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 Doyle McCullough
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Star Rating 3/5/2010
I moved to the Phoenix metro area 36 years ago to get out of the winter cold and summer humidity. I have visited all but 2 states and lived in 10 of them and it would be difficult to coax me to any other state. The summers are hot, but that is about the only weather we get to complain about. On our worst day of the year you will find us at 9 p.m. sitting by our pool and complaining about how hot it was. Up north, on their worst day of the year they are trying to keep their pipes from freezing. Even in the heat of the summer, the humidity is usually low, often single digits, and the days are more comfortable than most 85 degree days in the midwest where I grew up. Arizona is a huge state, and once out of the Phoenix metro-area, there are many open roads and fabulously beautiful areas to explore. And now, due to the housing prices decreasing, homes are very affordable and interest rates are low. The Phoenix area has all of the major professional sports as well as major college sports available locally. Come and enjoy the beauty.



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