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Relocating to Montana just not sure what town to p
Star Rating - 2/8/2010
My husband and I are in our 30's and have 4 children. We live in a small eastern oregon town less than 8,000 people. So there is not much to do. We do have the great outdoors however and we fish, hike, go boating, ride our horses and stay active however we can. We are simple people who enjoy the small town lifestyle. We don't mind a town that does not offer the night life and bar scene. We are friendly and outgoing but like people who are also comfy with the small town atmoshere kinda "red necky" but not like a Foxworthy. We enjoy our children and want them to have good schools and sports programs. Getting mixed signals on Kalispell but all in all we like what the town offers. We have never been there but we will do a pre-screen of the towns before we move this spring. We want more sun that clouds and we have huge winters with lots of snow now so I don't think we will mind.
Roka | Sumpter, OR
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I was so happy to read this reveiw. My family of three kids, myself and husband are wanting a change in our life and looking to relocate. And small world we are from LaGrande!. We are just not sure where we want to settle yet. Any input would be GREAT!!! THANK YOU
Adrienne | La Grande, OR | Report Abuse
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