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maybe moving to charleston sc - 8/20/2015
thinking about moving to sc
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Finding My Happy - 3/22/2015
Hello All!!!

My name is Tina and I am from Washington, D.C. I've lived here for all of my life...well between D.C. and MD. I will always be a D.C. girl, but it is very expensive up here and I feel as though it is time for a change. I decided on Charleston, because it is the only real city like place I've seen down south. It reminds me of MD. I appears that Charleston is on the rise as well. As far as the rudeness everyone is speaking about I noticed it and it is really shocking to me. Nevertheless, the numbers do not look bad and if I can make things happen in D.C., I can do it anywhere. Besides I travelled down south back and forth for decades during the summers and every fall. I'm just going to give it a try. There is nothing to it, but to do it!
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Hmmmm. Number one destination in the country??? - 3/11/2015
Let's see...the worst drivers in the country...number one in domestic abuse...the worst school system...corrupt government...high poverty rate...low wages...and the rudest people on earth. So much for southern hospitality. You almost have to apologize if you're from the north. You have to bend over backwards to prove that you don't feel like you're better than the natives to dispel their pre-formed opinions. The infrastructure is terrible and the roads are awful even though you pay a property tax on your vehicle. Gas is cheap, but not for long cause the dear governor wants to charge a gas tax. No vehicle inspections so cars broke down everywhere. Accidents everywhere and 4 of 5 drivers are talking and texting. Not to mention the drivers who pull out in front of you regularly and turn left on a 6 lane main thoroughfare.
Oh yes, and I almost forgot to mention all this culture. How many times can you see the same historical attractions. Architecture?...please. Beaches....please. Now they want to prohibit parking. How else do you get there?! Downtown nightlife consists of loud rowdy packed bars packed with 20 somethings. Where are the nice jazz lounges for the adults who appreciate live quality entertainment.
Welcome to the number one destination for the rich and priveledged.
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Very expensive to live here - 8/28/2014
We have lived in Charleston for three and a half years and we are looking to move. The cost of living is VERY expensive. Food and housing are expensive. Sales tax is high. The unemployment rate is high. The majority of people home school their kids because the schools are not good. Traffic is crazy; they won’t build bridges because of the naval base. People in general are incompetent and rude. There is a lack of infrastructure. There is a pathetic pubic transit system that is pretty much useless because no civil engineers were consulted in the building of the city. Everything is spread out so you would need to own a car here. There are no sidewalks. There is a serious lack of ethics that goes beyond rudeness. 90% of the people who live here are not from here. The weather can’t be beat and the beaches are gorgeous. Think twice before you move here the population has a NEGATIVE 7% growth rate.
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Charleston: Best City in the World - 6/2/2013
Charleston is a very beautiful city on the Atlantic coast in South Carolina. We are mild in the winter (though we can have very cold days)and hot and humid in the summer. Charleston is over 300 years old and consequently has a lot of history. We were a colonial city until the American Revolution and still have some buildings that go back to colonial days. We also basically started the Civil War and we have Fort Sumter (the flash point of the war) right in our harbor. We are a city that appreciates and values art and music and every year we have the Spoleto Festival for the last 17 or so days at the end of May/beginning of June. We have theatre companies, ballet, more artists than you can shake a stick at. We also have the oldest municipal college in America, the first museum in America and the first submarine to sink an enemy ship.

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Charleston, South Carolina - 2/20/2012
Charleston, South Carolina is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer people who reside or visit here. I’m from Charleston, as I was born on the old Charleston Naval Base. I’ve seen this city grow tremendously from the 1970’s to the present. Familiar landmarks have been replaced by newer ones, and the infrastructure has been revamped, or new infrastructure built.

I’ve read the many comments that people have posted here about Charleston. There were some extreme negative things mentioned, but please don’t allow such posts scare you away from visiting or relocating here. You have to realize that people provide their input based on their own experiences in any place that they visit. I assure you that Charleston is like any other American city but, with their own character and niche.

It is true that the education here in South Carolina is not up to standard with the rest of the country, but there are numerous private and charter schools that children can attend. My old alma mater is the College of Charleston, which has a very challenging curriculum. In fact, students use to transfer to Ivey League schools from CofC because of the high educational value that this University offers. CofC is only one of many colleges and Universities here in Charleston.

It is very hot and humid here, but what would you expect? Charleston has a sub-tropical climate. Charleston is also a literal swamp that is composed of many inlet waterways and islands. You also have gnats, mosquitoes, and roaches which flourish in this area because of the swamps and moisture that exists here. Charleston is made up of filled in land because of the vast amounts of wetlands that make up this city. That’s why we are referred to as, “The Lowcountry”. We are at or below sea level here on the coast. A lot of our infrastructure is elevated, because of Charleston’s low lying geographical areas. Remember….you are in a swamp here in Charleston.

