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Star Rating 12/20/2010
Chicago is a dynamic "on the move city" which most recognize soon after they arrive. Metropolitan Chicago sometimes referred to as the crossroads of the nation is an Alpha Class World City(the U.S. has two others NYC & LA). Metro Chicago is a very culturally diverse area with people and cuisine from all areas of the world and the United States. Even so, Chicago still has a real 'heart of the nation' and 'down to earth' friendly feel. The core focal point of the Metro area, The City of Chicago, has a beautiful Lake Michigan lakefront setting with adjacent parks, open space. beaches and boat harbors. A stunningly scenic Lake Shore Drive runs for about 15 miles alongside Lake Michigan thru the heart of the city. Most interesting of all, Chicago has an architecturally dazzling downtown area and it is considered to be one of the three most aesthetically impressive skylines in the world(1. Hong Kong & 2.NYC). Along with this, Chicago probably has the most significant and diverse architecture of any city in the world. An asset of almost incalculable value: Metropolitan Chicago has an effective railway mass transit system which including CTA, METRA & SSL is about 700 miles of commuter rail. Then, the Gross Domestic Product of Metropolitan Chicago in term of value is 4th of all metro ares in the world. These are some of the reasons why Chicago has world class attractions, it is an Alpha class world city by definition. When compared with the few cities of comparable stature and amenities, Chicago probably has a lower cost of living than most if not all. As far as the weather, very few locales have an ideal 4 seasons, most seem too cold in the winter or seem too hot in the summer or too hot and too humid in the summer. Of course, Chicago still has its share of faults and problems and issues, but what metro area of 10 million does not?



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