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Horrible place to live
After living in Ft Collins CO, Casper is truly a dump. I looked for a house for 12 months and for what you pay Casper housing is like low income housing in your average city. 75% of Caspers neighborhoods look like low income housing. The majority of residents have no pride of ownership. Many yards have no grass but weeds, people trash their property with junk. I realize this is not nice to say but the majority of Casper neighborhoods are like white trash. And it's expensive. Housing prices are high in Casper especially for what you get. Looks like at one time Casper boomed and all that was built was cheap box houses. The side walks in Casper are in terrible shape. The city must of used poor concrete at one time as the majority of the residential side walks are heavily cracked and crumbling. Caspers problem is several areas of town is built on a clay/dirt composite and it shifts a lot so beware of foundations if you buy. The wind blows 25+ mph on a average most days and in the winter 3-4 days a week it will blow 40 mph+. Several times on the outer edge of Casper you will get 70+ winds. If you enjoy any kind of outdoor sports avoid Casper at all costs. And Casper does not cater to any kind of outdoor sports except youth sports. I realize I am very critical of Casper but I am writing the truth. If you don't care about outdoor activities and wind you might not mind it. Casper just seems 30 years behind from other places I've lived and that even includes western South Dakota. Casper is the arm pit of Wyoming. Check it out thoroughly before you move there



Casper Weather
As a lifelong resident of Casper, I feel it's only fair to let people know that we do have extreme winds for months on end! Many people are surprised even though they had heard it was windy. Winters can be difficult and if you're not used to the wind, it could very well send you packing. Some stay and others move on because of the wind. I personally like Casper (and I've been all over), but there are down sides just like anyplace. We do have a meth problem here and it seems the paper is littered with one arrest after the other from crimes associated with meth use and distribution. Oh, and if you're not a Republican, you wouldn't like Wyoming. It's the most solid Republican state in the union!

Casper is central to the state and has many fine qualities. It is an oil town but is diversifying and tourism is now a significant industry here. Housing is a bit hard to find unless you can afford to buy. There are new apt. complexes going up all the time though. It's certainly a unique place to live & work.



Sunshine and wind
If you love sunshine almost everyday you'll love Casper however the intense wind that we experience as weather fronts roll through can be difficult to adjust to for many.



The people are very rude up here but there education is great up here compared where I lived in texas. It is a gorgeous and i would not stop you from moving here but the people will probably drive you crazy. I have lived here for two years and cannot stand most people but do not let that stop you it is to gorgeous up here and there is schools that give out great education. For example, Dick Cheney graduated from my high school and many other famous people.



what are the apartment rates looking like these days?? cause i'm soon to be 19 an looking for a place in WY to start fresh at. i've heard good an bad things about casper, but what town doesn't have it's good an bad. i need to find a cheap apartment for a single person, an i'm also will be looking for a ranch i could possible look into for work at. so if someone could please give some info that would be great!!



living in Casper
It is a small town easy to navigate. Its more suitable to Caucasians with interest in skiing and hunting.



Casper WY.
Casper is a great place to live, it has beautiful mountains, great mountain views and lot's of beautiful ranches. However, the winters here are so cold. High winds, sub zero temperatures, and where I live (on a ranch) during the summer, there are a lot of moquitos. Casper has great jobs, and great properties. It has shopping centers and everything. Winter weather starts really early, like in September. Casper also has great ski places, and you're close to Yellowstone.



Casper Culture
I come across this article and I just had to comment.
May be some of it is true when it comes to the wheather, statistics, but I will have to disagree about how freindly the poeple of casper are may be with each other but most definitely not to outsiders unless you mean (people from other states) but if you are from another country as my self (Italy) them good luck for everything you do, I have been looking for a job here for almost 3 months there is opportunities out there but unfortunately they are just not hiring foreing which is very sad but that is the real casper .



Hub of Wyoming
Casper is a nice town. The people are friendly for the most part and are very accepting of outsiders. They do not care where you are from as long as you work hard and don't have a bad attitude. The cost of living is reasonable and there are decent jobs to be had, although the majority of them are mining-related. The town has lots of big box stores and a very nice mall (one of only three in the state). Casper is the "big city" of Wyoming and so many events happen there. There are lots of outdoor activities as well. There is small ski resort on Casper Mountain, camping is available there, fishing on the Platte River, and there are some reservoirs nearby where you can have motorboats. Hunting is also readily available, especially for antelope and deer. The only negatives:
* Long, cold winters
* Very windy (not uncommon to have 60mph+ for days at a time)
* Not a good singles scene, particularly for men (many more men than women, this is all over Wyoming)
* Isolated (aside from Glenrock (approx. 25 miles away, pop. 2,371)and Douglas (approx 50 miles way pop. 5,675)it is a minimum of 1.5 to 2 hours to other towns. The next closest city is Cheyenne at about 175 miles away.
The only reason I left was due to a lay-off.



ez living
dirt cheap to live here



Our educaton and Health should be looked at.
We need more money in out housing, education for the children and adults and our most importatn to our health. We need some kind of program to always get taken care of. We have to grow with our children so we should have medical. What do you all thik about that? Education is important, and try to get more security for cutting school. Kids don't need to be drinking, doing drugs, they need to thisnk about their future, cause you know we won't be there that long so we need to teach the kids to take care of their selves. Housing we have so much homeless people in California I am from california and now I am here in casper, Wyoming, so Just think who would be the best President and Vote Vote for the schools while your at it. Well have a great week and God Bless each one of us. I hope everything is well.



