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Klamath falls Oregon is a complex,interesting place to live. Lots of ranching and people are hard working. It is called a basin due to volcano action. Huge lake,rivers,eagles,hawks and cows. Deer roam the city. I think this place is a secret kind of paradise in a way! There is no shopping. People are friendly. Houses are very cheap. Nostalgic. There are jobs! No homelessness! Check it out. We do need doctors and nurses! I see bald eagles everyday!



Klamath is a great place to live, work, and play!
If you are looking or considering a new place to either move to, or, to start a business, you may wish to consider Klamath Falls / Klamath County. With a commute time of half the national average, getting around is a snap. And, with over 300 days of sunshine, Klamath boasts perhaps the best weather in Oregon. There is lots to do in Klamath County / The Klamath Basin. For more information check out



Quality of Life
Can someone comment on the following?

1) Why is the crime rate so high and is it really a problem or just in certain areas?
2) Is the tap water good tasting and safe to drink?
3) Is there a reason why homes are significantly less expensive than in other towns in Oregon?
4) Is there enough rain and is the soil good enough for gardens?
5) Is the hospital rated highly?

Any comments about life in Klamath Falls would be helpful



Do Oregonians Really Hate Californians?
My husband and I have been having a low key disagreement about this very subject. We're getting a bit older, we live in San Framcisco (natives) and I've been checking out different communities across the nation where we can move to in a few years. My husband is convinced that you folks hate Californians, and we shouldn't check it out for retirement. He has never been there; that's just the scuttlebutt from a couple of his friends. I said we have to check it out for ourselves. I mean I get being a bit protective of a place I've lived in for over 50 years. The population of S.F., whereas doesn't sound like a huge surge in 50 years, went from ~725,000 to about ~815,000 today. But, this town is only 7 miles wide and with the advent of the tech boom, there are few homes under $1,000,000 (THATs what makes me mad). My point is, I don"t dig it, but I don't hate the people who have moved here. We want to be able to live in a place that is beautiful (same reason people come here). So tell me, we're not jerks, although political, we keep it to ourselves and we're geniunely nice people. Would we be welcome? Please be honest.




Beautiful and unspoiled
Klamath Falls a quirky small town on the sunny-side of Oregon with about 30,000 people in the greater area (including the census area of Altamont). There are more than 3000 small businesses, and about 30 medium to large employers, but we definitely need more private-sector jobs. I think we have a good work force because the area attracts people who like to live a healthy lifestyle, and we have two colleges. With a lot of agriculture in the area, we have a culture with a strong work ethic. I have found it to be a great place to raise a family with schools that have higher graduation rates than the state's average, two performing arts theaters, lots of paved (and unpaved) walking paths and trails. We have an amazing sports complex for a town our size -- indoor field house, baseball, skateboarding and soccer fields. And they're going to have their own solar power to run the place. We have the only Arnold Palmer designed golf course in Oregon, the longest zipline in Oregon, the only national park in Oregon (Crater Lake), the only polytechnic university in Oregon, and the largest lake in Oregon (Upper Klamath Lake--measured by surface area). They harvest super-blue-green algae from it, so it's not a real popular swimming hole, but it's great for sailing, kayaking, canoeing and fishing. My opinion is that if you are an urbanite who measures self-worth by the number of clubs you can go to in a weekend, this is not your place. If you're a warm-weather suburbanite who is most comfortable in chain restaurants and big-box stores, and freaks out in snow, you might have some adjusting to do. But I'm thinking it will be for the better. We're the kind of place where your input at a city council meeting can actually make a difference. It's easy here to get involved and find ways to contribute to society.



