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its not that bad..
good restaurants, alot of inexpensive things to do, people are overall pretty friendly, but its hard to make friends to hang out with. traffic is not any worse than anywhere else. downtown and capitol hill get crazy at night, arvada, buckley/quincy area is pretty chill. most of the white trash is up north in thornton/westminster and the thugs in the montbello/green valley ranch area. cost of living has gone up, but its gone up everywhere. winters are mild, summers are awesome.



Don't listen to the Garbage - know the facts
I constructively disagree with the person from Philly who says "don't listen to the reviews." Believe me, listen to it, because it's been consistent for 10 years on this forum and not a lot has changed. Moving forward:

1. Denver is filled with White Trash from everywhere, but especially the Midwest looking to get out of awful winters. That I respect, but maybe try not being a "Passive Aggressive" a-hole redneck loser? Maybe try it?

2. Denver ppl hate on CA and the Northeast. They won't tell you that, but that's an insult from people from the coasts. It's upsetting to all walks of life who move here with a "big city mentality." God, I love to see you hicks fit into where I live in Los Angeles. Go back to Iowa!

3. Dating market sucks and (I called it) just got rated as the worst place to date in the country. Well, I knew that moving in, guess I'll go back and say F-U (already did, rather fart in your face than put up with your passive aggressive B.S.)

4. Politically, CO is very conflicted since the election. It's very red on certain aspects and very blue and pro-Obama on other aspects. Either way, most people are retarded and will give you shit if you're in the middle (like me.)

5. I seriously hate the passive aggressiveness here - reminds me of fitting into MSP or some WASPY town in Iowa or Kansas. Don't make me get controlled and put into place because of the hype. You had my family from the N.E. fooled, maybe get a clue before the ammo wears out?

6. I moved here for a job, left in favor of a new opportunity but only lost money and gained pain by moving to this passive aggressive, more tropical version of Minneapolis. Stay if you want, but don't get us aggressive N.E. people to move for work and have to conform. Denver is the only place I've ever been called gay in for wearing a Hawaiian shirt at a dive bar. Seriously? I feel like Denver is stuck in the 1970s with aloof retarded transplants.



Denver is crowded and high crime.

Ive been in SW Denver Sep 2017-March 2018 for 6 months staying at friends home to see if want to live here, my wage as spa receptionist is 10.25 hr, average 30-35 hrs weekly. At 575.00 bi weekly net there is no way as a single I can pay for a decent apt with gym or pool that runs 1275.00 month. Even if I had a roomate to split one bedroom rent I still could not pay the half rent 640.00. WAGES ARE LOW AND RENT IS HIGH IN DENVER.

Food & gas is high, the wind is bitter cold, you will spend money for coats, snow boots, hat & gloves, snow brush, you will budget extra time removing snow from your auto, sometimes with a broom, extra time is needed to warm up car & drive in snow, all stresfull.

First job was retail, 10.25 hr mngr used me to do stockroom work no other emoloyees would do at low pay for strenuous work, she would not file accident report when my back was hurt, boxes were constantly piled up in front of fire exit, among other OSHA violations, co shorted workers pay frequently, I quit after six weeks.

Second job cashier, 10.25 hr plus tips average 80-100 bi weekly & free bakery cafe food daily, about 30 hrs weekly, young female co workers constantly trying to engage me in fights, mngrs yelling & chewing me out, toxic workplace, quit after ten weeks.

Third job cashier/receptionist at spa, decent treatment but, wages too low to support rent for SW Denver, roomate gave me six months to establish myself in Denver & time is up, forced to quit & relocate back to AZ.

I cant see any alternative but to go back to Tucson, AZ. For investnent of
15-20k I can get a mini trailer with AC in a gated "senior" park with washer dryer, covered parking, gym & two pools, sauna for lot rent 460.00 monthly. Jobs are paying about same if not slightly higher for 30-35 hrs so seems logical to go where rent is lowest & food isnt near as high.

