Not a good place to live.

Star Rating 7/2/2006
I recently moved to Fayetteville for a job thinking I could deal with living in a military town - I was wrong. And if you are a single male, you probably do not want to move here either. To my surprise there isn't too much to do when compared to Akron, Ohio. You may find a few movie theaters or bars here and there, but nothing special. There are a lot of chain restaurants and a pretty large shopping area for the size of the city. There seems to be a lack of culture and a bit of tension in this town. I always feel the need to travel out of the city to meet the people I want to meet or do the things I do. The next closest cities are Raleigh, which is about 70 miles, and Wilmington which is about 100 miles. The crime rate seems to be pretty high for the size of the city and driving in this town is pretty dangerous and confusing near Fort Bragg. I would never settle down or raise my kids in this town because there are a lot of gangs and druggies. And if you must live here do research and make sure you live in a safe neighborhood because there aren't too many in this town.



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