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You’d be wise to avoid moving here.
I moved from a major metro to Phoenix and lived in various areas of the Valley for over 10 years. Moving to Arizona is something I’ll regret for the rest of my life. Life in AZ never felt “normal” to me. Please do your homework and see what this place is about before moving there.

I felt so unsafe even living in a very “safe” and highly rated community. We had our car vandalized several times and many things stolen from us. In Phoenix we had a guy clearly high on something attempting to enter our condo. It’s scary when you witness a murder sitting at a traffic light and see crime scenes regularly commuting to/from work. I have way more stories of things happening personally or to to someone I know. Much of the Valley is overrun with crime and criminals.

Education is of zero importance in Arizona. The recent teacher walkouts are the latest evidence of a broken education system. Arizona ranks very low in K-12 education. The majority of the people that live there are very unintelligent and the young people are not able to hold a conversation or make eye contact for long. It’s very sad. Most young people have no ambition here and are content working dead-end jobs.

Speaking of jobs, Arizona is the epicenter of low paying service jobs. Walmart is the number 2 employer in the state. Just know whether you move there on a job transfer or find work after you relocate there, you have an extremely high probability of being laid off. This order of the day in this place and I know many, many who fell on hard times moving here and then getting blindsided by a layoff. Pay is a joke and much lower than many other states.

The people here are some of the rudest you will ever have the misfortune of dealing with. From driving to grocery shopping, expect to have your patience tested daily. Most of my neighbors ignored me when I waved or attempted to speak. Don’t expect many friendly smiles or greetings here. People seem to be angry, bitter, and hateful. Many crabs in a barrel who cannot stand to see someone do better than them. The people and their attitudes was one of the worst parts of living there for me.

I got out of Arizona. My last month there I was terrified of driving on the freeway due to the nearly daily wrong way driving incidents and accidents there, I was scared to go for a walk because pedestrians were (and still are as I write this) being run over and killed in alarming numbers there.

The Valley is truly a fool’s paradise. I have been mentally scarred living there. I find it hard to trust people, as many there are users. I finally had enough of the sky high water and electric bills, crime, heat, etc. I’m living in a city now where there’s water, trees, green grass, and clear skies/clean air. The people here smile, wave, and genuinely want to help you and make you feel welcomed. I can spend summer outdoors again instead of dodging 90+ degree heat from April through the end of November—spending months indoors with the curtains and blinds closed.

If you are being lured to AZ with the promise of “dry heat”, mild winters, 300+ days of sunshine, I’d urge you to do your due diligence and visit during summer and read up on living there. You’ve been warned. Many people are leaving and many more would move if they could—it’s easy to get stuck there and to be miserable. I’m working on putting such a horrible experience behind me. I wish I’d never moved there and I never wish to even visit Arizona again.



If I Had One Wish......
I would wish I was a goldfish who would ride a unicycle with his fins and pop bubblegum that becomes bread for the homeless or something...... But really, no pun intended, if i had stayed homeless here for more than a year and not had any friends somewhere in the world, what reasons could I give for rating this place a 5 star?? I love it here, considering the overall situation......



Another Update, 1 Star Lost
Really, living in Phoenix is a sobering reality for myself and many others. It all depends on levels of tolerance among other things. From my other reviews, yes, I tend to ignore a lot of the bad but that's for mental health and sanity reasons.....

Another great source I've found even though misspellings and generalizations may abound, it's fairly sound and it's called Phoenix AZ. I go there often and it helps me stay sane with the way the heat is and to never get too optimistic lol



Finally Free from Arizona
I lived in Phoenix for over 13 years, my husband was born and raised in Buckey. I agree with everything said that has to do with the negative, and only agree with a couple of positive comments. But let's not forget this: 1. Brown, beige, can't escape the color in the land, housing, shopping centers. There is NO color. Everything place the same. 2. Dry. Your skin literally begins to crack, and your eyes dry out easily. I would wake up with nose bleeds every day in the winter. 3. Dry EXCEPT, the months with Humidity. Someone says there's not that much, but when it's 100+ degrees and the Monsoons are going for 3 months, the humidity is staggering. I live in Florida, believe me, I know. 4. No water. There are drought conditions. Where is the water going to come from? What future is there for water in Arizona overall?? 5. I'm going to reiterate the issue with pollution. The smog is so bad that if you work in downtown Phoenix, you may start experiencing breathing problems or allergies. 6. Which brings me to allergies. It used to be if you had them, you moved to the desert, but Phoenix has added so many invasive trees, that allergies are actually worse for some who move there. 7. Influx of Californians. They can't afford CA, so they're moving to AZ. Think about that future folks. 8. Zero lot lines. You buy a new house and it's literally within 10 feet of your next door neighbor. 9. No grass on your property unless you're live in an older community where it's not banned. 10. Scorpions and termites. Yup, they're a huge issue with all the building being done more and more in the outskirts. We never did get rid of the termites. 11. Education - I know, this has been discussed before, but it's only getting worse. 12. Traffic. And it will only get worse with all the Californians moving there (not that I'm dissing Californians.)