Contrary to what some people think, Charleston is not a backward city by any means. Charleston boasts about its many firsts here in this country. Here are some examples of this city‘s many firsts: Museum, public library, municipal college (College of Charleston), theatre (Dock Street Theatre), city transit system (Best Friend of Charleston), modern apartment complex (Ansonborough Homes), and one of America’s oldest newspapers, “The Post and Courier” (originally….The News and Courier), and let’s not forget about this country’s first preservation society being established here. Charleston guided other American cities to assist them in their attempts to preserved their historic landmarks. South Carolina Electric and Gas, or just simply SCE&G, was the first utility in America to utilize computers and fiber optic technology. There are many other firsts here, but those listed are the primary ones to mention.

I will admit that our infrastructure is lagging behind. You have to realize that Charleston has been stagnant in its growth since the end of the colonial era, so the need to expand the road systems here have been very slow. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that Charleston starting to boom with its growth. It has been difficult for the planners to keep up with this growth, as they try and anticipate the direction, and the amount of growth expected. Charleston is in a major need of a second interstate system because I 26 is the only major interstate that is a main artery for people to enter and leave the city, though several smaller outlets do exist. We do have I 526, but that’s a beltway system. I was here during Hurricane Hugo in 1989, and the governor at that time reversed all lanes of I 26 to allow people to evacuate. Today, Charleston has nearly 4 times the population that it had 23 years ago.

It is true that the cost of living here is very high, and the wage earnings are extremely low. If you are searching for a more affordable, smaller, or rural place to reside, you may want to consider Goose Creek, Moncks Corner, or Summerville. There are many other cities and townships that make up Charleston, but the ones mentioned are just a few of the main locales that you could look into.

South Carolina and particularly Charleston, take pride in its history. There is a South Carolina history text in the public school system, at least there was when I was in school. This is true because there is so much history in this state. People always talk about the Civil War when it comes to Charleston. In reality, Charleston’s role in the American Revolutionary War was greater than its role in the Civil War. Yes….the first shots of the Civil War were fired here, but most of the battles were fought away from South Carolina. During the American Revolutionary War, there were more battles fought in the state of S.C. than in any of the states of the original 13 colonies. Charleston was also the site of the first decisive victory in the American Revolutionary War at Fort Sullivan (later….Ft. Moultrie), which was commanded by William Moultrie. This fort was built out of palmetto logs which absorbed cannon fire or caused them to bounce off of the fort’s walls. This gave South Carolina its nickname, “The Palmetto State”.

Visit Charleston if you get the chance. As a Charlestonian myself, I welcome anyone and everyone to visit or relocate here. I like the fact that so many people from elsewhere in the country, have chosen Charleston to be their new home. There are bad places as well as good places here. Charleston is no exception from any other American cities, in that respect. The good places well outnumber those areas that aren’t so good to settle in. Please research the history on Charleston, so that you will have a better perspective on this place. Thank you.

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living in charleston sc - 1/15/2012
I have lived in charleston sc for the last 3 yrs. Like any other cities it has its good and bad points. I love the weather and the beaches. There is a lot of history here and Charlestonians take a great deal of pride in their history. I always find something to do here. There is reasonable housing here but you need to know the area. South Carolina, in my opinion, does not have the best schools,if I had school age kids I would not move here. They have universities and other schools of higher education and they are quite good but local schools are lacking. The job prospects are not good here but with the right skills and education you can succeed. I am retired so for me it works. SC has alot to offer it just needs to elect people who can bring in the jobs and grow the city.
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Moving - 10/1/2011