Adios Denver stress & strife.



These Reviewers Don't Listen to Them
There are people on here trashing Denver that have not lived here long enough to do such a thing. This is a great city and there is a lot to do. I moved out here in 1998 from the Philadelphia area with nothing. I got married here, I had my son here, I got my career here, and I meant great people that I am still friends with to this day.

I am not going to ramble on about how it used to be, but I will talk about the present. I have lived in Capital Hill, 5 Points, downtown, Englewood, and now near the Tech Center. I would say I am qualified to talk about Denver. So here we go.

The good

The weather is freaking awesome compared to back East. If you like sun, moderate temperatures (all 4 seasons), low humidity, and vast open scenery -- this is the place. Like they say. If you don't like the weather in Colorado, wait a few hours. The people are cool and for the most part and chill. People seem to not get in your business, and just want to do what they need to do -- low drama. The entertainment and things to do is vast. From pub crawling on Colfax, to hitting up dope clubs, to heading out West to enjoy the other half of Colorado. If you are into outdoor activities , I cannot really think of a better place. I got into rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, road cycling, and just enjoying the scenery on my motorcycle. People here, for the most part are into fitness and it shows. You will not see a lot of obese, lazy people here -- it is an incentive to get into shape. Job wise, not bad. From my experience, there are a lot of trade jobs, as well as desk jockey jobs -- I have done both. I have been working in the IT field for more than 19 years, and I never had an issue finding a decent job -- one job I worked there 13 years. Oh, I almost forgot. This is the micro beer capital of the US, and the weed selection is off the hook, if you are into that stuff.

The bad

Over the years, the Denver metro area has expanded exponentially. This has raised the cost of living resulting in natives struggling for home ownership, and the rent is high. Yet another incentive to better yourself and increase your earning potential. Traffic sucks -- I don't know what to tell you, but it does. Getting to the mountains on the weekend is a feat within itself. If you are a mountain person, I suggest living closer to the front range like Golden area, unincorporated Jefferson County (outskirts of Littleton), and the outskirts of Lakewood. The two main interstates -- I25, and I70 are busy between 7am to 7pm. People compare the traffic to LA, not even close. There is the "brown cloud" that hovers over downtown and people complain about the air quality - it never bothered me. I am from Philadelphia, so the homeless and crime does not phase me even after being out here for 20 years. The "ghettos" of Denver are nothing of the sort. The most "ghetto" are of Denver does not compare to Phili, Pittsburgh, Camden, etc. If you are not into city life, no worries, Colorado is a big state, and there are many areas were you don't even need to ever visit Denver.

It is a great city with great people. Don't let the reviews fool you.



Music and more - not bad for a big city
Keep in mind, I am not a city girl! I grew up in rural environment, and have lived in cities, but don't like them too much really.

So I have a lot of good to say about Denver. BUT keep in mind, I did many things there, but my residence was never actually there - I commuted from nearby communities.

But Denver had so much opportunity. I had the best Classical guitar instructor there. I bet he thinks I no longer play, but that's not the case - I sure do! Because of his patience and dedication in teaching me - I am hugely grateful!

I played guitar all over the place, and it was truly appreciated. People were encouraging too.

I was welcomed to be in the schools ( I usually Teach), but did not try it. I think I would have been given a chance, though.

Churches - I am not sure really. I attended one in the southern area of Denver once and it was ok, but in the end, not too good. However, it gave me some chances in music, and I appreciate them for that.

Denver just had many possibilities. I have not really been there for a while - I was there briefly earlier this year, but mostly live someplace else now.

I think Colorado in general has gone downhill since I left in 2015. But it was always good to me (except when I return in 2015 it was not).

Colorado and all up/ down the front range was home for a long time. I love it really - but I doubt I will return there. Too expensive now, and I wasn't very welcomed to come back.

