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85.88% of people are white, 0.97% are black, 2.22% are asian, 4.98% are native american, and 1.51% claim 'Other'. 12.12% of the people in Klamath Falls, OR, claim hispanic ethnicity (meaning 87.88% are non-hispanic).

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Klamath Falls, OR
Lived here for 2 months. - 10/18/2014

We just moved to KF from East Texas Aug 2014. Its funny, every person we've met has asked, why we moved here. The Town people have been very friendly but seem curious as to what brought us here. Its as if they know we chose this area with specific purpose. Its true we did! The area is gorgeous, we love it. Coming from Texas we noticed right off there was no one fishing or boating in August at Klamath Lake. That struck us quiet odd because in Tx where there is water and fish you see people. Being a customer of the blue green algae supplements from KF for years, I had an idea. I still wondered why people weren't swimming or fishing in the water, if the KF algae is healthy to ingest. After asking local people, I found a handful of answers from: water is to shallow for boats, its cold, the algae feels gooey to swim in, green film all over your boat. I did see state signs/laws at lakes, that you must scrub your boats to keep unwanted species out of lakes. That in itself is probably a deterrent. However, I also sensed there was a concern of many to swim or fish in Klamath Lake. They felt unsure/unsafe due to farming chemicals draining into it. Word has it, that fishing in spring is healthier before the algae blooms. Folks near Agency Lake (upper Klamath) who have lived here for years, say fishing & eating is good year round, never having an issue. The weather is interesting! Mild summer days compared to TX and drastic temp drops at night but its refreshing in this dry climate. People here warn us of the winters and encourage 4x4 trucks, good tire tread and to have plenty firewood. Its Oct now so I feel we are in for a winter surprise and we are making plans to buy a 4x4 diesel truck before Nov. About animals here, well hmm? People love horses here for sure, everyone has horses but dogs on the other hand; good luck getting a rent house. Having 3 large dogs, we had no choice but to find a house 15 mins out of KF near Keno. We are happy here but we do live further out then we may have initially chose and pay a bit higher rent. What I find crazy is; I'm still seeing the same houses we inquired about in August presently still for rent. This is most likely due to their unwillingness to bend on dogs or the high pet deposits. One house owner wanted 250 per dog and we had 3, yea, yikes. About jobs well my husband and 20 year old son both had jobs within the first month. However my husband had prior talks with his prospect employer before moving here. I have applied for 4 jobs so far, two of which were declined. As of present we are very happy here and its so beautiful. We like the people, we've had good experience's with law enforcement and have happily found that people do go swimming and fishing at the Lake of the Woods.[read more...]

Palm Springs, CA
Wiki - 7/3/2014

We have been visiting KF for more than 25 years. We are retired now and have often considered relocating there. We have witnessed many of the things written on this blog - occasional bad air quality, midges, poverty, the great RR theater. We are fortunate to visit friends who have been raised in KF and are connected to some really great people. Our questions are: why no air service, quality grocery stores (or quality stores period). Plus the flight away from KF by JeldWen and rumors of OIT moving away? Why does the Chamber or powers that be seem so disconnected to such a beautiful valley? The downtown has some really good little stores and restaurants. But hardly enough to sustain outsiders with thoughts of relocating to a small town. Who's in charge, really? Is it the ranchers who continually pollute the lake? Or the politicians with no backbone? Is it the planning commission that has allowed a sprawling ugly mess beyond Main St? The Port Authority? The Military? Is there really a plan to make KF a "ghost town" as suggested by other bloggers? Where is the press? Is it stifled? Or in bed with the powers that be? We hear healthcare a nightmare. The Herald and News, if not TV, should be front and center on top of all these issues. Short of all that, what a waste of a such beautiful place.[read more...]