I visited Charleston this past week, fell in love with it, and will be living here, full time in a week.
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Keep away if you value your sanity!! - 9/26/2011
Abysmally atrocious infrastructure (ie traffic flow, road care, etc), horrific public schools (that teach only SC history...really.), narrow-minded, slow-witted and downright ignorant citizens. And worst of all, people are just happy/okay with the state of the place--who cares if it takes 4o minutes to travel 5 miles due to the staggering traffic jams?Who cares if our children are among the dumbest and most illiterate in the country? The list goes on.
I never understood the stereotype of 'Southerners' until I lived in this state; and this place proves it all makes me embarrassed to say I was born in Florida, since that's considered the South, as well.
Besides, downtown offers no parking to see the sights, the beaches have one road in and one road out (do the math on that for summertime visitors) and offer only brown silty water and trash-laden sand, anyway.
There are many charming, friendly, pleasant places to live on the Southern coasts of the U.S., but Charleston is NOT one of them.
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trying to figure out best place for me - 9/10/2011
I would like to relocate to a more affordable area with lower property taxes and to a city that still has culture, diversity, music and art scene...that is chic, hip and still earthy. I currently live right outside of NYC but, my taxes are killing me so I am thinking of relocating to Charleston. I also like places that have that old world historic charm...and the ocean is nice as well. I have never been to Charleston..but, on the surface it seems great..however the comments about it being redneck and the place closest to hell I wonder about. I am used to places such as NYC or San Francisco..or Boston..which are all are my favorite places..(but too expensive) I also want to live where there is warmer weather year round. I lived in Miami at one point and absolutely hated it there with a passion..way too fake for me. I love the people in Maine but, it is too cold and boring there. Does anyone have any suggestions what would be a good place for me?
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To live there - 9/10/2011
I am from the NYC area..and do love NYC- however it is too expensive for me and I would like to live somewhere that is more affordable..a city or small city that I could walk to restaurants that has live music and an art scene which is cool, sophisticated and chic. I am a single, female artist. I was thinking Charleston- but I have never been there and it sounds like it is very red neck and narrow minded type people...Is it still like that? I'd rather a more cosmopolitan feel.and I also like a place that has a historic feel..where I could get an apartment with high ceilings, old world charm and a small garden.....where would be the best place for budget would be $500,000 -I'd also prefer a nice climate..but the people are most important. I am also 45 years music, culture and a youngish feel is important..also near ocean would be good too...I can't come up with anything? I appreciate any suggestions...
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A Great Place to Live - 8/16/2011
I am from the South. I have lived in the Washington,DC areas for 26 years and returned to Charleston last year. I am so happy to be back in the South. Beautiful area, beaches, nice people just a great place to live. It is hot in July and August. Be prepared to enjoy the air condition these 2 months. But the weather October thru May is perfect. I am so thankful to be out of the overcast skies, snow and icy roads. So heat and humidity in July and August is a great trade - off.
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Nearest Place to Hell on Earth - 6/29/2011
1. Racist, extreme right-wing, bible-beating baptist, redneck, under educated population. All the funny stereotype people of the deep south make up about 98% of the population. Funny from a distance; not so funny when you live here.
2. Mostly a result of #1 above, the decaying infrastructure, nation's poorest educational system, corrupt and non-supportive government,lack of decent employment, and appalling poverty conditions make this city and state basically a third-world country. If you have plenty of income, you can buy yourself into a protective niche with your northern comrades, but why do it here? Power outages every lightning storm, backed up traffic, inability to communicate the most rudimentary concepts with the locals, educated former middle-class men digging ditches for a living or crawling on the shelves of wal-mart, your worst nightmare can be realized, here. You think your self-esteem can handle it? They will break you. They will get you down to their level no matter what it takes.
3. And, the worst thing of all... the climate. Even if you had none of the problems associated with 1 and 2 above, the heat and humidity in Charleston for 6 to 7 months out of the year make this area the most unholy, unlivable places on earth. It is an absolute sauna. You will be ringing wet with sweat within minutes of stepping out of your air conditioning, and your body requires evaporation to keep you cool, but it isn't happening. You will suffer, instead. Of course, you can just stay in a/c all the time, and pay for the best HVAC guy in town, but why do it here? The mosquitoes and roaches love the climate, and we have the most vicious and the largest, respectively. You can throw a saddle on the "water bugs" as they call them here. They are prolific and infiltrate every square inch of this state, including the sewers. We call them water bugs, you call them filthy cockroaches.

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Charleston--What's it Like? - 5/10/2011
The question should be: what are YOU like? Because if you have real intellectual curiosity; need artistic/cultural stimulation; desire to be around people who are multi-dimensional, truly smart and engaging, then Charleston probably is NOT for you. (There are some, but very hard to seek out.)
It is truly a gorgeous town--downtown Charleston, that is. Downtown restaurants keep getting better. Some cool festivals in Marion Square Park. And Kiawah Island--40 min away--is great for a vacation or second home.
But for people who are generally somewhat non-conformist and are more "of the world", you will find it difficult to be happy here. If you can manage to live here and use it as a "base"--go to NYC, San Fran or LA or Europe frequently, that's great. But that requires gobs of dough.
So for you artists, literary types, intellectual, spiritual seekers, it has a long, long way to go.

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Is it really expensive? - 2/15/2011
I have a few questions, Ok, Im doing my research on South Carolina, Charleston, because Im expecting to relocate up there and no matter what website I go to it always saying something different, like...High unemployment, then the population is high one day then its different the next...I mean I dont know where to look up the correct info. But so far the cost of living is not as low as I would like for it to be, but I did my pros and cons and I still want to move up there. And is it public transportation?
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