But it was one of the best places I ever lived, prior to 2015.
I truly think the liberal attitude might have become too much that way - I also think the legalization of marijuana really adversely affected Colorado! Sorry to say that and I'll probably get hate comments but whatever.

I just saw it really go downhill after that (and lived there a long time before that).



Sad to write this because I LOVED DENVER
Denver has had crazy growth and the city hasn't been able to keep up with the growth. Traffic is HORRIBLE and Housing is out of reach for whats left of the middle class. Gentrification is spreading nearly unchecked. The Quality of life I moved here for in the mid 90's is threatened everyday by the exodus from California and other places that are more expensive than Denver. That has driven the costs of housing out of reach. If salaries had kept up with the constant rising costs there wouldn't be such a rub. But, like many, my salary is not much more now than it was 15 years ago but the cost of EVERYTHING is higher.



Denver - I love you!
Denver is one of the best places to live in the US - that's the reason the population has been exploding here. Gorgeous mountains and nature, great climate (300 days/year of sunshine and blue sky), no hurricanes or other natural disasters, nice balance between culture and outdoor activities, great restaurants and bars, friendly and outgoing people. I have no problem connecting with people and have tons of friends (Americans as well as from many different countries, by the way!). The only problem is time - as there is so much to do always. Among my favorite things to do would be attending concerts at the Denver performing Arts center or Red Rocks, skiing or hiking on weekends, going out with friends and trying different places to eat (many food entrepreneurs came out of Colorado), and going to First Fridays Art walks. Denver is bustling with energy and life - I work downtown and love walking to work in the morning passing 16th street mall. I also travel a lot and Denver compares well to many international destinations. Btw, Colorado sunsets are absolutely amazing - I've never seen sunsets like here anywhere else!



Denver metro used to be so great, what happened?
I lived in the denver metro area for 4 years total, first 11 years ago, then coming and going, but driving through area for long time. It used to be so cool, no smog, traffic bearable, not too crowded in the foothills and mountains, reasonable rent.... then marijuana law came in, then tech companies came in, then people moved there from other more expensive areas and it just exploded. Now outrageous rent despite salaries not keeping on par. Crowds, worse traffic, attitudes from the young "hipsters" displacing the poor and thinking they somehow invented it all. It's a shame really. I had to move away too expensive. But what really got to me was CO folks were always so nice. Now its all snark and sneer. :(



Disappointing Denver
Loved Denver up until the passing of the marijuana laws. The taxes were great for the city BUT it's killed the quality of life. Vagrants and hoards of homeless, parks and greenbelts are filled with them. The Broadway Bridge sidewalk between Lincoln & Broadway and 6th and 7th are thick with unslightly heaps of stuff; grocery carts line the Cherry Creek path. 'Travelers" along the 16th St Mall help themselves to diners' food & drink; robberies skyrocketing; people sleeping on walks; hardly a corner without panhandling; walk out of any building along Colfax and you're approached by someone asking for money. Cheap looking highrises renting at exorbitant prices; highrises not including enough parking spaces for # of units/tenants main street parking worse than before (tenants in Cherry Creek began parking at the Cherry Creek Mall to the point the mall added paid parking barriers (1st hour free). I-25 is trash lined. Traffic has become horrible, infrastructure not ready for the masses. A once wonderful, civilized city now disgraceful and grungy, and sad. We want our old Denver back, please.



Update 6 Months Later - I'm Out
I left, but will always be back periodically to visit. Some things that really pushed me over the line:

1. Dating scene continued to be lacking. Not sure if it's because people have less oxygen going to the brain at high altitude or Denver just attracts nut jobs in general. I'm thinking a combination of both. I have several other guy friends who have been taken advantage of my women over the last few months as well.

2. The city is expanding in the most obnoxious ways. 16 wheeler trucks and cement mixers are everywhere. There is constant traffic and nobody seems to want (or care) of how to drive properly. Road lanes are often blocked out for construction of apartment complexes and office buildings. I almost got run over by an Asian lady driving a white Subaru while crossing the street and having the right of way signal - sadly I'm not making this up.