Klamath Falls, OR
DO NOT WORK for Sky Lakes Hospital (previously: Me - 9/28/2013

All the comments on this site regarding NOT living in Klamath Falls are TRUE!!! I have experienced it myself over the past couple months and I could not get out of here fast enough! The poor water quality (that is predominately in the newspapers currently, Sept 2013) is visibly disgusting. The air is not bad now, but as it gets colder I had been told to wear a mask outside in the winter since the poor air quality condenses here in the basin. In regards to dogs, people here are not friendly towards them at all. Despite what you read online about "the friendliest dog cities in Oregon"; Klamath Falls is NOT one of them. I have had more rude comments about having my beautiful chocolate lab with me on walks, in my car, staying at hotels, and not being able to rent a house or apartment. This town is NOT dog friendly in the least! Then there is the hospital, Sky Lakes. Sure its beautiful on the outside with all the millions of dollars they spent changing the name, the icon symbol (which supposedly is a three fold symbol: a dove, a flame, and a hand - go figure that one out); and changing the exterior of the building outside/inside. It is beautiful, but the quality of the staff and support staff inside is anything but the standard of care. You know that old story about 2 barbers in the same town across the street from one another competing for business? One barber had a beautiful haircut and a neat, clean, beautiful barber shop on the outside, but no customers inside. The other barber across the street had a horrible haircut, a decent but kinda messy shop; but had customers lined up around the building waiting to get in for an appointment. Why? The barbers cut each others hair since their was no one else to do it. The unsuccessful barber had a beautiful hair cut that the busy barber cut for him when he had time in his busy schedule. The busy barber had an awful haircut from the barber with the beautiful shop, but no business. My point is, Sky Lakes is masking many problems they have on the inside of the hospital with all the glamour and money they poured into beautifying the hospital and changing the name. TRUST me on this! I wish I could reveal stories that have happened since I have worked there as a provider, but I can not share them online. I would not let my kids, family or myself be seen there; and I am so thankful to have moved on to a better area and place. If you are new to Klamath, like the nurse I met last week that was starting at the hospital, please get out of there ASAP. It is just a low level, grimy place to live without an adequate supportive city infrastructure to make the area a safe place to live.[read more...]

Klamath Falls, OR
Air Quality is the worst - 8/11/2013

Klamath Falls has the worst air quality in Oregon. During the winter the air gets so bad you can't go outside. The town burns their trash and since it is in a basin the air can't escape. No smog checks, nobody follows the regulations when you can burn wood, and the air is dirty.[read more...]

Klamath Falls, OR
Not much to do - 8/11/2013

There isn't any culture except for the Ross Ragland, and performances are only half full, so we will see how long they can last. The ice skating ring at the running Y is nice, but other than that you need to drive at least 2 hours for real culture.[read more...]

Klamath Falls, OR
Do you like ice? - 8/11/2013

The snow isn't really a problem, but the ice on the streets get really dangerous. I saw a car one time slide through a crosswalk almost hitting a child walking to school. You need to have special tires when you move here. The cold weather starts in October and doesn't end until mid June, if you are lucky. Three months of being able to go outside is not enough.[read more...]

Klamath Falls, OR
Meth and Crime - 8/11/2013

We lived here for three years, at first it wasn't too bad. But, then 3 of our neighbors moved and rented their houses. Meth addicts moved in and we lived right by a school. There were drug deals happening by Safeway, and downtown wasn't safe to walk. Not to mention that Klamath Falls had the highest murder rate per capita in Oregon and has the highest child abuse rate. This happens when there are no jobs and poor quality of life.[read more...]

Klamath Falls, OR
Great place to live - 2/7/2013

Klamath is a great place to live. It is quiet, and peaceful. People are in general friendly and live a nice slow paced life. [read more...]

One of the reasons why we're looking to move - 11/10/2012

We're retired both in our 70's and are looking to move to a more moderate climate, as Klamath Falls has long winters and the snow and ice aren't what most folks our age need to deal with (safety wise). Oregon is a pretty state and has a lot of nice people. We've lived here for over 50 years, but feel it's time to move.[read more...]

Klamath Falls, OR
Klamath Falls is for the birds - 11/5/2012

Where else in the Lower 48 can you watch a bald eagle perched over a lake in the downtown area? I have lived all over the US and choose to be here. The beautiful blue skies, the mountains and the wildlife are magnificent. Nothing to do? Fishing, camping, hunting, whitewater rafting; sorry mall rats - no mall. It's true that it's difficult to find a job here but the cost of living is reasonable and we have several treasures here in OIT, Sky Lakes Medical Center and the Klamath County Museum. Remember - Bloom where you're planted.[read more...]

