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Not anymore
Star Rating - 4/19/2018
I think Charleston used to be a wonderful place; 30 years ago.
Now; not so much.
I moved here from the West Coast, and everyone Told me that it would be like going back 100 years. I didn’t believe them, I thought “come on man it’s the 21st-century”! Well, this is a good old boys town, and there is still certainly tension racially, as well as women having no place in business.
I am a musician, and for the first time in my life, I cannot get booked. Everywhere you go, there are men bands, men solo acts, but a small fraction of women performers.
The traffic is horrendous, but no one will do anything about the infrastructure. The developers are hand in hand with the City, as they get the large 500 unit condo projects, and massive housing developments approved with no problems, even with large community disapproval. I am so disappointed in this city.
Lala | Charleston, SC
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I cannot agree more and I’m a native of this once beautiful and truly hospitable city. Charleston has not only been taken over by massive developments, but it has also become a conglomerate disaster of traffic 24/7 with no end in sight!!! You are right about the good ole boy system too!! It’s been that way for way too long! The infrastructure is 20+ years behind!!! Shame on you, Charleston for allowing money to destroy your beautiful charm + hospitality. We are now invaded with rude people and God-awful drivers who have moved here from all over!!! Sincerely, Charleston native (since 1973)
Notso | Mount Pleasant, SC | Report Abuse
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