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"Great place to live!!"

Great place to live!! - 11/1/2011
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Kennedale, TX

For all the yahoos that had bad things to say about Dallas or Texas in general, just leave and good riddance. Dallas is a great place to live or to visit. People in Texas are generally nice and friendly and as for the post by george that talked about "people being gunned down in the street" is just absolutely ridiculous. There is crime just like any other city in the U.S. but happens in the places you do not want to frequent so there is no problem. If george was witnessing "people being gunned down in the streets" then he obviously went to the wrong bars and should try going to nice night clubs and meeting "the other kind of people" instead of hanging with his friends.

Rather than bad-mouthing something you may not care for and making up lies to justify your rage, why don't you keep your mouth shut and let people decide for themselves. All people are different and you can dislike differences in people without saying nasty things to justify your own feelings. What you may not like in someone may be exactly why someone else may really like that person. It is all about chemistry. You could be one of those people that does not make friends easily but it doesn't make you a bad person. You could be a person that is picky enough about your friends to want them honest and sincere and not quick to judge which could be exactly like yourself. So quit judging everything and everyone lest ye be judged by the same measure.

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Cedar Hill, TX

Do not believe the hype - 6/27/2014

Dallas has everything you want but nothing you need. It takes the notion of crabs in a barrel to a new level. It’s funny because churches are everywhere, along with poster of biblical quotes, but the people here act angry all the time and give southern hospitality a bad name. Racism is blatant in the job sector and some people are ridiculously hateful. They do things here that you thought only happened in the movies. It is the only state that has a requirement that they need to see a photo of you before they interview perspective job candidate even if you are licensed and have years of experience. It is very segregated with extreme examples of wealth and poverty and the pollution is horrendous, especially in the City of Dallas. People are very unhealthy here festering on poor diets. The freeways are a mess. Now I know why Texas calls itself the “lone state”. And don’t believe the bling about the booming job market unless you want to work in the service industry, like Whataburger, Target, Walmart, or selling something etc.

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Dallas, TX

Where to live - 6/12/2014

Dallas is a great placee to live.

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Houston, TX

Texas - 6/4/2014

As several people who have lived in both Dallas and Houston have told me (and I know this to be true): For weather, I'll take Dallas For people: I'll take Houston

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Coppell, TX

Climate - 1/9/2014


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Dallas, TX

What makes this place good is the same thing that - 9/1/2013

It's Zoning! Cities like San Fran, Boston, New York, Miami and Houston , they share one thing in common, they have an Identity of being a Large city. Dallas took a aggressive approach to zoning, which is why it feels like a town. This zoning give city planners the opportunity to curb behaviors, and effective segregating by economics and race. The impact on daily life in Dallas can be summed up in one word BORING! 1. Most all restaurants close their kitchen about 9 pm 2. Their is no culture at all, kinda like a Manila envelope. 3. Nightlife is summed up to dinner and a movie, or sitting on the porch of the many bars and drinking to boredom. 4. This is only a working town, Dallas is not a destination for vacationers. What is sad, is that with a large and going international population, the beauty on those cultures is lost in the distant sleepy suburbs. My point is if you want authentic Peking Duck you have to drive to the obscurity of a boring suburb. If your don't have to move here DON'T !

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Dallas, TX

Costs way to much. Turn around! - 8/25/2013

Cost of Living here is to much. Between the Pet Rent, Pet Deposits, Fees, The City of Dallas, the trickery, Forced to buy things you don't want or need, and more, Dallas actually makes the Upper East Side in New York look like a bargain.

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Garland, TX

Dallas is hot and humid in the summer, mild in the - 8/12/2013

During the summer, Dallas is hot and humid. It has 30+ days of temperatures over 100 with a high humidity rate. It is best to stay indoors during the hottest days. The winters are mild, with very few days where the temperature is below 40. I recall maybe 1 or 2 days each year with snow or ice.

