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Fresno: a big small town you can afford?? - 2/16/2019
We have lived in fresno for the past 10 years and it’s definitely a home we love! Pluses are the great theee-season weather(July & Aug are brutally hot like much of inland CA), proximity to the beautiful central coast & sierras if you like the outdoors. Constant small shows, concerts, plenty of parks (Woodward Park is fantastic), a super small town zoo (I mean it this zoo is lovely!),great little farmers market days scattered in many areas...small town feel in a larger community. We have lived in the more expensive North Fresno area for many years and it’s very nice. Last year moved into the Downtown area which is far more urban in feel and we love this too. Downtown is slowly being revitalized when people move back to the little city area and make it their true home instead of seeing it as where all the trouble is. Get involved in the community and make real friendships; there are awesome people here and we plan to stay indefinitely. Read More

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Absolutely terrible - 6/18/2018
The summers are hot, dry, and brutal. There’s little rain and clouds are rare, the sun just beats down on you. There’s no real culture. You know, major California cities can be defined by their unique culture like SF, LA, Oakland, etc but Fresno has none whatsoever. It’s a corporate wasteland with little recreational activities within the city. It’s hard to meet people here. It’s an ugly, dry, scorching hot and flat city. Read More

Proverty-Stricken, Unpleasant Area - 5/6/2018
There's not a lot I can say for Fresno. It's in close proximity to Yosemite National Park, and not too far from the central coast. The winters are mild, and for the past few years, we haven't even had much fog, though it can be bad some years. There are lots of churches, bars, restaurants and gyms available. Sadly, that's about the extent of it. I'm not sure what the worst part of Fresno would be, but we ranked 2nd in a national study of the most impoverished cities in the U.S. You can see that everywhere except in the posh communities north of Herndon Avenue. Fresno doesn't fuss about beauty. I guess when 50% of the population is on Medicare, and with a poverty rate of over 28%, we really don't have the funds available to beautify the communities. There are a lot of low-life people lurking around, and even the typical Fresno resident is not what you'd call "friendly." People act as if they have a secret to hide. Perhaps many are here illegally and fear white citizens. Whatever their Read More

Racist niehbors - 1/23/2016
I need Read More

I Was Bullied And Miserable Here - 1/13/2016
I moved to Fresno back in 2005 and lived there for a year and a half before I could no longer stand it anymore.

The area initially seemed very nice and pretty and I was looking forward to living there and having that experience. However, that lasted all but three days. My car was broken into and I was robbed. Wonderful Fresno welcome.

As if that wasn't bad enough, two weeks later I got my first job there. That's when my eyes were opened as to what to expect and what I'd deal with in the area. The childcare facility that hired me turned out to be a nightmare. The first location they sent me was literally down the street from where I worked. I seriously lasted until my lunch break on my very first day when I was called upfront to the office by management. There I was greeted with hostility and interrogation. One of the girls felt threatened by the fact that I had been placed as her aide and would take over her room when she learned my experience and Read More

Mild Winters, But . . . . - 5/15/2015
The average winter temp in Fresno looks pretty good to a lot of people used to cold weather. However, Fresno has winter issues of its own. Ever hear of "Tule Fog"? Didn't think so. It's pretty unique to the Central Valley of California. Once there has been a decent rain in November or December, the wet ground forms a dense, heavy, low-lying fog for days or even weeks in a row. Many times I have seen two to three weeks of not seeing the sun for the fog. My personal record is 43 days of straight fog, in early 2011.

When it's foggy, the cold seeps into your bones. 40 degrees is very cold and uncomfortable for outdoor work, and sitting in a stadium watching a football game is just ridiculous. The gray, flat light is depressing and you need to get out of town to see the sun on a regular basis.

Combined with the Sahara-like summer temps, worst-in-the-nation air quality and very high pollen and allergy triggers, we'd had enough after living my life there. 50 Read More

Climate - 4/7/2015
Summer -- Hot dry desert climate, extended periods of 90+F and 100+F. 20-30 degree cool down at night.
Fall -- Warm dry desert climate, extended periods of 80+F and 70+F. 20+degree cool down in the evening and night. Mostly pleasant after midOctober.
Winter -- Short, 50-60 high, humidity medium to high depending on amount of rain. 2015 is 5th year of drought conditions. Mostly sunny except midDecember -midJanuary. Fog can be dense in rural areas.
Spring -- May begin early with warm weather in February and March varying with 60s in day. Can reach 80s or warmer by May. Always significant cool down at night. Mostly Read More

Fresno - 12/23/2014
Great Read More

Hot, dusty, dirty and expensive - 9/19/2014
I am 54 years old and have lived here all of my life. I have seen this city change for over 5 decades. I am finally seriously looking to get out for numerous reasons. The crime rate is very high if you live in any area except the very expensive north side. I have had a car stolen from from my employers parking area. The summers are extremely HOT. That is not a joke. July through Sept. the highs rarely fall below 100 degrees and the lows at night are in the high 70's to low 90's. The area is an irrigated desert and there is a drought going on. Fires in the foothills during the summertime are the norm causing air quality issues. Swamp coolers will not do the job of cooling your home so A/C is required causing your power bills to be in the neighborhood of $400-$500 for the months of July, August and September. The winters are mild but the tule fog in January and February is very bad.
The cost of housing and food here are well above the average of other cities of comparative size Read More

California Institute of Medical Science - 7/23/2014
California Institute of Medical Science provides students with the opportunity to achieve their highest potential as a medical professional.Our graduates leave feeling confident and prepared for the challenges that the medical work environment will bring. Our staff is comprised of highly trained individuals with years of clinical and “real world” experiences.Read More

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