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I'm surprised to hear that I'm ignorant. Just like a typical liberal, you believe everything that you read. Yes, this site says that "Austin" leans toward the democrated side. But as informed as you are you know that Austin also includes the surrounding areas ( Round rock, Leander, Cedar Park...) that are overwelmingly conservative, that's over 60% republican. But I'm sure you knew that being the intellectual that you are. I have no problems with democrates as long as they don't try to convert Austin to what they made of California and New York. They should just except Texas for what it is an live peacfully. This is a great place to raise children and I like the fact that when my children get off in December it's called Christmas Break and not winter break. I like when people say Merry Christmas and not happy holiday. This is why I live here and I hope it doesn't change. If that makes me ingnorant, then I guess I am.



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gop voters votes against the best interest of the middle class... Most gop voters are not evil, they are just fools.



linus k.

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mr. mike......most of the "liberals " i met while liveing in austin I have met were either locals or refuges from the rest of dark red texas....whats wrong with giveing people who feel as persecuted or uncomfterbal with there political order at little island of blue and red? the republicans in washington and oregon have there island citys of spokane and bend...california has citys like fresno and barstow...possibley san diego from what I observed...but then again allof southern cali seems extreme in one way or another to me...louisina has shrevesport and texricana colorada has greeley while "leftist (like in the "right" there's alot of divergence between all the factions...unlike the g.o.p there not nearly as organized) have missoula,mt bloomington,indiana fayetvill,ak norman oklahoma st. augistine florida, boulder colorado (colorado is the ultimate "keystone" state of red/blue divides, and divisions within the factions) and...austin texas I'm not a democrat or republican...I agree and disaggree with both sides on certain issues I belive in local controlled govermet=nt at the city level (as opposed to the state or federal level)...fiscal responsability, respect for life and humanity and freedom against political correctness...this isint a political fourm what I'm trying to say is not all dems want to move to taxifornia and not all republicans want to move to utah...let them have there islands....otherwise....well I wont go there as for austin it's self AWSOME town...I was working as an exterminator at the time in the summer of 05 the culture,the music,the freedom to be who you are because there are billion people far freakyer then you was beautiful I cam back on a busness meeting last january and i think it might have the same problem as many parts of much publicity causes many people to move...makeing employment dicyer then it already is (considering the SIZEABLE population of cheap illegals) driveing up the cost of liveing and running a bar/venur...putting stress on the public transportation system...creating sprawl...and other things...however i dont think it'll be as bad as seatttle for a few years and hopefully I'm wrong



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