young and old. Breathtaking Snow Canyon State Park and Zion National Park are within minutes. Day-trips to Grand Canyon North Rim and Bryce Canyon National Park are the highlights of an area filled with nature trails, slot canyons, reservoirs for boating, and pleasantly cool summer mountain meadows. Winter skiing is just an hour away at nearby Brian Head. Tuachan Center for the Performing Arts boasts summer "Broadway in the Canyon," nearby Cedar City's annual Shakespearean Festival and numerous civic theater venues provide quality live entertainment including concerts. The annual city arts festival compliments the many galleries as well at the year-round arts center at Kayenta. Other annual events include the St. George Marathon, Iron-Man competition, Fourth of July Parade and fireworks concert and many others. Historic downtown includes quaint shopping, Read More

The red rocks are amazing, however... - 11/28/2016
I love living in southern Utah. My family actually moved to St. George from Cedar City (which is also beautiful, but that's for another day) about 3 years ago. I'll admit there was some adjusting to the heat, but we couldn't be happier here. There is so much to do: hiking, swimming (sometimes both at the same place), fishing, theater, arts, golf, tennis, etc.
There are drawbacks too. For one, the heat can get a little intense for some , but I always tell people that everywhere you go has air conditioning and there are hundreds of pools and splash pads throughout the city. Plus, spring begins 2 months early and warm weather lasts right into November.
The other thing that is kind of a drawback is that if you are active at all, red dirt gets everywhere. But I notice it more than most because I'm a carpet cleaner (
Anyway, all in all, I would say St. George is a great place to live. Although maybe I should've told you how horrible it is so that Read More

Do your homework - 5/5/2016
I have lived all over the world including Canada and South America and quite a few places in the States so have lived in different cultures and feel I can be fair in my assessment of St George. I was attracted to Utah as a teenager because of the non drinking, non smoking etc lifestyle that I preferred and wanted a change from the heavy drinking etc culture of Great Britain and France where I was raised. My husband and I are loners so being accepted by the local Mormons is not important to us as we make a living outside the state and do some work in Southern Utah.My husband is an International sculptor with pieces in several countries in public places. In between commissions he does custom stone work on homes and buildings and charges a third to a quarter less than local tradesmen. He turns up when he says and gets the job done and does not gouge people and that is very different from the local tradesmen who have poor work ethic and if you are non mormon they will purposely leave Read More
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Don't move to St. George, UT - 4/6/2015
We moved here 10 years ago and can't wait to move. The school system is one of the lowest in the country. If you're not Mormon, you will not fit in. I thought the house prices were OK, considering, low heat bills and very low property taxes. The people that are from somewhere else are the friendly ones. The locals do not know how to make eye contact. It's very hot in the summer, though I do like the very dry weather and winter is just a bit to cold. If you must move here, then I would rent for a year to see if you really like Read More

Saint George a wonderful place to live - 3/15/2015
Saint George is comprised of many little neighborhoods. I have lived here for 40 years. The climate is beautiful but dry. We really only get two major seasons, summer starts in April and goes until November, Fall lasts from November until the week before Christmas. Cold winter is from Christmas through January. Spring starts February to April. the spring is beautiful but windy. The crime rate is low. There is one predominate religion. The cost of living is average. We have a 4 year university. The people are quite friendly. Because of the beautiful weather Saint George hosts many outdoor events all year long. Saint George is a wonderful place to raise a family. I am moving because my adult children found jobs in the Read More

Return to the Dream of the 1950's- early 1960's - 11/27/2014
Utah police are trained in Saint George with the result of a plethora of police presence mostly on BIKES! They patrol the streets at night. It is safe to walk downtown historic district anytime of night or day. People are amazingly friendly and helpful. There is a good cross section of shopping. Women's fashions at Ace Hardware. AKA Hurst General Store, is shockingly good. AT the high end is Dilliards which has a better assortment of clothing than in stores around high density Salt Lake City. The red bluffs are all around. The horizon views are beautiful enough to cry over, even from the Walmart parking lot. The schools are safe and caring albeit with a SRONG Mormon bias. You will get stares if you wear a cross necklace, for example and the teachers keep Books of Mormon on their desks and teach students that coffee is "a drug." Apart from the the DRAMA departments of all the High Schools are outstanding. There is even one High School that is dedicated to it, Tuachan. There Read More

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