The only thing I disagree with here is the lack of jobs. It depends on what you do for a living. I am a contractor and found it very easy to find work at a good rate. Here are some other good things about the greater Phoenix area: Good shopping and restaurant choices; the Mexican food is so good. Hmm, I guess that's it.



Extension of first review
Now, I'm really not a wh#!$ for likes (I rarely use Facebook or Twitter or Instagram), i do feel its my duty to provide more clarity for why I feel how I do about this city, state, and job corps. Oh, and I'm going to be taking more English and Communication classes in a week upon starting college so I don't mind writing a bunch:)

What exactly made the job corps in Phoenix bad?
Kids stealing at every possible opportunity.
Crude jokes, inappropriate jokes, the gaming time they had was more important than learning
3) Kids breaking into lockers and overall the whole place is a big childish calamity that I'd hoped would set me on a good path and get me off the street. It did neither.
4) Very unfriendly uncaring staff, after 7 months waiting time to be onboarded.

Lastly, Arizona as a state:

Not perfect by any means, but what is? I've been thinking I would take los Angeles job corps any day since it's a lot rougher and kids would therefore behave better et cetera.... If I were to take a second chance at it.

2) You'll notice chemtrails and contrails weekly but that's that. Luke AFB far on the west side go figures.
3) People here and services will help you out if you make the most of them, be serious about your goals, and if you help homeless people sometimes I know not to bring them in if anyone they know does drugs. The heat is wicked for them but no one should have to put up with drug issues.
4) Being from a small town it really does feel like an amalgamation of several medium sized towns and that's always a plus! Visit the parks, libraries, museums, nature, it's lit in Phoenix.

I'll update at a light frequency but not if I don't have anything good to say. I want to keep it real with people who come to Sperlings. Thanks.



Revising 2nd segment of last review
I wanted to quick apologize to anyone that may have been rightly upset or offended by my smack talk about other places in the US that honestly I haven't been but just heard from various friends living experiences, wages, etc, in Jersey. It's not my rightful place to condescend on places I have not been before, so I hope you'll accept my apology if you get to that spot of former review. Thank you. Here is what I was referring to:

"And the last thing I would mention is the weather here is almost one of a kind too! Some peers from High School became homeless at one time and travel coast to coast but they always remark how they were thrilled to be back in AZ because of the freezing temps out east in fall. All in all, if people think things are terrible of terrible here you haven't been to Southern Cali and you sure don't want to. To have life better than life here you need to either go to Colorado, maybe Texas, or some slimy places like New Jersey or NYC. Just find what works for you and God Bless!"

Finally, even though much of my last review was my outlook on things in Arizona as a homeless person which I was 18-21, and I could be back to it if I lose the housing I'm in, what would I have said about the state before going to the streets and being kicked out at 18?

-Coming from a small town Mormon community, St David, in southeastern Arizona (I do not associate as a Mormon btw), there was very limited contact and socializing with the people in the town so it felt like a segmented community if you weren't like everyone else. Drugs, homelessness, and other things like that seemed to tear up the community in obvious ways, even 7 miles out in Benson. Cochise County? Lol, don't make me go there.....

2) My parents who were are now retiring from being a nurse and army instructor, cousins are going off to military, and people dear to me like my grandmother pass away so it serves limited purpose returning from where I am in Phoenix area.

3) There are basically 3 types of people who take up Arizona: Those who are either retiring, joining the military so they can get out of state and see other places, or those like me who haven't known anything else and just want to do better with our lives. Sure, color may or may not be a thing, but at the very core of why people come to this state is those 3 reasons. Oh, and a fourth? Those who want to compare it to other places, trash talk, and visit and trash talk about all the problems. If I was to be as honest as I'll ever be about Phoenix area, since this is a listing about Phoenix, I think you need only cover the specifics and not focus too much on the extraneous. What do I mean?

