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"Living in Fresno, ca."

Living in Fresno, ca. - 8/2/2008
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Clovis, CA

The first time I visited Fresno, Ca. it was spring. Everything was green and the sky was clear. After living here for four years and experiencing all four seasons, more of the city, the cost of living and so forth, I would recommend not coming here to live. The air quality is terrible (causing headaches, itchy eyes, congestion for the sensitive), everything turns brown (unless constantly watered) during most of the year,and the cost to live here is ridiculous. You can get so much more for your money in most other states in the country. Don't come if you don't have to!

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Fresno, CA

Sweltering and smoggy - 1/12/2014

Having lived in Fresno, CA for close to 30 years, it is time to move on. The winters are mild and sunny but the air quality is absolutely the worst. Summers are unbearable and feel like you are living in an oven. Time to move to the beautiful Pacific Northwest !!![read more...]

Clovis, CA

Three Years of Life in Fresno - 11/20/2013

Moved to Fresno, CA at the end of 2010. Now, at the end of 2013, my family and I can't wait to move away. Fresno has very little to offer. Air quality is terrible, tap water is hazardous. The locals, the ones who aren't originally from somewhere else, seem to be mostly behind the times, stuck in ways that the rest of the country evolved from decades ago. I don't want to say it's all of the locals, because rarely (as in less than five per year) my family would encounter someone who kept the good traits of the 'good ol days' but somehow was able to shed the bad traits. The air and water are terrible, but it's the people that make the city what it is. Thinking of starting a new business in Fresno, or even the entire central valley area of California? Unless it has to do with farming, think again. [read more...]

Fresno, CA

Fresno "Think Twice" - 10/23/2013

I moved to Fresno in 2000. Was so happy to move away in 2006. But the craziest circumstances brought me back here and I can't wait to get out once again. Too hot, too dirty, air quality poor, high crime,how about that fog in January, zero to do downtown. Home prices were once affordable but not anymore. Of course more affordable than the Grey Bay area or the rat race of LA. If you have to live in the Central Valley choose Visalia. Or if you don't mind a drive of 45 minutes choose Oakhurst. But just think twice about Fresno. Think Dirty Air.[read more...]


Fresno - 9/7/2013

I think this place is pretty, but not every part but we have to try to make it better[read more...]

Fresno, CA

Fresno - Pro's and Cons - 8/26/2013

I was born and raised here in Fresno, and am 52 years old. I grew up in a higher end part of town, so my opinion is a bit skewed (at least as it relates to that time period). I enjoyed growing up here. The climate is mild, but we all complain of the hot summers. There can be ten days in a row of temps over 100 degrees, several times during summer. Don't be fooled - a swamp cooler will NOT cut it. Growing up, people left their doors unlocked. Not so now. There is a lot of theft, so you had best have a burglar alarm. There is also a lot of car theft and breakins, so you best use your garage for what it is intended - for CARS. The jails are a revolving door for thiefs, so they can be in for car theft and back on the street in 24 hours to continue doing the same. There is a lot of reverse discrimination. White people are the minority now, and many businesses (especially banks) cater to the Hispanics. You can walk into a bank and all you hear is Spanish being spoken. If you know Spanish or are Hispanic, that is great! If you want a job, and are white, go to the back of the line. It is nice that we are close to Yosemite, Kings Canyon. If you are a conservative, Fresno has more conservatives than the rest of the state, although with the low cost of living, that also means we have a lot of users of the system, who make up the percentage of liberals mostly. There are lots of folks on SSI disability and welfare, LOTS on food stamps, and LOTS on Section 8 housing who sometimes live better than some of us who work for a living. There are lots of good restaurants,lots of bars, art hop once a week, farmers markets in various parts of town. Clovis is a nice suburb to live for a better quality of life. We have a few microbreweries here too which are great for the discerning beer drinker. Unemployment is high. If you move here, get a place in Clovis, or near Woodward Park or Figarden (VanNess/Herndon area). The Tower District is fun, but there is a lot of crime and drugs in that area. So beware if you choose the funkiness of the Tower. [read more...]

