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69.56% of people are white, 26.79% are black, 1.48% are asian, 0.12% are native american, and 0.66% claim 'Other'. 2.74% of the people in Charleston, SC, claim hispanic ethnicity (meaning 97.26% are non-hispanic).

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Charleston, SC
charleston - 3/3/2010

Great weather and great people!!!!![read more...]

Charleston, SC
Beautiful City - 1/3/2010

From the beach to downtown this place has it all.[read more...]

Charleston, SC
Historic District - 11/18/2009

If you love history and historic districts, downtown Charleston is one of the best preserved and most beautiful in the country. There is a good symphony orchestra, and an active arts and music scene. As for education, the public education for K-12 could be better, but the College of Charleston and the Medical University of South Carolina is here, which is a very good teaching hospital. Summers are very hot and humid, but fall, winter and spring are great.[read more...]

Charleston, SC
Amazing - 10/16/2009

If you can take a couple months of humidity, this place has the best weather. Even if it is raining there is sun (and rainbows)[read more...]

Charleston, SC
Best Kept Secret in the South - 7/2/2009

I had the pleasure of visiting Charleston, SC in 2007 and was highly impressed with what the city had to offer. Coming from the northeast Charleston seemed more like a large neighborhood then a "city" but it has its own identity. You see, this southern city boasts a steepled skyline, charming antebellum homes, and streets lined with lush foliage. The best part about Charleston are the people. Residents say good morning and wave to you. If someone accidently bumps into you they politely say, "excuse me." I recall asking someone for directions and they took the time to write down every detail (that doesn't happen in NJ or NY). Downtown Charleston is very walkable as you stroll past art galleries, cafes, and well groomed, pocket parks. As a city goer I was pleasantly surprised by the infrastructure, not to mention the endless shopping on King Street and the ample supply of wonderful lowcountry food. In fact, Charleston took such a hold of me that I sold my home and moved there. If you have the opportunity to visit Charleston be warned, you'll want become a resident... God Bless.[read more...]

Charleston, SC
Fitting in - 5/15/2009

I love Charleston for its scenery, history, climate, diversity of restaurants, beaches, culture.......but, if you are a foreigner, a transfer, that good old Southern hospitality is only for show. It is very hard to fit in to Charleston if you are not born and bred here. So, be a visitor, a tourist, have a winter home here, but don't plan on living/working here full time.[read more...]

Charleston, SC
Weather - 4/13/2009

Mild winter and hot, humid summer.....spring and fall are the shortest and most pleasent seasons[read more...]

Charleston, SC
Charleston's Charm - 3/30/2009

Charleston is a city rich in history, culture, and beauty. From the cobblestone streets to the steepled skyline this southern city is full of charm. Visit the spoleto festival, take a carriage ride by the battery, or tour many of the historic landmarks ~ but don't pass on the opportunity to vacation in Charleston, SC.[read more...]

Strongsville, OH
A Healthier Climate? - 2/21/2009

We are considering relocating to SC from Cleveland OH. My physician told me that living in a more moderate climate would mean fewer sinus infections for me. Have any of you moved to SC from the north and noticed an improvement in your health? Is there a cold and flu season in SC?[read more...]

Charleston, SC
this places sucks big time - 1/28/2009

unless you have gobbs of money southerners love money not the person who has it but it makes you more tolerable to them--its 20 years behind most of the rest of the country in every way--if your a racist you will love it herethe same or better --this isa the most overrated state ever-they are lucky god made it so beautiful but i can still think of w/o the insult of being reminded im a yankee, just being a fellow american doesnt quite cut it--if your gay dont come here to live. dont kid yourself the african americans are just as racist as the caucasions.[read more...]

Boynton Beach, FL
I am thinking of relocating to Charleston - 10/28/2008

I have lived in south Florida for the past 4 years and while I love the climate the cost of living is very high and the people very rude. I took an early retirement 4 years ago and have a pension but need to have a small job to supplement my income. Also, I am single. My question? Is this a good place for an attractive middle-aged woman who has not given up on men to live? I am originally from the midwest, so my attitudes are not as conservative as those in the deep south. I have read reviews that said the people are backward and my question is, HOW backward? Can someone give me some examples? I would appreciate any advice I can get.[read more...]

North Charleston, SC
Employment - 8/27/2008

Charleston, has very little progression and it is not a place for Women and Minorities to obtain success in their career.[read more...]

Mount Pleasant, SC
Bigger City Opportunities, Smaller City Feel - 7/22/2008

I have lived in Charleston for over 23 years and the best part of living here is Charleston has a full range of activities and choices you would find in a bigger city but with a smaller town feel. The people here are true Southern Charm and are quick to respond to their guest as they would their neighbor. The Tri-city area that is referred to as Charleston has a place for every income level or family type. There are activities from the cultural Charleston Symphony to the local bands downtown. There are professional golf tournaments and amateur tournaments. We have the historic district and many plantations, forts and museums. You can taste Charleston in the finest restaurants or at small restaurants with local appeal. The best attraction is you can do all this and be comfortable and not pushed by a big city environment.[read more...]

