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I want to move to Medford. The wife and I are coming to spend a week. We live in Parowan, Utah. It rains 7 inches a year here. Thats right, 7 whole inches. We want to live somewhere that it rains twice that much. We don't want to live in the rainforest and kill ourselves from seasonal affect disorder but we do want to live in a place wetter and cooler than southern Utah. We also want to live somewhere there is more than 4 democrats. Being a liberal in Utah is a whole lot like being a Nazi in Israel. I have done weeks of research on Medford and feel relatively informed but I do have a few questions? Is the political atmosphere in Medford characterized by moderation, information, respect and civic dialogue? Is the library any good? Is the university really a university or a glorified community college? Is the fishing good? Can you grow a decent garden? Do you have to nurse and coax any living green plant out of the ground using rationed water? Are there rodeos? Street musicians? Mimes? Live theatre? Is the airport adequate? Can you go out at night and just walk around downtown? Are the summers too hot? Is there a local swimming hole in the river? Are the winters too cold? Do you have to use an ice scrapper on the windshield in the mornings? I hope I get responses as I am serious. Thanks.



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