The great state of Arizona

 Perry Anderson
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Star Rating 3/13/2012
The great state is right. There is so much diversity and things to like about this state. Even though there also is a lot to dislike about it as well. People complain about the laws and the laws of the past. But the state has the right and should have the right to protect itself from being a crime scene in itself. From the desert to the mountains and the mesas all around. There is not much you can not do here. Well maybe swim in the ocean. They say we have no jobs, yes they are right, we do not have places for the unwilling to work, the illegal worker or the one who just flat out goes against the grain. But we do have those jobs that if taken and not high enough in pay or need subsidies and state help, it is there. That is if the others leave room for the wanting or actually need ones.
There are water ways, rivers, valleys, deserts, forests summer, winter and some spring and fall. Just depends where you are. Small towns open lands city's for all to see. As long as you agree to take what you bring and leave what nature has been giving in place.



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