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I am black, my husband is white; all I've ever wanted to do is visit the lakes and mountains of Montana. I am wondering how likely it is to be accepted there in terms of jobs (going for PA), friends, schools, etc. I know Montana has a very low population of black people, so it's not too farfetched to estimate that most won't know what to think of me. Thanks in advance, for anyone who can answer.



Naples, Florida
Need a change of scene. Naples is far south--takes a long time to get out of Florida if driving.



From Maine to Montana
I have always wanted to come to Montana , now that my husband an I are in our 40's,We now want to travel. We have live here in Maine most of our life. My husband is a Manger for 15 years for Battery & Tire Warehouse, He's been with the company for 17 years. We own our home here in Maine.We are laid back married couple love the country setting,fishing,camping,4 wheeling,the door life,no bar life So my questions are. Whats the best Town to maybe open a business (Battery & Tire)Garage for my husband ,but a house in the country.



Relocating to Montana just not sure what town to p
My husband and I are in our 30's and have 4 children. We live in a small eastern oregon town less than 8,000 people. So there is not much to do. We do have the great outdoors however and we fish, hike, go boating, ride our horses and stay active however we can. We are simple people who enjoy the small town lifestyle. We don't mind a town that does not offer the night life and bar scene. We are friendly and outgoing but like people who are also comfy with the small town atmoshere kinda "red necky" but not like a Foxworthy. We enjoy our children and want them to have good schools and sports programs. Getting mixed signals on Kalispell but all in all we like what the town offers. We have never been there but we will do a pre-screen of the towns before we move this spring. We want more sun that clouds and we have huge winters with lots of snow now so I don't think we will mind.



Montana is the Best Last Place
This state has got to be the greatest in the Union. Why? For me the #1 reason is the quality of life. The people in Montana are a kind and hospitable bunch. My husband and I have transferred all over the US because of his job, our last relocation being from Seattle to Montana. I hope we never ever leave this beautiful place and the warm hearted people who live here.



Max tax rate wrong
Max tax rate in Montana is 6.9%, not 10%. But, no sales tax. Nice when you buy a car!



too cold
i hate snow



voter registration
Montana does not register voters by party. One simply registers to vote. In primary elections, voters are given ballots with all candidates from all parties. The voter then choses one party and votes for his candidates in that party. This is a result of early an early 20th century election where there was a turnout of about 107% and there was no secret balloting.



Whoo Hoo!
I chose to live in Montana for a number of reasons - First choice would be Alaska but I am still unable to make it up there so I guess for now I will have to settle on Montana. I have lived in many states and Montana is a perfect spot for me because I love my freedom and space to go explore without running into crowds of people - Which I absolutly hate.



changing fast
I was born and raised here and it has been "discovered". In the sad tradition of Aspen and Lake Tahoe, that which once brought people here is being destroyed by those who came. An ineffective zoning and growth plan has lead to sprawl in all directions. The cost of living here far exceeds what the wages here can support and those at or below poverty, most of whom were natives, is increasing. Million dollar trophy homes are going up all over with owners that come by for a couple weeks of the year, otherwise they simply raise the taxes on the populace they moved in on. There is no place more beautiful in the summer nor more gloomy and gray in the winter. Weather extremes are common. Air quality is much poorer that most would have suspected in the high mountains unless you are familiar with the term "inversion". Growth is also taking a heavy toll on water quality.

The northwest area of Montana has held the highest fatality rate on the state highways for some time now and Montana has one of the highest alcohol related crash stats in the nation. The beer consumed per capita is also among the highest. Montana is appealing to many as a place to live where there is more freedom to make choices but those choices come at a very high price. The heavy injury/fatal crash stats and the lack of a primary seatbelt law contribute to the high auto insurance rates. A large portion of the motorists have no insurance as they cannot afford it due to high rates and low wages. It essentially ends up with those who have insurance "subsidizing" that freedom of choice and those who choose to go without insurance.

Montana has a very highly publicized anti-Meth campaign. Many western region states are looking to incorporate the campaign into their state's anti-drug efforts. Think first--the campaign began here for a reason--meth (and clandestine labs) are not the only drug problem.

While the wages are low the common response by employers is "that is the price for living in such a beautiful place"; however, you can't eat scenery and increasing the profit margin by paying wages that keep others in the poverty level of income is a glaring comment on the morality and ethical nature of the new-comers. I would gladly welcome an increase in population that is dedicated to preserving what is left and holding themselves to a higher standard of ethics, both economically and environmentally.



Western Montana has been an excellent place to raise my three sons. The mountains, and rivers are their amusement park. However, in the 17 years we've been here, it is becoming more congested. I guess there is no escaping progress. A great place to raise a family, albeit make sure you have a good job BEFORE you get here. Good Luck.



Can anyone tell me about the living conditions in Saco Montana? Thanks



Best of the West
Outstanding state for healthy living...



lots of mountains and open space, its pretty beautiful!


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