Love this small town!
My husband and I came to Klamath Falls in November of 2014, looking for a place to retire. We loved the small town right off the bat, and could't get over the friendliness of the people. We found a house we liked and bought it, unable to move into it until May of 2015. We stayed in a motel from Mid-December until May, along with our yellow lab. This is the 5th state we have lived in, having grown up in a mid- size town in Wisconsin. We lived in Kansas for 4 years, Pennsylvania for 16 yrs, and the San Diego area for the past 25 years. We weren't sure we would find Oregon our final stop, but absolutely love the state and it's beautiful forests, hiking trails, National Parks and waterfalls, and the lack of congestion, especially compared to California. Couldn't wait to get away from there. Settling in Klamath Falls has brought us such peace of mind. We enjoy small town living and find we have most of everything we need right here. Okay, so there isn't a large mall, but one can shop on-line!! Wal-Mart is okay to shop at, as is Fred Meyers where we can get most of everything we need. There is a nice Home Depot and we also love the local furniture store where the people couldn't have been more helpful and friendly when we were looking for new family room furniture. We love supporting local stores. Having driven to Medford just twice since moving here, we immediately got turned off by the traffic. If you want to shop at Costco, that is where you have to go, but we are not sure we want to renew our membership due to the congestion there. The drive over was gorgeous though. We have nice neighbors, a nice parish, found a good doctor, dentist and veternarian. We love the views from our home, where we see deer, so many birds, and Mt. Shasta in the distance. Waking up each morning to the birds singing is wonderful. Yes, there are some run down areas and we know of the drug problems, but for us retirees, we couldn't be happier. The cost of homes is much less expensive than in any other place we have lived. We have enjoyed walking down the quaint small downtown area, and enjoy Moore Park. I am sure not everyone would find this place the place to live, but it is exactly the perfect place for us to retire. We were both a little dissapointed in the past winter where we only got a dusting of snow, but did have many cold days. The summer has been much hotter than we expected but the nights usually cool down for comfortable sleeping. As far as cultural events, we have yet to miss any, and have not even been to a movie. Do we lead a boring life? No, I don't think we do. We have been married 50 yrs, I turn 70 next month and my husband is 71. We do not consider ourselves old fogies, but are content at being with each other, doing things we love to do when we want to do them, and find we have enough to read, and enough to view on the telly. We have traveled to numerous places in the Carribean, Europe and the United Kingdom. Have been to Canada, Mexico and all states but Alaska. So, we are ready to enjoy this small town and are more than content at living in beautiful Oregon and this friendly town of Klamath Falls. The only negative we find so far, is the lack of air travel accomodations. The air quality is of no problem (but having lived near smog city LA, perhaps we find it to be of little consequence to us), we love the clear sunshiney days and the great quality of life we have here. I just hope this review dosen't bring too many people here, because the town is just the right size. We do empathize with the unemployed and wish for a large company of some sort to come here and do some job hiring of those already living here. That would take care of some of the high unemployment numbers. I don't agree with so many negative remarks of people that have commented on this site, but to everyone there is a season.



Poor Quality of Life
Well, I've got to thank all the truthful people that left a post here.Thanks to all the negative post that have been posted here, I'll find another area to bring my performance engine manufacturing business to. This truly sounds like a hell on Earth. KF just lost what would've been about 600 good paying jobs (18.00 - 32.00 an hour) jobs. I can't see surviving in a atmosphere where I'd be fighting everyone from the city counsel to the police just to try to get a comfortable life going. If a city as small as Klamath Falls can't handle their drug problem/child abuse problem/air pollution, then they are destined for ruination.



Lived here for 2 months.
We just moved to KF from East Texas Aug 2014. Its funny, every person we've met has asked, why we moved here. The Town people have been very friendly but seem curious as to what brought us here. Its as if they know we chose this area with specific purpose. Its true we did! The area is gorgeous, we love it. Coming from Texas we noticed right off there was no one fishing or boating in August at Klamath Lake. That struck us quiet odd because in Tx where there is water and fish you see people. Being a customer of the blue green algae supplements from KF for years, I had an idea. I still wondered why people weren't swimming or fishing in the water, if the KF algae is healthy to ingest. After asking local people, I found a handful of answers from: water is to shallow for boats, its cold, the algae feels gooey to swim in, green film all over your boat. I did see state signs/laws at lakes, that you must scrub your boats to keep unwanted species out of lakes. That in itself is probably a deterrent. However, I also sensed there was a concern of many to swim or fish in Klamath Lake. They felt unsure/unsafe due to farming chemicals draining into it. Word has it, that fishing in spring is healthier before the algae blooms. Folks near Agency Lake (upper Klamath) who have lived here for years, say fishing & eating is good year round, never having an issue. The weather is interesting! Mild summer days compared to TX and drastic temp drops at night but its refreshing in this dry climate. People here warn us of the winters and encourage 4x4 trucks, good tire tread and to have plenty firewood. Its Oct now so I feel we are in for a winter surprise and we are making plans to buy a 4x4 diesel truck before Nov. About animals here, well hmm? People love horses here for sure, everyone has horses but dogs on the other hand; good luck getting a rent house. Having 3 large dogs, we had no choice but to find a house 15 mins out of KF near Keno. We are happy here but we do live further out then we may have initially chose and pay a bit higher rent. What I find crazy is; I'm still seeing the same houses we inquired about in August presently still for rent. This is most likely due to their unwillingness to bend on dogs or the high pet deposits. One house owner wanted 250 per dog and we had 3, yea, yikes. About jobs well my husband and 20 year old son both had jobs within the first month. However my husband had prior talks with his prospect employer before moving here. I have applied for 4 jobs so far, two of which were declined. As of present we are very happy here and its so beautiful. We like the people, we've had good experience's with law enforcement and have happily found that people do go swimming and fishing at the Lake of the Woods.



