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 Kat Sekerak
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To be honest I have been here just short of a year. But there is sooo much traffic,even in the suburbs. And this is the only city I have ever had men flip me off for not moving my car fast enough out of their way or even calling out,"Are you f---ing stupid or what?" for not seeing their SUV come at me while I was walking across a parking lot to a store. I love hiking and know how to bundle up and layer but the cold and wind is truly forcing me to stay indoors for most of the winter as it blows right through everything you wear. The housing is very expensive as is the cost-of-living. I came from another city but was so surprised to find so little green space here and such an abundance of shops, strip malls and more shops. And there is more light pollution in the suburbs than I've seen in any other city. My friend says to give it time but he also says he is out of here in 2 1/2 years when is medical residency is up.



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I am sorry you had a bad experience, you probably crossed paths with some lout who was having a bad day, a worse day than usual. Unhappy people have lots of bad days. Remember you are living in a huge metro area which covers at least 2500 square miles and has a population of 10 million. There is a lot of "green space" if you know where to look. Go to google maps and just study the Chicago area maps to become oriented to the metro area. Look for the Forest Preserves. Do not go solo to any out of the way areas. As for the cold, the layering is a good idea and here are some more ideas: Go online or to the right store and find yourself a really good pair(top & bottom) of women's thermal underwear. Start with a couple of men's tee shirts in your size then put on the thermal top over those and one or two pair of thermal bottoms and then layer yourself up from there. A wool shirt and wool pants help stop the wind. Use some king of wind-stop or wind-breaker material also, if you need. Use really warm mittens...they're warmer than gloves. If neccessary get a real winter hat with ear flaps, you must stop the cold wind from blowing in your ears. Just another month or so and it will slowly start to warm-up. By the Ides of March, it won't be too bad! Then think of all the fun you can have at all the summer festivals in Chicago.



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