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Tucson, AZ

Been in the Metroplex for 3 years now, and.... - 8/11/2013

I'm writing this review based on my experience living in the Dallas area just over 3 years now. In the past, I've lived in New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, D.C., Delaware, Philadelphia, Arizona, Houston. Dallas is a good place to "be", especially for the benefits of economics. Pretty strong and diverse job market due to several companies/industries, both large and small, who choose to have a hub here due to Dallas' geographic location in the U.S. As a result, there's many people moving in, pretty much to save a buck compared to more expensive cities/towns with a less than favorable job market. No state income tax so you get a few bucks in your wallet. Its a great place to raise a family because you can obtain a fairly large home for less $, pretty good schools around the metro area/Collin County, and you may even have some extra cash to get that Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Maserati (Not all, but many folks like to drive these here) Though the home prices are lower+no state income tax, but you'll recycle that "extra" cash back into your property tax which is a bit higher than the average, about $17-$18 per $1k of your homes value, so be prepared to add about $300+ to your mortgage payment. SOCIAL: There are lots of transplants from lots of states/countries and many nice people throughout the area, however I'd consider this Metroplex to be a bit segregated both economically and racially. Many places around the country are this way however, it didn't take long to notice this as my career requires me to travel extensively throughout the entire Metroplex. In all fairness, there's a handful of towns/cities in between which have a good melting pot of ethnicities/economic statuses, but not too many. Collin County is nice and "sanitized" if you will, offering fairly lower crime, good schools, nice homes, and a bunch of chain restaurants. NOTE: After you've visited the zoo's, museums, state fair, and other attractions once, you've pretty much done it. After that, "SHOPPING AND EATING OUT" seems to be the thing to do here unless you hop a flight out of here. A vast majority of outings with friends involve eating something at some new restaurant somewhere; wash, rinse and repeat... OUTDOORS/WEATHER: There's a lot of parks throughout the area for walking/cycling/trails but unless you enjoy HEAT, you'll only be outside from the end of October until May. May/June to September/October is COOKIN' outside, and don't let folks here tell you about "dry heat". Its like a 4 month pelting of sun spit. After living in the desert, Dallas is not a dry heat, but also no where as bad as the high dew point heat index of Houston. In Houston, you begin to sweat within 30 seconds that you walk out of the A/C, whereas in Dallas, you'll start sweating about 3-5 minutes after walking out of the A/C. Some people love the hot and high dew point moisture, but I find it irritating because I physically active, and enjoy outdoor activities year round EXCEPT during the long, long summers. Many, but not all people here tend to focus on acquiring "things", that is, the huge house, the fancy car, etc... It kind of gets annoying when folks here talk to me often about what they have or plan to get. Don't get me wrong, we all like our toys and goodies, however the frequency here is higher than average or what you'd expect in other places. Sometimes I feel like the motto is "Look at what I've got!". I guess already been humbled by this stage/chapter of life when you've realized that there's other things that are much more important in life. Again, this is only my experience of living in the Dallas area, and overall, its just a good place to be to weather economic challenges that may ripple through other cities. No real topography and/or natural beauty and a bit boring at times. Its full of everything you need, but doesn't offer much of the things you may really want.

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Dallas, TX

Lots of Culture & Recreation in Dallas - 7/5/2013

There are plenty of cultural activities available in the Dallas-FW area. There are 2 symphony orchestras: The Dallas Symphony, which plays in the beautiful Meyerson, desiged by I.M. Pei, and the FW Symphony, which plays in the equally beautiful Bass Performance Hall. Both cities also have opera companies, and major art museums.

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Dallas, TX

My Childs School - 2/25/2013

What has happend to the schools?

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San Jose, CA

Advice on relocating to Dallas, TX from San Jose, - 12/13/2012

Hi, I'm originally from the UK, and have lived around SF Bay Area for 6 years. I am looking to relocate to Dallas/Plano/Arlington/FW/Allen for a better quality of life and much lower cost of living, more space...things like that. I like the hot weather, so Texas seems like a good choice. I'm a single guy and would be moving alone. Although I want the big house and nice neighborhood, and have been looking at Plano, I'm not sure if I would fit in, since its mostly families. I'm not religious either, although I am fiscally conservative. Just not sure where I might fit in. I'm 30 years old and work in the software industry.

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Dallas, TX

Dallas is the Most Boring and Pretentious City EVE - 12/12/2012

Dallas is an extremely boring city. I've lived here for four years and I have been invited out to a church "once". The people here in Dallas are extremely pretentious. Everyone is trying to keep up with the Johnses. There is a lot of racism. I use to work in Retail and the white people would often reference "Fried Chicken" or "Gorillas" when referring to blacks. To be more specific I worked at Walmart briefly when I first came to Dallas. I would often get comments about "eating fried chicken" and I am black. Once an old man told me "you speak well to be a black".. Dallas is very segregated. I noticed this right off the bat when I moved to Dallas. 90% of the blacks live in South Dallas which is kind of the hood. You don't see many blacks out in other parts of Dallas unless they are highly educated and most are not even from Dallas. There are a lot of interracial relationships. Most of the black men in Dallas end up with white and nonblack women pretty much because these women are so "accessible" in Dallas. They will get with anyone who will take care of them. The companies don't pay well. I was shocked that Dallas paid so little.I got a job working as a contractor for AT&T providing Technical support and my 27 year old coworker who was from Dallas looked at me and said she had never made above $12 an hour and she was college educated. Sad to say I wasn't shocked. Most blacks in Dallas work for the city or county and those jobs have great benefits but they usually start off at around $12 dollars an hour. Due to the racism in Dallas a lot of blacks who use to work in private enterprise were frightened away from it. Dallas is full of redneck hicks. They are openly racist. Especially in corporate America. Just google lawsuits and discrimination in Dallas and you will find plenty of them. Most of the people in Dallas who are from Dallas are very settled. There is really no "night life". I have been out at 11 p.m. and past and have literally been the only car on the road in Dallas. Creepy. No other cars. People go in and shut their doors and that is it. I have not seen any black people hanging out or barbequing and the black community is very divided in Dallas. The community in Dallas is not together so if you are black you will pretty much be on your own. Their is very little culture in Dallas. Just a bunch of racist white folks adn black folks who wish they were white. Google the Article "D Magazine.. Blacks are Wary of Dallas" and it describes life in Dallas if you are black to a "T". No community support. Very boring. Very racially segregated. No racial pride here with the blacks. No nightlife. Lots of old people. Not many young people and those that are somewhat young are already married with a couple of kids and they are homebodies. I can't wait to leave. I learned an important lesson. Don't listen to people when they talk about "happening and up and coming" places. A city is a city. Big Places often have a lot less culture and quality of life than small places. I am moving to a smaller town. A place with much friendlier people and much more culture. Where the folks are actually alive and have a sense of community.