Fresno, CA

Fresno-much better than some reviews - 3/14/2013

I moved up here to Fresno because I could buy a great Craftsman bungalow for less than half of what I got for my old bungalow in L.A. and in a much better neighborhood than my old LA place. (I had a dear friend already up here, which was the only reason I even THOUGHT of checking out the Fresno MLS, and WHAT a happy surprise!) The Tower District where I live is great. I suspect that in the past it was slummy, but is now quite gentrified and is a major center for the arts. The cultural life of the Tower includes the yearly Rogues' Festival, once-monthly art hops where people can visit the newest exhibits at local galleries. There is also a yearly Gay Pride parade for those who are into that. The Tower Theater runs some interesting films not of mainstream. There are at least three neighborhood galleries in my general area (NOT snooty North Fresno!) and a number of other galleries on Olive Ave, a main drag in the Tower. Getting into the art scene as an artist is reasonably easy. Many venues exist. The Farmers' Markets are outstanding with a huge assortment of interesting fruits and vegetables, all very locally-grown. Some of these markets include entertainment, while others are straightforward. The yearly Greek Festival at the local Greek Orthodox Church is great fun and an opportunity to pig out on and take home Greek Food. The Fresno Fair is right in town, no long drives, and the Fresno fairgrounds also hosts a yearly home and garden show and the huge Hmong New Year festival. Oh, and let me not forget to mention Forestiere Underground Gardens, an under-known but excellent historic treasure. Having moved up here from L.A., let me just say that the worst local rush hour Fresno traffic is comparable to the lightest traffic down in that City of the (Fallen) Angeles. For shoppers, there are of course malls all over the place, chain stores (TraderJoe, Whole Foods,PetSmart, Osh,Home Depot, etc.) as well as interesting little shops. In terms of safety, well, I guess I am somewhat jaded from having spent many years in L.A., including living through that zombi invasion known as the Rodney King riots. That horror oozed into my general area and I along with neighbors watched smoke rising from burnt shops and heard gunfire. After that, nothing Fresno dishes out alarms me. I also like it because the general area veers conservative. You don't have the irrational politically-correctness-obsessed types running things. People are generally friendly and are kind to strangers. I'm very happy I moved here. My only complaint: no Kosher deli, no Greek restaurants (although lots of excellent Armenian eateries) I'm sure I left something out that will come to me later.[read more...]

Clovis, CA

Fresno, only getting better - 2/15/2013

Having lived here 19 years, and spent my entire childhood in Fresno Area schools, I can say that Fresno is not perfect and does have quite a few negatives--but what city doesn't? The key to Fresno is not the broad area of town you live in, but the community you become a part of. Fresno has been growing quite rapidly but has maintained that small-town quality of community. People care about each other here, help each other out, and really make this feel like home, something a lot of big metropolises lack. The weather is fantastic. People in Fresno love to complain about it but for the majority of Americans, it's almost perfect. Hot summers, yes but most houses and cars are fully loaded with ac. And winters, no snow, no freezing temperatures--it's a breeze. One of the most common criticisms I hear is crime. The truth is, most crime in Fresno is not committed against random people--but is gang related. When it comes to middle-class or upper-income communities, crime is relatively and is constantly improving. People do not live in fear, in fact, most people feel very safe in their neighborhoods as there is such a tight-knit community that watches out for each other. Going downtown is completely safe, unless you are walking the streets at 3:00am alone (but who does that besides those looking for trouble?). There is so much to Fresno, don't just brush it off because a few bad comments--but also don't just jump in without doing your research. [read more...]

Grand Blanc, MI

moving to cali - 12/12/2012

My husband is considering a job transfer to california. The open areas for us to choose from are are Fresno, and the bay areas. We can do a suburb of Fresno. We  were looking at Lemoore but the negative  reviews have me worried. Can someone suggest a better area? We are from the Midwest and are sick of winter. We also have 3 kids and need a good school system. We love outdoor activities in warm weather of course. any advice will be appreciated. [read more...]

Fresno, CA

Crime - 8/3/2012

Fresno California is one of the top rated crime cities in the nation. We have the bulldogs, the bloods, and the crips, plus a host of smaller gangs. We have several murders per week. I would not recommend this city for children.[read more...]

Happy Valley, OR

Fresno, CA Not So Great - 9/29/2011

I lived in Fresno, CA 26 years of my life and have finally decided to move out of this not so good place. I have experience lots of change in the last 10 years here in Fresno. The climate is great during autume(2 months/12 months). Winter is cold, Spring full of allergies, Summer feels like a microwave. Although Fresno, CA is only 2.5 hours to the nice California beaches and 3 hours to the great Sierra Summit. Fresno, Ca is an empty city full people who seems like the are trap in a quicksand where the longer they stay the harder it is to get out. Lots of people in Fresno are farmers and people who have low education and low income. Don't get me wrong Fresno have doctors, lawyers, Accountants, biochemist, engineer, Farmers, and business men that makes millions a year. I have always wanted to leave Fresno when I was going to college now that I have been out I am taking a trip out of fresno and hoping not to look back. I love my cars and everytime I wash my cars and leave it on the driveway the next morning there is a layer of light dust/durt that has already settle on my car that was only washed 18 hours ago. I think to myself if I am breathing in all these dust for the last 26 years of my life it must not be good. My allergies are also bad in Fresno. The crime(murder, homoside, rape, auto theft, drugs, home invasion, etc.) in Fresno, CA is one of the worst. There are great places to live such as the north side of town(where most of the lawyers, doctors, accountants, business men, etc. live) by Woodward Park. All I have to say is that if you love Fresno, Ca thats great if you plan to move here you have to enjoy some of the bad stuff I said about it. Remember I live here all my life and Im moving and again hoping to never come back. But the choice is in the beholders eye. I see that I have nothing there. But Fresno, CA might be a Gem for you. Good Luck.[read more...]