Sacramento, CA
Excellent Place to Retire - but No Jobs - 7/8/2012

I'm a very grateful Baby Boomer, in that I recently retired, (though my monthly pension isn't much), and I not only retired, but I found a nice, inexpensive place to live. Where is it you ask? Well it's Klamath Falls, Oregon. Unfortunately the word is getting out now and so it will be just a matter of time before it gets discovered, and the home prices really take off. Here you can still buy a small older 2 Bd 1Ba home for under $65K, within walking distance of shopping, and there's always the bus to get around on as well. K Falls is located about 90 minutes from Ashland and it's world famous Shakespeare festival each summer, and also Medford, which has all of the shopping and amenities most anyone could ever want, and with the crowds too. K Falls is much less crowded, and slower paced, which is perfect for retirees, with good medical care here as well. And the weather isn’t bad either, if you like 4 seasons. There’s incredible fishing and with the mountains and Crater Lake nearby, there’s also all sorts of wonderful things to do, all year around. Both Ashland and Medford have already been discovered and are now too pricy for most retirees. Same with Bend, OR which is beautiful, but is very expensive. K Falls biggest drawback though is the high unemployment rate here, which is ok for retirees who already have a monthly income, or those who could get by on a part time job to supplement their income. Except for some professional jobs, requiring a professional license, most jobs here are minimum wage, and many are only part time. So for most of the younger crowd (18 to 40 years old) who are here, and are unemployed or underemployed, it may be best for them to move elsewhere for a better paying job (SLC, Phoenix or Texas are all good possibilities now), and then in 20 to 40 years, return to K Falls to retire. And it would probably be wise for most others looking for work, to just forget about moving to K Falls, as the few jobs here are filled by all of those who are already here. I think I'll enjoy spending my retirement here, and suggest that other retirees consider it as well. Check out the facts about K Falls here at Sperling, and then plan a trip to come check it out, if you’re still looking for a place to retire. But I wouldn’t wait too long, as more retirees are discovering K Falls and are moving in as well. [read more...]

Malin, OR
Klamath Falls - 3/12/2012

Reading all of the other comments made me kind of sad, really, that people think so badly of the town.. I am 24 years old, and was born and raised in Klamath Falls. People are not "uneducated" here or anything else that you people think who have lived here before.. The reason your dog turns green in the lake is because there are only two places on earth where the lake produces blue-green algae, and Klamath is one of them. Want to know what we do with the algae?? Check out that site will tell you lots.. Oh and if you get grossed out, that is okay because the plant that sells it, well the owners are RICH and the employees get great pay and benefits.. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kevin Bacon order the stuff.. I know cause my husband did their orders a few times.. Yes, it is boring in Klamath Falls and there is nothing to do, and I do suggest not moving here if you are broke, because you will stay that way. Yes, our cops are a$$ holes and the Doctors aren't any better but my honest opinion is that it's cause 98% of K-Town is on welfare and they don't get paid much. There are people here that are nice but you just gotta know who to talk to, just like when you live anywhere else!! Also, yes our teeth are bad, but it is because the cops are too busy building crap they don't need for themselves instead of our tax money getting used for fluoride in the water.. No fluoride, bad teeth, simple as that. (but there are a lot of meth heads here I do not understand why, but... yea that can mess up teeth too..)Also Honda is the most popular vehicle in Klamath, and I do agree that there is nothing to do but hang out at walmart and gossip for people.. (I actually just moved into Malin, 30 mins away from Klamath) but I don't pay any attention to those things.. If you mind your own business, you will do just fine!![read more...]

Pomona, CA
Land of the Lost - 11/4/2011

Klamath Falls is no doubt one of the most dysfunctional places on earth. If you have thoughts of moving there take a few moments and read what I have to say.Jobs are very hard to find in K-Falls so packing up flying by the seat of your pants is not recommended. Basically there are a handful of large employers ie, Hospital,College, Jeldwin and the Air Base. If you are of a minority status please keep in mind there are very few mnorites in Klamath. The ones that are there are ostracized and alienated by the white majority. Take time to see how many minorities are employed at the above mentioned companies. Crime is rampant in K-Falls. Every neighborhood there has been affected by crime. Drugs are also a epidemic in K-Falls. Divorce and spousal abuse is extremely high in Klamath. Depression and mental illnesses in Klamath keep the docs and cops busy. If you like gossip and rumours you have found your place. Everyone has got some insight from all the people who like chaos. Wood smoke in the winter will keep your plugged up and the mosquitos and midges will torment you to death. Education for your kids, oh they will get one. Pregnancy and peer pressure from ignorant kids abound in Klamath. Marriage, ask around and see how often many of the folks there have been married. More than once is the norm. If you come from California be adviced you will be blamed for all of the problems in Klamath, but the local yocals will gladly take your money for there inflated price on their house. Politics and good old boy mentality of Mayberry gone bad is all left to say. Thank God almighty for rescuing me from Klamath Falls.[read more...]

