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Newburyport, MA

A great place town to visit or live in - 6/21/2014

Newburyport has all four seasons that are fair and great. Spring and Fall is very nice in the Port! Summer can be very hot as much as I dislike it, but I always go downtown and cool off with the cool wind by the river. It can be brutally cold and very snowy here. Back in 2011, we had over 80 inches of snow. But last winter (2013-2014) was one of the coldest winter I've experience and it was very snowy too (little less than 2011, but about 60 inches. It's a nice place to visit to visit during winter. Downtown is an awesome place there, because there are boats by the river and great restaurant. Don't miss out!

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Newburyport, MA

Living In Newburyport - 4/17/2010

I was born and raised in Newburyport,I have moved away several times but always seem to end up back here since I have kids and my entire family still lives here and every time I come back I really wish I didn't as it very exspensive to live here alot of people commute to and from Boston where you can make the money.Also there is not much for the kids to do and it is very yuppy and snobby.

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Newburyport, MA

Living in Newburyport - 8/19/2009

Newburyport Nightlife I love this city. I lived in Europe for 18 years, and when I came back to live in New England, I briefly lived in my home town of Winchester before discovering Newburyport in 1999. Newburyport has all of the great qualities of a small American seaport, combined with the walkability and atmosphere of some of the European cities I have lived in. I have lived here ever since. OK, I like good food, and Newburyport has plenty of it. There are some great restaurants in town - I think Ten Center St. is handsdown the best. It has a cozy, pub-like atmosphere in it's downstairs wine bar and an imaginative cuisine. I hear complaints about the service but have never had a bad experience there myself. The waterfront location of The Black Cow is its claim to fame; my personal feeling is that the food is mediocre, but that is not agreed to by all. Another famous waterfront location is Michael's Harborside, until recently great food, but now slipping into mediocracy also. Glenn's Bar and Grill, a great place with great food, but on a busy night it can take some time to be served. Joseph's Winter Street Cafe has great atmosphere and Chef J.P. has turned the place around from the hit-or-miss experience it used to be. Great night life too, and it's not Boston, which is fine with me. The Thirsty Whale is a real local hangout, very popular with a very talkative crowd in the weekends. The Grog is the "nightclub", very good live music Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights for a mostly younger crowd, with a blues band paying Sundays starting early in the evening for a great night of endless dancing, heavily populated by an older crowd and plenty of singles. There a plenty of other good restaurants, clubs and bars that keep Newburyport alive all year long.

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Newburyport, MA

A small city - 4/17/2009

We have lived in Newburyport for close to 30 years. It is a great little city with a lot of charm. It is on the water, close to the New Hampshire mountains and lakes and also within commuting distance to Boston. It has a great little downtown and a lovely state park.

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Newburyport, MA

Great town - 3/28/2008

Newburyport is a great town. Has everything you would ever need. Nice beaches on Plum Island, cute but large town center with tons of restaurants, boutiques, etc.

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West Newbury, MA

beautiful downtown - 1/15/2007

great shops

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West Newbury, MA

Nice, but expensive - 5/17/2006


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