Fresno, CA

looking for friends - 7/14/2011

i am a divorced woman in my late 50's whom is looking for others my age for a friendship/activities.[read more...]

Fresno, CA

Fresno - 6/25/2011

When I first moved here in 1965 (I was 5 at the time) Fresno was a great place to live. The city has grown enormously and is no longer the kind of place I'd recommend. The huge influx of illegal immigrants, has changed this once vibrant city into a good place to leave. Crime is high, people have become rude, and there are a huge number of people (not only immigrants) who have no desire to do anything but use the system for a free ride. This is not unique to Fresno, it's a statewide problem. When I was a kid everyone got along regardless of race or color. But now it seems to have changed. Fresno has great potential. The weather here is very hot in the summer but the winters are very mild. It is within driving distance of mountains, lakes, ocean, Yosemite and Kings Canyon National Parks, and Los Angeles and San Francisco. It could be a really great place, but there a lot that needs to be improved. I'm looking to move elsewhere.[read more...]

Fresno, CA



Fresno, CA

Dry Air & plenty of sunny days - 6/26/2010

If you have allergies, or lung problems this is not the city for you. It is so dry that the dust is invisible, but you see it on the cars, street winds blow it up and pretty soon, if you can't tolerate that you are sick. Otherwise, it is great beautiful weather, plenty of breezes, sunshine and the city has lots of neighborhoods in all price ranges. The farming community is great. The people are friendly. [read more...]

Fresno, CA

Fresno CA - 6/18/2010

I like Fresno, easy traffic patterns, nice people. Food prices are a little higher, but housing is cheaper than most of California. If you move to Fresno, beware of St. Agnes Hospital ER and Radiology. The ER people lack a professional sense of urgency and concern for patients, and care is mediocre. The Radiology Dept. doesn't know how to read x-rays-at least in my case. I'd use Clovis instead as I have personal experience with both hospitals. [read more...]

Fresno, CA

america's most underappreciated city - 2/12/2010

i have seen EVERY significant place in the U.S. and Canada, been on every significant road, and seen every important animal exhibit- I travel a LOT, just for fun. Given that, i have lived in fresno since 1983 and find it to be america's most underappreciated city: i am 61 miles from snowboarding, it is one of the best towns in america for bicycling, and has,except for a couple of weeks, one of the top 25 climates in the U.S.(per rated places almanac). there are two rivers in the area where you can kayak,canoe, or white-water raft. I am an hour from yosemite, king's canyon, and sequoia national parks and 2 hours from the coast. there are over 100 ethnic groups in the area providing a wonderfully diverse environment.Don't judge us as you drive by on highway 99- it's a great place to live.[read more...]

Fresno, CA

Major crime - 1/8/2010

I laugh at some of the reviews of other cities that say they have major crime. Fresno is one of the worst. There's a small sliver of Fresno that I would feel safe going on a jog at night in, and I'm no petite.[read more...]

Meridian, ID

Used to live in Fresno - 12/5/2009

I lived in Fresno for 43 years, found the love of my life and raised 3 wonderful boys there. and then it hit me. Why am I still here. I have chronic sinus problems, I work in the sweltering summer heat of (measured on a roof top) 123 deg and humidity, had 5 cars stolen in 10 years, 4 occurrences of vehicles broken into, garage broken into 3 times at one address and twice at another, but don't let these minor things concern the fact that most of the people here are just great. My last few years there where filled with very genuine and loving friends. I hated to leave, but an influx of situations that seemed beyond my control, forced my departure. Cost of living in all of California is out of control. Air quality is getting worse every year, and the population is taking it's toll on what used to be a very nice place to live.[read more...]

Fresno, CA

transit - 8/20/2009

fresno is awesome because cost of living is down but then so is the ecnonomy . i like that everywhere you go you can be there in less than 20 minutes for the most part. its flat wide open. three freeways. good for those bad with directionsor easily lost.[read more...]

McDonough, GA

notown - 3/30/2009

this is my home one of the most dangerous place lived but i will 4ever love it 559 4 ever[read more...]

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