Living in Casper
I have been here for over 8 years. I have a good job and have been with it long enough that I am locked in financially and cannot move now. I will be the ONLY person here who will give you the straight facts. Casper is a rude city to live in. The cowboy mentality pretty much means mannerless, ignorant,and self-centered and you will find it without looking, anywhere you go here. The nicest most intelligent people you will meet here were born and raised elsewhere. The meth problem is big and hits the papers weekly. The clean air and open spaces are deceptive since the breast cancer rate per capita here is high. Must be something in all the chemicals and minerals here in the ground. If you move here you would do well to love extremely windy days (40+) because it blows like that 3 to 5 days out of the week. Doesn't matter if it's winter, or summer, it BLOWS..We are constantly chastised for telling people that but why lie to someone about a real issue?? Property sales and rentals are unreasonably high. Average rental for a tiny 60 year old 2 bedroom house is $750, with no frills, and rentals are hard to find here. Development is rampant and the population here in October of 2008 is over 70,000, not the 50,000 everyone else is telling you. We recently got a new hospital on the east side of the city which is a great thing because the health care here in town leaves a lot to be desired and the competition the old one will get now, might make them try a little harder. Need a dentist? You will wait a month to get in so it better not be an emergency. Not much for families to do here strangely enough, even with this kind of a population, no rec centers or the like so basically all they do is load up the families and spend their entire day shopping at WalMart. There are a lot of jobs here in every catagory you could search and I have never lived in a place where so many people just don't want to work, or don't want to stay at a job for more than a few weeks. The weather is not bad. The winters are not that cold except for a few odd weeks. Most of the people here who think it is cold have no reference since they haven't lived elsewhere. 32 degrees in February is not an arctic chill..Move here if you dare-enjoy it if you can. More power to ya...



Big, Wonderful Wyoming!
Casper is a very nice town to live in. It is big enough to have most of what you need and be self-sustaining yet it has a small town feel. The people there are some of the nicest, most genuine people you will ever meet. It is a very working class town and people don't care if you come from out of state, as long as you are a hard worker. I have found this town to be very accepting, contrary to the popular stereotype of Wyoming. The school system here is wonderful as well. Even though there are over 50,000 people, you can still see antelope and deer in the parks and golf courses. Wonderful place to live, I only left due to a job opportunity I couldn't refuse.

*If you are planning a move to Casper (and most of Wyoming) be sure to look for housing as soon as possible. It is tough to find! Also remember that the wind blows nearly non-stop in the winter and highways and interstates close at the drop of a hat.



Great Place
Casper is an underrated place to live. People seem to scoff at the idea of living here because it is Wyoming and because it is not pretty, there are no huge mountains nearby. For those of you who like a little more than scenary in life, Casper is for you. This is not to say that the scenary here is not pretty, there are some smaller mountains within minutes of town, but it is no Jackson. People move here because they are looking for gainful employment, not because it has pretty mountains or a big beautiful lake nearby to look at. There are a couple of reservoirs nearby though. This is not a town full of LA transplants who leave their hometown just to change a new town into a mini-LA. Casper has any store that you need with the exception of any major bookstore. If you do not need to have every store under the sun, Casper is for you. Casper is in a high desert so that means that both extremes of temperatures are reached, including some of the worst blizzards that can be seen. If you can deal with that, Casper is for you. Even though the population is over 50,000 with the surrounding areas, it has a small town feel. The people here are very friendly and open-minded, contrary to the popular belief of what Wyoming people are like. If you like genuine people and you yourself are that way, Casper is for you. Even though there is a lot of money here with the mining, most of the people here are blue collar, therefore, they know what it is like to work for a living. In short, if you are willing to put up with extremes of weather, you do not need stunning scenary, and you work for a living, you will be accepted in this town. If not, do yourself and everyone a favor and stay out. I'm sure Jackson will accept you.



casper winters & misc.
Casper winter starts in early Nov. although it is common to have snow as early as mid-late Sept. The biggest thing to get use to is the wind. The temp may be in the 40's in Jan but the wind can be 30-40 mph for a week straight. The city is about 50k people and is growing fast. House rentals are hard to find but there are still homes from 150k. Most of the new construction is 200k to 300k and up. Positives are good fishing nearby. Platte river has good trout fishing. Lakes within 30 min. Pretty good medical facilities. Denver, Co. is only 4 hrs away. Hope that helps.


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