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Beverly Hills, CA

A modern West Berlin. - 11/13/2012

In a state populated by stereotypical hicks (Texas has 17 registered firearms per every citizen including underage children), Dallas is the least dirtiest shirt in a laundry basket of dirty shirts. Only stark contrasts here, a resident is either highly enlightened and tightly snobbish because they spent their formative years out of state or they're astoundingly dumb as the stereotypical Texan. Dallas is a small cultural microcosm surrounded by a vast wasteland devoid of culture and commerce just like West Berlin before reintegration and similarly to the same deprived East Germans. The weather is always hot or hotter and HUUUmmmmiddd ! Only two kinds of drivers here, maniacally crazy and because they're fleeing from the other type of driver that is amazingly stupid and unbelievably slow.

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Dallas, TX

Affordable Cosmopolitan blended with Texas sensibi - 10/30/2012

Far North Dallas is a nice "suburban" community that has tremendous yet stable home values. Locals and transplants blend in new or updated homes in the $80-120/sq ft range, which means good living space at a low cost, much lower than most of the other top-10 sized metro areas around the US, and pretty friendly neighborhoods. Why are there so many restaurants and why do people eat out so much? A big part of the reason is we don't have all our income tied up in our homes and taxes (no state income tax - WOO HOO!!), and we can afford to.

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Dallas, TX

dallas - 10/10/2012

far north dallas is nice...but dallas shuts down at 9pm...except for wal-mart and bars

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Dallas, TX

You better Like hot weather - 8/20/2012

There have been many days this summer 2012 and last 2011 when Dallas is hotter than Midland/odessa and Houston. its a flat, hot plain and there are not many trees. Dallas is very public pool poor as well.

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Arlington, TX

Looking To Leave - 8/11/2012

I've been in DFW for 9yrs. Because of its great economy, low cost of living, and close to Mexico its over populated, too crime ridden, and much like LA, NY, Miami, and Chicago. Great place to live? Yes for the jobs, cost of living, and alot of housing for your income. However, its a huge place for transplants so one here is really from DFW. The crime it's terrible. (i live in the midicites) So, for the love of money sure its great, but beyond that this place isn't good for raising a family, or education.(unless private schooling)

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Garland, TX


I have lived in the DFW Metroplex all of my life. I have been spoiled by the close access I have grown up with to anything one could ever want to do or see. ARTS, SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENT, OUTDOORS, you name it, it is HERE. TEXAS is HUGE, and DALLAS is just right for me.

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Dallas, TX

Playtime - 2/2/2012

We have an abundance of activities for children.

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Dallas, TX

East Dallas Best part of town to live - 1/25/2012

Because of White Rock Lake, most East Dallas has cooler temperatures than other parts of the city. White Rock Lake is nestled in a gently rolling valley. The confluence of local creeks give the area ample water that allows for lush (by Texas standards) vegetation. The trees the valley and the lake all combine to create a microclimate that gives East Dallas a temperature difference, A few degrees cooler in the summer can make a big difference, especially during the record scorchers experienced in the past few years. The area around the lake is also a great place for outdoor activities. Cycling and jogging trails abound. Wildlife is rich. Many birds use the lake as a resting place during migrations. January to March, be amazed when large numbers of Pelicans visit. The area also boasts a colony of Monk Parakeets. Many more localized species abound in East Dallas too. It's also not surprising to see bobcats, raccoons or coyotes in the neighborhood. The rolling hills and trees make East Dallas neighborhoods wonderful places to live in and explore. The hills of East Dallas make it a great place to cross train for runners, triathale]etes or backpackers. White Rock Creek has recently become a haven for kayakers. East Dallas is a great place to live in if you are looking for an active lifestyle with a climate atypical of the rest of the city.

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