3. Service at bars and restaurants continues to suck. I can't get over this one - don't make me wait 10 minutes for a drink while you converse with your co-workers after getting high in the alleyway. Denver has a very weird slash cliquey service culture. It's extremely unprofessional.

4. Awful pet owners. Seriously, why do owners not put their dogs on leashes? I've been chased by several dogs over the last year and each time the owner was like "it's fine, he's friendly." Really, are you freaking serious? Your dog just chased me. The final straw with this was hearing a dog get run over by a car. It was the most awful sound I ever heard in my life.

5. Terrible apartment complex associations. Maintenance calls were ignored, they didn't take out the trash in the common areas for 3 weeks while they sold the building to another company. It took them 4 days to clean up the laundry room after a homeless person defecated there in the middle of the night. This would all be against California Law BTW, but Denver sure as hell is not going to care.

I'm preserving the good memories, but people need to think twice before relocating here. Denver needs to start conducting "exit interviews" for people that leave on the quick.



refer to Gigi's review
Gigi (below) really nailed it - I subletted there for eight weeks and couldn't believe how awful it was compared to all the good things I'd heard about it - it's essentially LA on the plains with better mountains, there's no THERE there. traffic is insane - driving from the southern end to rocky mountain national is like driving from long beach to the valley - and there are accidents CONSTANTLY because of the aggressive, bullying drivers. Denver pretty much defines sprawl - mile after mile of cheap housing and new condos except for some very nice areas downtown - and while the mountains are nice you'll be fighting traffic to get there, and all the nearby (say within two hour) trails will be crowded. Denver is essentially mile after sprawling mile of cheaply built overpriced housing and new condos, interspersed with tattoo parlors and pot shops -literally the only person I know there who likes it is an ex heroin addict who moved there to get into medical edibles and is trying to hold it together as an aging party girl while living in a house her boyfriend bought two decades ago when it was affordable, everyone else is getting out as soon as they can



Dynamic place to live
In spite of the headaches associated with any large city on the rise, Denver is a wonderful place to live. Besides the obvious draw of the nearby Rocky Mountains and ski town playgrounds, Denver is a cultural hub now with a large, lively downtown, thriving arts, culinary and sports scenes, highly educated populace, colorful and varied neighborhoods, well-preserved historic 1880's architecture in Capitol Hill, beautiful parks gardens and tree-lined streets, and a compact, easy to navigate city with something for everyone. Oh, and the sunny full four-season climate is a fantastic draw for "glass half full" types.



So what you're looking at with Denver is really living in a mostly brown, open, flat terrain with the mountains in the background. It's very sunny and bright here with very little shade and tree canopy. The temperatures are nice in that there is no humidity and it often cools down at night. Many houses and neighborhoods here are quite drab and cheaply built. I feel that the Denver area is quite unattractive, sore on the eyes, and unenchanting, and there are so many things I miss about back East. Lush greenery, rolling soft mountains, more rain, grey days, tree canopies, large shaded and private yards, and access to the ocean. Everything out here seems overpriced, crowded, wide open, exposed, and yet crammed together. I feel landlocked out here away from other big cities. There's not much diversity and people tend to be kind of aloof, stoic, yet helpful and congenial if you engage them. Skiing is great but you must get up by 5am to beat the traffic. It's an extremely expensive pastime, and the mountains are too rugged for me. I like the more gentle mountains on the East Coast. I'm hoping to make it back to a softer, shadier, greener, gentler terrain back East soon!



Great suburb between Boulder and Denver?
Looking for a nice suburb between Boulder and Denver. Broomfield, Thornton or Westminster? For young couple. Thank you.



A good choice for those willing to work
Jobs are plentiful and most pay quite well about 60K on average. Housing in the city is expensive, but the towns West of Denver are beautiful places to live. There are still some good deals. The schools are good and people are very sociable.


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