We have been visiting KF for more than 25 years. We are retired now and have often considered relocating there. We have witnessed many of the things written on this blog - occasional bad air quality, midges, poverty, the great RR theater. We are fortunate to visit friends who have been raised in KF and are connected to some really great people. Our questions are: why no air service, quality grocery stores (or quality stores period). Plus the flight away from KF by JeldWen and rumors of OIT moving away? Why does the Chamber or powers that be seem so disconnected to such a beautiful valley? The downtown has some really good little stores and restaurants. But hardly enough to sustain outsiders with thoughts of relocating to a small town. Who's in charge, really? Is it the ranchers who continually pollute the lake? Or the politicians with no backbone? Is it the planning commission that has allowed a sprawling ugly mess beyond Main St? The Port Authority? The Military? Is there really a plan to make KF a "ghost town" as suggested by other bloggers? Where is the press? Is it stifled? Or in bed with the powers that be? We hear healthcare a nightmare. The Herald and News, if not TV, should be front and center on top of all these issues. Short of all that, what a waste of a such beautiful place.



DO NOT WORK for Sky Lakes Hospital (previously: Me
All the comments on this site regarding NOT living in Klamath Falls are TRUE!!!
I have experienced it myself over the past couple months and I could not get out of here fast enough!
The poor water quality (that is predominately in the newspapers currently, Sept 2013) is visibly disgusting. The air is not bad now, but as it gets colder I had been told to wear a mask outside in the winter since the poor air quality condenses here in the basin.
In regards to dogs, people here are not friendly towards them at all. Despite what you read online about "the friendliest dog cities in Oregon"; Klamath Falls is NOT one of them. I have had more rude comments about having my beautiful chocolate lab with me on walks, in my car, staying at hotels, and not being able to rent a house or apartment. This town is NOT dog friendly in the least!
Then there is the hospital, Sky Lakes. Sure its beautiful on the outside with all the millions of dollars they spent changing the name, the icon symbol (which supposedly is a three fold symbol: a dove, a flame, and a hand - go figure that one out); and changing the exterior of the building outside/inside. It is beautiful, but the quality of the staff and support staff inside is anything but the standard of care.
You know that old story about 2 barbers in the same town across the street from one another competing for business? One barber had a beautiful haircut and a neat, clean, beautiful barber shop on the outside, but no customers inside. The other barber across the street had a horrible haircut, a decent but kinda messy shop; but had customers lined up around the building waiting to get in for an appointment. Why? The barbers cut each others hair since their was no one else to do it. The unsuccessful barber had a beautiful hair cut that the busy barber cut for him when he had time in his busy schedule. The busy barber had an awful haircut from the barber with the beautiful shop, but no business.
My point is, Sky Lakes is masking many problems they have on the inside of the hospital with all the glamour and money they poured into beautifying the hospital and changing the name. TRUST me on this! I wish I could reveal stories that have happened since I have worked there as a provider, but I can not share them online. I would not let my kids, family or myself be seen there; and I am so thankful to have moved on to a better area and place.
If you are new to Klamath, like the nurse I met last week that was starting at the hospital, please get out of there ASAP.
It is just a low level, grimy place to live without an adequate supportive city infrastructure to make the area a safe place to live.



Air Quality is the worst
Klamath Falls has the worst air quality in Oregon. During the winter the air gets so bad you can't go outside. The town burns their trash and since it is in a basin the air can't escape. No smog checks, nobody follows the regulations when you can burn wood, and the air is dirty.



Not much to do
There isn't any culture except for the Ross Ragland, and performances are only half full, so we will see how long they can last. The ice skating ring at the running Y is nice, but other than that you need to drive at least 2 hours for real culture.



Do you like ice?
The snow isn't really a problem, but the ice on the streets get really dangerous. I saw a car one time slide through a crosswalk almost hitting a child walking to school. You need to have special tires when you move here. The cold weather starts in October and doesn't end until mid June, if you are lucky. Three months of being able to go outside is not enough.



Meth and Crime
We lived here for three years, at first it wasn't too bad. But, then 3 of our neighbors moved and rented their houses. Meth addicts moved in and we lived right by a school. There were drug deals happening by Safeway, and downtown wasn't safe to walk. Not to mention that Klamath Falls had the highest murder rate per capita in Oregon and has the highest child abuse rate. This happens when there are no jobs and poor quality of life.



Great place to live
Klamath is a great place to live. It is quiet, and peaceful. People are in general friendly and live a nice slow paced life.


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