1) Weather is of course great throughout fall, winter, and spring though somewhat high
2) You may or may not run into all kinds of wildlife depending on the area you choose. Scorpions, bedbugs, yada yada. What hasn't been said before?
3) People are quite a variety, for bad, better, or worse. Some come to take on gangster life, some come to be anonymous (that works, me included), some come just to start over (also myself), some come because there simply aren't a great many places otherwise in the states without some kind of disaster. So yes, peace is a draw!!
4) Sunsets are quite a sight to behold at the right time under the right conditions. Enough said. And the sports teams could be worse but they are what they are and some people go crazy over them or there wouldn't be so many tourists and game highlights, Ok?
5) The education system is what you get as a product of constant tax cuts and not the optimal economy. I get it. But you still have the options of homeschooling, charter schools, or not caring a whole lot and just let the military pay for your child's education.
6) The highway system is pretty well done throughout the Maricopa county and driving I-10 not-congested hours is a scenic cruise of decent proportions. May not compare to coast-side driving in Cali but for Arizona,you get to see Picacho Peak, hiking trails along the I-10, the sunsets (again!), pecan orchards and other kinds of orchards, and fields galore (greener around Tucson by the way)
7) Conclusion: I think Phoenix is a place that can work for anyone just under the right circumstances. You get to choose from a large expansive metro including Scottsdale and other suburbs like Gilbert or Chandler, theme parks, water parks, nice hotels, outdoor activities, community activities, libraries all over, hiking, biking, driving, you can do it all here! I'm an optimist and through any situation if you want better than here but don't know how it would look other places, sure, you can stay and have no regrets. If you know it's not the place for you, nobody's forcing you to stay. We all have reasons for what we do and if you hate it here, that's cool too. I'm writing all of this from my perspective so while it's not all-encompassing from political to socio economic perspectives, I'm 21, I'm sticking to it,even though multiple publications may say Arizona isn't a place for millennials, I'm millennial, so whaddyaknow??? Hope you get the information you're looking for in this post, biased or unbiased, because I believe in good ol experience and I've had mostly good experiences here. Thank you!



Great, If You're Not Racist
here's the thing: phoenix has a lot of mexicans, myself included. some of us are undocumented, some of us are migrant workers, and many are fully documented. if you're a racist weirdo who thinks "the illegals" are the reason the country is deteriorating, this is absolutely not the place for you.

with that being said, i actually really love phoenix. i've been here for 15 years, and central/downtown phoenix is probably my favorite place to live and experience. in my experience, it's substantially safer than other places in the valley (mesa is probably not a great place to be if you're looking for safety) & has a lot to offer people. people tend to be pretty friendly, but not engage you in unwanted conversation, which is the friendly sweet spot for me.

some quick facts:

- a lot of racists. a Lot of racists. there are racist people everywhere. it's wild. phoenix isn't usually as bad as some other, more-conservative states, so the racism tends to be pretty lowkey, but it's still there.

- public transportation is pretty great. we have a grid structure (numbered streets go north and south, and named streets go east and west) and valley metro makes it pretty easy to get where you need to go, especially with the 2050 vision for transportation. that being said, the greater phoenix area is Huge, so "where you need to go" might be an hour and a half on the bus.

- very undercover homophobic. similar to the racism, but way more toned back. i get a lot of comments yelled from cars when i'm walking with my wife, but i haven't been physically assaulted or confronted, which i count as a blessing.

- lots of things to do! first fridays, which is a day where lots of downtown art places open their doors to the public, pulls between 10k-15k people every month, there are unlimited kitschy restaurants and stores, and there are support groups for pretty much everything imaginable. it's a great place to be if you like the hustle and bustle.

overall, if you're not a racist, you'll probably have a decent time here. if you're not white or you're lgbt, you might have some issues, but as a swing state, it's a lot better than many more conservative states. keep your eyes and your ears open, take precautions to make sure you're safe, and you'll almost always be fine.