Klamath Falls, OR
climate - 7/21/2011

cold winter moderate summer[read more...]

Klamath Falls, OR
I like it - 6/12/2011

I actually really like Klamath Falls. I'm from the Portland Metro area and I came down here to go to OIT for a Bachelor's degree, but ended up moving here permanently. There are a lot of nice neighborhoods, and because cost of living is so much lower than most places, a lot of people end up moving up here from California and building huge nice houses along the lakes or up on Nob Hill or out in the new subdivisions. There are older not so nice neighborhoods as well, but even they aren't usually bad so long as you don't move into the Mill's Edition. Klamath Falls is spread out so there has to be two or three of everything so that you don't have to go to the other end of town to get to a business. Example: Currently there are two Safeway's, three McDonalds, three Burger Kings, two Taco Bells, five Subways, five Dutch Bros, etc etc. We also have the Super Center 24 hour Wal-Mart which is nice. This city has a small town feel even though it's spread out and actually has a lot of businesses. Rush hour traffic is nothing. It might take you 10 minutes to get home in non-rush traffic, and 11 to get home during rush hour. I don't know about the public schools, but there is a good Christian pre-school -12th grade school called Hosanna. We like it here because it's pretty but also because there's so much outdoors stuff to do. We are within 30 minute driving distance of 6 or 7 sport lakes. You don't want to swim in the lakes here in town but they're good for boating, and kayaking. There's also Moore Park which is just beautiful and very large. It goes up into the hills and you can hike and bike. There's also a lot of hunting, fishing, off-roading, and other hiking opportunities close by. Not to mention the Lava Beds (caves) just south of the California border.[read more...]

Klamath Falls, OR
Living in Klamath Falls - 1/1/2011

We moved out of California because of 3 drive by shootings in 2 days and I did not want to raise a family there. We have been in Klamath Falls for 5 years now. This morning there were 2 people in the paper that both got shot in the face last night. Help! I need a safe place to raise my family. [read more...]

Klamath Falls, OR
if interested - 12/5/2010

I have been in New Mexico north to the boarder and all states west of that line, I can say Klamtucky is the worst place I have ever been the people are uneducated and prove that point every day. The people with money well are just not from this hell hole. So, sorry if you are one of the poor people that find anything good about this place, TAKE YOUR BLINDERS OFF. Drive by the area around fred meyers other wise known as the mills addition but keep your doors locked and dont stop. If someone reads this and says to themselves well if you hate it so bad just move, get the hell out, Trust me I am. after all thats what this place needs more people moving out. Lets try something engage your brain for just a minute more people move out less taxes that are collected then klamtucky just turns into a ghost town, OH WAIT, PLEASE, THATS WHAT THIS PLACE NEEDS, yes move out move out now so Klamtucky can be taken off the map. [read more...]

Klamath Falls, OR
AMEN suzanna - 12/5/2010

you are RIGHT. I am stuck in this little bit of hell, I work for a man that only knows one thing MONEY he sees nothing or nobody but the almighty dollar, and of course he is not from this country, No surprise after all 99.9% of gas stations and motels are owned by these people. I TOTALLY agree the best day of my life will be the day I can see Klamtucky in my rear view mirror. until then I can only do my best to tell people about this black hole and I can only hope that some will listen before they give everything up to move here. But of course there will be people that move here with their loaded bank account and love it. The beautiful green lake, the fact that there are no stores here except of course Wal-mart but you can always drive 76 miles west to medford to just go to a goodwill that does not sell old Wal-mart stuff. And if you love snow well this is again the place to be, If you are lucky enough to see a snow plow, the plow will only move it to the center of the road. But in summer its again beautiful but only if you love the color green, thats because the migs they get everywhere and you cant go out anywhere in the town without them being all over you. Just ask the old timers here they dont want Kfalls to grow its fine just the way it is, until the meth house is next door to them, then they cry but sorry the cops here are as worthless as the town. Do you enjoy drinking and driving well this is the place to be because the only thing a person will get here is a slap on the hands and a little note saying "does not meet lodging criteria" and then on your way you go. And again if you have the money you can buy your way out of the ticket. BUT if you speed and I mean doing 26 in a 25 or just about anything over the posted speed limit well thats only money for a broke little town. If you are a truck driver well the best thing I can tell all of you is avoid Klamath Falls like the clap, you will get stopped for anything and I do mean ANYTHING, You will not get out of the ticket. But if you really just want to come here and see for yourself then I will tell you there is a gas and food mart downtown you will get the whole just of what this place is all about. So if you must let it be said you are warned, this place is only a trap for the working class and once it gets ahold of you it is hard to fight your way out of it. I will continue to try to find work somewhere else and get out of here. Our sign welcoming you to the town should say enter at your own risk. [read more...]