Charleston, SC
Great art, history, theatre, outdoor activities - 4/15/2008

Charleston has a number of cultural activities and events that will please most anyone. Annully the city hosts Spoleto Arts Festival. In addition the city has a large number of outstanding reataurants. The opportunity to enjoy great seafood is good. With the ocean, rivers and a large lake an hour away, water sports and fishing are excellent.[read more...]

Charleston, SC
A Great American City... - 3/7/2008

Charleston is a city rich in history and charm. Outstanding restaurants, endless shopping, and cultural attractions abound in this peninsular city. I would encourage those who enjoy unique destinations to visit Charleston, SC.[read more...]

Ladson, SC
nice to visit but not to live - 3/3/2008

The good ole boys are very sexist and racist. If you get raped or suffer from domestic violence, the police will tell you that you are the one who did wrong... You should lose weight, dress more sexy, don't go out at night, don't get tattoos as women with tatttoes are soiled doves. We just legalized tattoes and became a free pour alcohol state. They have lots of land but won't let people have decent houses b/c they don't want people moving here. The humidity is a sauna and we are #2 on murder under Washington DC and #6 for domestic violence.[read more...]

Charleston, SC
Culture - 2/10/2008

Charleston is a lovely historic city. The preservation of the architecture is important to the city and the inhabitants, and this has created a downtown that is both fun to visit and a wonderful place to live. Against the backdrop of this city is a beautiful harbor, one of the oldest colleges in the country and an international arts festival, Spoleto, which brings people from all over the world. Unfortunately, the beautiful houses and warm winters have brought many newcomers with a lot more money than locals. So the fabric of downtown has changed, since many homes in the historic district are no longer owned and lived in by native South Carolinians. But, all things do change, and that change hasn't cost Charleston to lose its beauty or soul.[read more...]

Framingham, MA
Looking to relocate and need real estate advice - 10/20/2007

My wife and I are looking to relocate to the Charleston area. The Mount Pleasant area seems really nice with good schools but might be a bit too expensive. Any ideas on a town in the area that is up and coming? Maybe the "next" Mount Pleasant"? Thanks![read more...]

De Pere, WI
Just Visit .... Don't Live Here unless you want to - 8/22/2007

Ah Charleston. You tricky city. You are beautiful, fairly inexpensive to vacation, and have both modern and historical ammenities. But if you are looking to relocate here WAIT! Read this posting and the posting by Brian to get the REAL story. I very briefly relocated to Charleston. I had visited the city several times and was given the impression that it was a very affordable place to live. What I learned is I can live in Charleston if I want to only make an average of $20,000 a year to a job that back home I made $45,000. That was of course if I could find a job. I was in Charleston for over 6 months and applied to over 90 positions and heard from only three employers that took a very long time to get back to you, and then only to offer a salary that wouldn't be even half enough you would need to accomodate the skyrocketing real estate prices there. Do not be fooled--- you do not need to be in an upper class neighboorhood, live downtown, or live by the beach to have soaring rent/real estate prices in Charleston. As Brian said in his post, there is no room for middle class in Charleston, you are either very poor and live in a bad neighboorhood(and yes, there are many) or you are struggling to make ends meet and have to reside with 3 roommates. Please, if you are over 30 years old like I am that roommate thing is not enticing. Average home price in Charleston = $250,00+ to START(and it gets terribly worse from there). Rent for a decent place start at about $750/$800 for a tiny 700 sq ft one bedroom apartment, no utilities included. If you think you may want to rent a home or townhouse, 2 bdrms begin at about $1200/month. When most jobs there only pay $10/hr (for pretty demanding positions) how can you possibly do it? What I learned in Charleston is there is three categories: A. You come from old money B. You are a student receiving help from parents and most likely have roommates C. You are retired and don't have to worry about finding a job. If you are none of the above and do not have an already outstanding paying job....good luck. If you think you are alone in hoping Charleston was a great relocation spot, think again. Everyone is flocking there with the same bird-brained idea I had which is really hurting chances of finding a job as there is much competiton. People only arrive to find sticker shock on everything from their car insurance raising and again especially real estate. Crime is pretty bad there and without a doubt stay away[read more...]

Charleston, SC
Cost of Living Extreme - 8/12/2007

I've lived in Mount Pleasant / Charleston Area for 2 years now, and the cost of rent / homes continues to amaze me. When you compare what the average citizen makes versus what the average cost of rent or home ownership is, it seems impossible for an average person making an average income to live here, and in fact it is impossible. I do not recommend the Charleston area unless you make a pretty good living, a person making 30 - 40k or below a year will feel like they are making 19K as compared to the average cost of living across the United States. Charleston is a city full of Rich and Poor, there is not a stable middle class. Research and think long and hard before making a decision to move to Charleston, the "Lowcountry Lifestyle" and beach are not so attractive when you wonder how your going to pay rent each month, if you live in a decent neighborhood.[read more...]

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