Am I the only sane one here?
Alright so I am 21 and having been kicked out on the streets and homeless since 18 down in southeastern Arizona, 3 years later I can say I'm glad to have moved to this Central/Northern part of the state for various reasons. One, I had almost no connections, friends, etc from High School in Benson, AZ, and so I wasn't missing out on jack coming up to Phoenix. 2) I found out for myself that Phoenix Job Corps is poop, just don't go there. The "all-ethnicities" kids who are all colors treat it as if "everyone has a right to education but just make sure not to treat anyone new how you'd want to be treated", and since leaving that program I've found that attitude is kinda scattered high and low throughout the city, you just get to pick and choose if you're gonna engage in it or allow others to mess with you. 3) My fondest memories here still stand surprisingly: Getting physical MEPS for the Air Force at the YMCA here in downtown (although military eventually did not become my destination any longer) and everything we did as a small town high school we got to do much richer up in this city called Phoenix. Unlike some of these reviews here like, "I'm conservative, raised southern blah blah here are all the things wrong with Phoenix", I'm here to tell you you don't have to take advice about how life is here from essentially ok another transplant to here who hasn't stayed that long. I'm grown and raised in this state, been homeless in this state, and it's all about the experiences you have and things you do to stay busy and entertained like anywhere else that make your time in Phoenix meaningful. If you were expecting utopia galore and never any problems here, isn't that what finding unicorns and Atlantis



Happy with move to the metro
Many of the reviews on Phoenix are very generalized. The metro includes 4.5 million and huge variety of options across town. Worst part is obvious, the hot weather 4 months a year. Nice time to get away. We moved to the Valley from Minnesota and weather there was frigid at least 4 months a year. Very nice to have 299 sunny days a year! ASU is very dynamic and attracting employers to the area. Education ranking is disappointing but many of those who complain about the low teacher wages compared to California aren't factoring in significantly lower housing costs. Traffic is busy and busier in the winter but that's the story in every major city in the US. People are friendly and interested in starting friendships because like us, came from some place else. A newspaper article stated that most out of state folks come from California, Illinois and New York - all high tax, high cost of living states. We live in Paradise Valley adjacent to Scottsdale and I challenge anyone to come up with a more beautiful small city with as much to do. Previous reviewer mentioned drug problems here. Like traffic, the whole country is suffering from opioid epidemic. It is tragic but not specific to Phoenix. What's also appealing about the state relative to the Midwest is the huge variety of terrain. Drive around and outside the metro and you see mountains and rocks and vegetation of every color. Nice to have friends and family come visit during the milder weather. If you want the place to work for you, it can.



Not that great
I moved from the suburbs of Denver CO to the suburbs of Phoenix AZ 3.5 years ago.

The Pro's:
The housing market is less expensive than Denver, Seattle, Portland OR and any place in California, though it's rapidly getting more expensive.

The weather from November through April is wonderful.

Some major companies have headquarters here such as Intel, Amazon, Discover and more tech companies that I can't think of at the moment.

The Con's:
It is so horribly hot between May through most of October that you run from one indoor location to another and still will sweat profusely.

Most here are so used to being hot that they set their air conditioning at about 85 degrees when it's 118 degrees outside which for me makes it miserable to go to anyone's home.

July and August is the monsoon season resulting in the weather being both hot and humid with torrential downpours for several months.

Generally speaking there are a lot of very ill-mannered people here. If you like any kind of gentility at all don't come here.

AZ has one of the worst education systems in the country right down with Arkansas and Mississippi. This results in lots of illiteracy and sadly ignorant people everywhere.

There is a huge problem her with drug addiction, especially narcotic pain killers.

There are so many elderly people here that it can take months to get an appointment with specialists during the time of year when the snowbirds arrive.

The doctor's have so many patients that they and their staff are often rude and really don't care if they lose you as a patient. It's common to not see a doctor at all, only the physician's assistant but they charge you the same.

Customer service in most industries including the medical profession is often horrible. Good luck to get your meal right in the restaurant or to have your doctor's office give you correct information about what insurance they are in network with.

Even in a nice suburb were I live I am approached all the time by people asking for money.

I've never seen so many sad, illiterate, messed up, depressing people in my life.

The drivers are extremely reckless, dangerous and aggressive.

Find another place to move if you can.

Now this is neither a pro or a con but there are lots of Mormons here. Their kids seem to be more polite than others from what I've seen.

I hope this helps anyone looking for info on Phoenix.