Knoxville, TN
Kalamity Flats: NOT a warm and fuzzy place to be - 11/22/2010

I've read a few reviews on KF and I've just got to say, WOW, anyone who finds the majority of the people in this town friendly, well, we apparently met different people. I'm also struck by few, if any, mentioning Oregon Institute of Technology! That, in my opinion, is the ONLY redeeming factor of this unfortunate place. I lived there from 1999 through 2005 and the only folks with which I've kept in touch are a Buddhist and an African-American (I think there are 12 of each in the entire county, which is one of the largest counties in the state...), and a couple of professors. The owner of Main Street jewelers is awesome, veterinarian Dr. Ronne, and the couple who owned the pet store on Main were incredible. Six years in this small town and I came to call the place The Back Door to Hell. It is still the Old West, in that the war between the cowboys and Indians is alive and well, and I have to tell you; the South does NOT have the corner on the redneck market! My 6' tall daughter tried to stop a young man from killing another in a bar, where he had already knocked the guy unconscious with a glass beer pitcher. She stepped in front of him, with hands raised, and said, "buddy, I think you've won." At this point, rather than stop kicking the downed fellow, he punched my daughter in the face so hard he knocked her backward, over a table, breaking her nose and blacking both her eyes. That isn't what astounds me (although it does!), what kills me is this man is then allowed to walk out the door, unimpeded. Here in the South, that man wouldn't have gotten two steps toward the door. Not long after her nose had healed, she was at a party, sitting on one end of a couch, talking to a guy sitting on the other end. Next thing she knows, a large Native American woman has punched her in the nose for having the temerity of talking to "her man," again, breaking her nose and blacking both eyes. The social center of KF is Wal-Mart, and as mentioned before, due to the Californians coming up to hyper-inflate the housing, it is NOT a cheap place to rent OR buy, jobs are scarcer than hen's teeth, obesity and bad teeth are the order of the day, the hospital (Merle West) was commonly referred to as Murder West, and the only way out of town is going over a major mountain pass. The lake is a pit of slime and the summer is full of Chia-cars, due to the midges. All in all, having lived all over the country, I would have to say, one of the happiest days of my life was the day I saw that god-forsaken place in my rear-view mirror, so unless you've got pots of money, want to stay home, and keep a guard dog to keep the meth heads from stealing everything you own, then steer clear of this little garden spot! [read more...]

Klamath Falls, OR
NO quality of life - 11/20/2010

I read messages from people that just cant say enough good about Klamath Falls, But I also see they move here from larger cities. So for those of us that have to work here and try to make a living its rough, mostly thanks to the old timers who want this place to stay small, no new business no new companies and jobs well there are really none. If I were to be asked if I dont like it here why not move, answer to that would be yes I have a job it pays just enough to put a roof over my head but very little more, there is no way to save anything to get ahead to try to move out of here. Sure if you like fishing and hunting it is a pretty good place if you want to live and do more than just that "SORRY" not going to happen. I deal with people everyday that are here on visa's working on farms and at gas stations. With people that made there life else where and came here with money in there pockets, who moved here because it is a small town then try real hard to turn it into a place that isnt what it is a small california, a small washington state or somewhere else but Klamath Falls is only what it is, and getting worse everyday. I lived here in 2004 just a few years ago people would walk down the street and look you in the eye and always get a good morning, a good day. but not any more now its NO better than Seattle, Houston, L.A. or any other large city. All the while the older people that live here just turn a blind eye and tell them selves that all is well and good. Please dont think I believe this is all happening only here but Klamath Falls is so small you see it alot more here than anywhere else and several times a day. All I can say is come here and see for youself, talk to people, look around, drive around, before you decide to pack up and move. As for me all I can say is OMGIH8KF [read more...]

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