I agree with all the negative things that people say about Phoenix so I won't repeat it here. Recently, flippers have overtaken the valley and caused an artificial rise in real estate prices. As soon as these guys are finished, the market may crash again here. As a renter, everybody's rent went up to $1000 a month because of the flippers. Mine went up from $800 to $1000. in two months. I asked my landlord why the steep increase, he said, "Because I can!" I am packing and leaving Arizona and my slumlord, ASAP! You think that if the market crashed here, he would reduce my rent? No, I don't think so! I've been wanting to leave AZ for some years now, but AZ seems to suck the little guy in and won't let him go! I've heard this from a number of people. In most people's cases, you just don't make enough of money here to save and get out of here! If I have to take the Bus, I will escape from Phoenix!!



Hot, ugly, nasty
I have lived many places and Phoenix is bar none the most lowlife, classless, mean cold place I have ever lived.
The cost of living is high. The pay is horrible. They don't have to pay because so many people want to live there.
I almost felt like apologizing because I have an education, no tatts, I don't beat my wife and I have an IQ over 21 and I'm polite.
The young people are vicious and uncaring.
it's hard to make decent friends. You might make some if you want to stoop real low.
Good manners, class and kindness are sneered at.
The summers are enough to drive you crazy, constant heat, smog, dust, dirt, ugly scenery.
Most of the people I swear are on meth. The women love abuse.
They know nothing yet are hyper critical. "Do as I say not as I do"
They have such a chip on their shoulder.
Phoenix attracts the white trash mostly from the upper Midwest (except for Wisconsin - those people seem sane and kinder)
People are snobs - blue-collar, working poor snobs.
To give you an example of the idiocy there. I called a store and asked the guy "what are your hours". Now any carbon-based being would interpret that to mean "what time do you open and close". right? The doofus who answered said "Huhhhh, What do you mean?" an rude, ignorant peckerwood tone of voice. Never had I talked to such stupid idiot.
See the movie Idiocracy and you'll know what I mean.
There are more social problems and dysfunctional families than you can shake a stick at.
it's LA without the ocean and 30 degrees hotter and the IQ scores are about 30 points lower. The whole state of Arizona sucks.
I read at one time that it was estimated that 25% of the population of Maricopa county was functionally illiterate. That's probably UNDER stating things. The nice weather from November 15 to May 15 just doesn't make this rathole worth it.



Love the Valley
I have lived all over the country... Colorado, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina... there really is no better place than Phoenix. Is it hot? Yes, of course. But if you can bear the heat during 3-4 months of the year (easy to do with AC and some fun indoor activities), you'll LOVE the weather for the rest of the year. Sunsets... unbelievable. People... very friendly. I run a pigeon control business and I have to say, it's an absolute pleasure to deal with most people here. People are very friendly as long as you are friendly. I think the sunshine keeps people happy. I love Phoenix and I can't see myself living anywhere else.



Arizona native for 43 years
The description of Phoenix really isn't accurate. Average commute time is not 15 minutes, its typically 30-45 minutes based on traffic. Schools are also crowded with about 1 teacher to every 26 students. The summers are extremely hot, hiking is nice if you enjoy the desert but you can always drive north where it is cooler and there are trees and mountains. We're looking to relocate to the mid west to escape the non drivers and find a friendlier city, instead of worrying about keeping up with the Jones.



Like Groundhog Day
I'll be brief. I've lived in several different states in the US, and have lived/worked overseas as well (non-military). I hate Phoenix and its metropolitan area.

Cons: Murderous heat. No soul, heart, or personality to the city. Everything looks the same---generic, tan, fake, bland. Horrific drivers. Live life shuttling from one enclosed space to another. Angry old white people (I'm white, btw). Vapid superficial ignorant young people. Traffic is horrendous. Airport itself sucks. Vast spaces filled with dirt, rocks, generic suburbia. Few decent jobs compared to size of metro area. Overpriced housing.

Pros: Cheap airfares ie easy to escape Phoenix. Lots of places that actually have personality/character are within one day's drive--LA, San Diego, Albuquerque, Vegas, Tucson, Grand Canyon, etc.

Bottom line...every moment of every day kind of runs together when living in Phoenix---most people, places and moments virtually indistinguishable from one another. Intense heat, relentless sun, generic nondescript landscape. Think of it like this: if you had to eat at the same Applebees or Chilis or Cracker Barrel every day, always crowded, unchanging menu, etc. Sure, everything is "there" and is generally "acceptable" but you still know that there's more "out there," way way way more.

Can't leave this city soon enough. Don't worry--I won't let the door hit me on the way out....


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